J.J's extremely rich grandma, who is also the world's champion prankster, just died and in her will she stated that everything she owns will belong to J.J. Expecting a huge mansion filled with antique furniture she is instead, given an old jacked up doll who is called Elizabeth. It seems like her grandma still wants to be a prankster to her very last breath and has forced J.J into a game of life or death for a fortune that is worth about 3 small states; luckily for grandma it turns out that J.J will do just about anything to get her hands on any amount of money and this game was no exception.


1. The Will

J.J stood in front of her grandma's coffin, expecting the old woman to wake up and say "Surprise! I'm not really dead!" And do her weird little laugh. She expected some sort of surprise but nothing happened, she stared at her sweet smiling face, walked away and watched as men lowered her into the ground and bury her. J.J and her grandma were really close, of course they were since J.J's parents were dead; but that doesn't really matter at this point because what matters is what is going to happen to grandma's money? What was going to happen to her house and J.J's room? Not only that but what about J.J's car? Her grandma just bought her a new Mercedes Benz and the thought of other people touching her things made her sick to the stomach.

"J.J? J.J Jones?" J.J looked up. There was a man i front of her possibly around 30, but he was shady looking.

"What do you want old man?" This comment shocked that man causing him to back up a little. He cleared his throat and smiled again before knocking me on the head. It was a playful knock, but it still hurt none-the-less.

"Listen you little rebel, I'm ONLY 25! And if you don't shut up, Uncle Joe won't take you in." J.J blinks, thats right, the man in front of her was her favorite uncle. Sure they always argue with each other but it was one of those arguments where you laugh at the end for not remembering why you were arguing in the first place. "Thats right, taking in the fact that you uncle became such a handsome devil." He raised his eye brows a couple times. She puts her fingers up and shaped his eye brows so that they were sad, and removed them, making sure his eye brows kept their sad shape.

"Look at me! Im Joe and I'm so blind i cant see how ugly i am!" J.J says as she moves his lips to match what she says. He swats her hand and fake laughs.

"I know its sad that mom died but i have her will... I also have something to tell you. So meet me at the place in 5," he whispers and walks away. The will, she was sure her grandma will leave instructions on what to do with her wealth.

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