J.J's extremely rich grandma, who is also the world's champion prankster, just died and in her will she stated that everything she owns will belong to J.J. Expecting a huge mansion filled with antique furniture she is instead, given an old jacked up doll who is called Elizabeth. It seems like her grandma still wants to be a prankster to her very last breath and has forced J.J into a game of life or death for a fortune that is worth about 3 small states; luckily for grandma it turns out that J.J will do just about anything to get her hands on any amount of money and this game was no exception.


2. Doll

J.J walks to towards her neighborhood park, it was dark but there was a fight going on in a corner. At the other corner there was a sweet melody coming from a tall boy, she walks pass him and toward the forest in the back. As she nears closer to the center of the forest, she starts to hear Uncle Joe humming the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.

"What are you doing, old man?" J.J walks up to him and sits down, this was their secret place. She sits down on the metal bench and looks at the sparkling lake, it was really quiet and the moon shone brightly. "What did the will say?" Uncle Joe took a deep breath, and slouched.

"Well good news is that she left you with everything, bad news is that she managed to hide everything she owned; including her house, and car. The only thing we can give you is this doll and letter." He handed J.J a box containing an old doll with black hair and blue eyes and a letter. The doll's glassy eyes stared coldly back at her. "Read it to me," Uncle Joe petted her hair. J.J sighs and opens the letter, examining it before reading it out loud.

"J.J, dear, its your grandma. By the time you read this i will be dead but i still want you to do something for me..." J.J rubbs her temples. "Play one last game with me, using that doll. Elizabeth is her name, and she was my best friend; she will guide you to your treasure. The more you care for her, the nicer she will be; good luck my dear, your obsession with money may get you killed. G-" the corners of the letter had blood splatters and it seems like grandma was in a hurry when she wrote this letter.

"Are you gonna do it? I know you make money your number 1 priority but it seems dangerous." He looks deeply in her eyes, the air felt thick; J.J sits up and sets the box down.

"Of course i will! Money is MONEY!" J.J felt her emptiness fill, she was filled with adrenaline and motivation. She looks over at Uncle Joe and smiles widely, "You gonna help?" Uncle Joe shrugs and sits up, stretching his arms.

"Do i have a choice?" He chucles and gives J.J a noogie, "You're gonna kill me ya brat!" J.J laughs and turns around facing the lake, Uncle Joe leans on her and rests his head on her head.

"Money," J.J whispers, "money...money... Money!" She laughs louder, "MONEY! MONEY!!"



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