They Dont Know About Us

Alexandra Jane Miller, or Alex for short, is your normal 18 year old person living in Doncaster, England. Her best friend is well the famous Louis Tomlinson. They've known each other for years and nothing can break them apart. But when Louis goes and auditions for x-factor, he returns home to visit Alex. But Alex has feelings for Louis but keeps it a secret and Louis is taken by the one and only Eleanor Calder. But will Louis leave her for his best friend or will there friendship just drift apart. Read more to find out.


8. Shopping Day Part 1

Louis' P.O.V


I woke up and felt someone beside me. Well of course it was Alex cause no one else would be with me. I really love this girl but I dont know how to tell her. I just really hope she feels the same way. Last night was absolutely amazing and I knew the move would work but I really didnt mean to scare her that much. I looked over at her sleeping like an angel. I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I then got up and went and had a shower. I got out and dried myself then went back into my room and put on my red jeans and my striped shirt with my white toms. I went downstairs and made some breakfast for me and Alex. I heard Alex come down the stairs sleeply. I turned around and smiled at her.


"Good morning love" I said walking over to her giving her a kiss on the cheek.


"Morning Lou" She smiled back.


"Do you want some breakfast?" I asked her. She just nodded. I handed her a plate of bacon and eggs and got me a plate too. I sat down next to her and we ate in silence. Once we were finished she went upstairs to have a shower so I sat down on the couch and watched TV.


Alex's P.O.V


I woke up without Lou beside me but then I smelt bacon cooking downstairs so I knew he was cooking breakfast. I went down and we ate. I went back upstairs and took a shower. I jumped out and dried myself off. I went into my room and put on a black bra with lace panties to go with it. I went through my drawers and picked out my outfit. I put on my short black shirt that says 'Geek' on it and my denim overalls. I slipped on my floral doc martins and grabbed my denim shoulder bag. I  went into the bathroom and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I put on some foundation, mascara and eyeliner, and red lipstick. I put on my favourite black cross necklace, my blue flower earrings and a brown bow braclet. I painted my nails a light blue and put on my favourite perfume.

(Alex's Outifit-


I went downstairs to see Lou sitting on the couch watching TV. I went over to him and sat down beside him. He looked over at me and glanced up and down eyeing my outfit.


"You look beautiful Alex" He smiled and gave me a kiss.


"Thank you, you dont look bad yourself" I said looking up and down at his outfit and laughing.


"What's so funny?" He asked


"Oh nothing its just look funny thats all" I laughed at him. He just poked his tounge out and I did the same back only this time he slid his mouth over my tounge and started kissing me passionately. We pulled away and stared at each other.


"Thats for laughing at me" He smiled.


"Thats okay I enjoyed that" I winked.


"So what our plans for today?" He asked me.


"SHOPPING!!!" I yelled.


"Okay well you can do that with your friends and I'm going to go out with the boys for a while" He said to me.


"Okay" I got up off the couch and rang my girlfriend/ best friend Rebecca.


*Phone Call*


R- Yello

A- Haha hey babe its me

R- Alex how are you?

A- Im good, hey i was wondering if you wanted to come shopping today?

R- Yer sure babe I have nothing else to do so I'll be around at yours in 20

A- Okay see you then love you

R- Okay love you too bye

A- Bye


*End Of Phone Call*


"Babe the boys have girl friends that are coming around to so take them shopping" Lou called from upstairs.


"Okay cool" I yelled back.


*20 mins later*


The door bell rang and I got up to answer it. Rebecca was standing at the door smiling.


"Hey babe" I hugged her.


"Hey i cant wait to go shopping" She said excitedly.


"Yer and also Lou's friends have girlfriends so they are coming too" I said.


"Awesome even more fun" She said.


*10 minutes later*


The girls and boys arrived and I was greeted by the girls. There were Danielle, Liam's girlfriend (even though they have broken up in real life), Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend and Anna, Harry's girlfriend. Later on we left for the shopping centre. We all stood out front of the mall and looked at it. It was huge.


"Ready?" I asked them. They all looked at me.


"Ready" We all said in unision.


A/N- This is the first part the second part i will update tomorrow cause I have to go somewhere and I have to leave now so Cheerio :D xox


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