J.J's extremely rich grandma, who is also the world's champion prankster, just died and in her will she stated that everything she owns will belong to J.J. Expecting a huge mansion filled with antique furniture she is instead, given an old jacked up doll who is called Elizabeth. It seems like her grandma still wants to be a prankster to her very last breath and has forced J.J into a game of life or death for a fortune that is worth about 3 small states; luckily for grandma it turns out that J.J will do just about anything to get her hands on any amount of money and this game was no exception.


3. Boy

They went back to Uncle Joes house and had dinner. J.J couldn't help but giggle with happiness; though she couldn't stop feeling doubtful. What if this was just a prank? She would find the location the treasure was hidden but there would only be a note or something saying "Hah! I lied, there is no treasure. I donated it all, have fun with your life! Ehehe XD Love Grandma <3" Her grandma would definitely make her go on a wild goose chase.

"I'm gonna wash this doll up," J.J gets up and walks upstairs. She went into the restroom and stripped the doll, Elizabeth's hair was short, almost like a boy, but long enough to look like a girl... Maybe a unisex hairstyle? She washed the dress first by hand before stripping herself and going ing into the tub to bathe with the doll. She may as well bathe herself so why not kill 2 birds with one stone? She carefully ran her fingers over Elizabeth's body and washed her body throughly. When J.J was done she put a long t-shirt on and examined Elizabeth's dress, it was still wet and she didn't want to wait for it to dry so she put a t-shirt on her too.

"Hey, J.J? You can go ahead and sleep in my room tonight. I'll sleep on the couch, it's only for a while though. You know if you feel weird sleeping in another guys bed but I just bought you a bed, it should come in tomorrow or something. So yeah... Night." J.J opened the door and looked out he already went downstairs. She made her way to his room and fell on his bed, it smelled a lot like him and a little bit of sex which made her gag. Uncle Joe wasn't your average guy, he would pick up girls and drop them all the time. He was a hard core playboy but the girls he dates don't seem to care until he dumps them for another. 

J.J laid Elizabeth down next to her and closed her eyes. She rolled over on her side and tried to sleep but she couldn't. The doll's long t-shirt got in her way and it annoyed her. In the end she just tore the doll's shirt off and tossed it on the floor; J.J looked at Elizabeth and stroked her cheek before falling asleep.

It was morning now, J.J felt the sunlight on her face and she opened her eyes. They slowly closed themselves but she opened them wider. There was someone in bed with her, a bigger version of Elizabeth, but she was more muscular; J.J tossed the blanket aside. It was there, that THING, between her legs; an elephant. J.J felt sick and kicked her off the bed. -THUD-

"Ow! What the!" Elizabeth rubbed her head and looked at J.J "What's your problem?" Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, they were still blue.

"You... You're a guy?" J.J stutters.

"Well I obviously have this ginormous monster here, you wanna pull down your panties and see if you also have one?" Elizabeth grins widely at J.J. She was a he...

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