They Dont Know About Us

Alexandra Jane Miller, or Alex for short, is your normal 18 year old person living in Doncaster, England. Her best friend is well the famous Louis Tomlinson. They've known each other for years and nothing can break them apart. But when Louis goes and auditions for x-factor, he returns home to visit Alex. But Alex has feelings for Louis but keeps it a secret and Louis is taken by the one and only Eleanor Calder. But will Louis leave her for his best friend or will there friendship just drift apart. Read more to find out.


3. The family

Alex's P.O.V


Me and Louis walked out of my room and walked down stairs to see mum and dad sitting at the dinner table eating breakfast.


"Morning mum, morning dad " I said giving them a kiss on the cheek each.


"Morning honey " Mum said.


"Morning Mr and Mrs Miller " Louis said smiling. I couldnt help but laugh.


Mum and dad turn around to see Louis standing at the bottom of the stairs smiling. Mum ran up to him and gave him a big hug almost killing him.


"Mum i think you might be killing him " I said laughing.


"Oh sorry Lou " she said letting go of him.


"What are you doing here? " she asked him.


"Well I'm here cause I've got some time off so I decided to come back and visit my best friend here " he said pointing at me. I just looked down and blushed.


"When did you get here? " she said asking him questions again. I just rolled my eyes at her and her questions all the time.


"I came here last night but I snuck in Alex's window that she always leaves open " he said directing it to me. I just poked my tongue out at him which he then returned.


"Alex you should no better and that is really dangerous " my mum said concerned.


"Okay mum " I said rolling my eyes.


"Dont roll your eyes at me " she said.


"Sorry " I said turning around and rolling my eyes again. I started to pull out bacon and eggs. I put the frying pan on the stove and started cooking.


Louis came over and stood beside me watching me cook.


"Watcha cooking good looking " he said giving me a wink. Wow Louis really cliche.


"I'm cooking us breakfast " I said. His eyes lit up when he found out it was bacon and eggs. I just laughed at him.


I gave him his breakfast and we sat down and ate. Once we finished I grabbed our plates and put them in the sink. Me and Lou headed back upstairs and sat down on the bed. We talked like what felt like ages until we finally fell asleep.


A/N - Hey guys sorry for such a short chapter. I didnt have any ideas for this one but I promise I'll try and make the next one better. Plz comment. Love you. xxxStylinsonxxx

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