They Dont Know About Us

Alexandra Jane Miller, or Alex for short, is your normal 18 year old person living in Doncaster, England. Her best friend is well the famous Louis Tomlinson. They've known each other for years and nothing can break them apart. But when Louis goes and auditions for x-factor, he returns home to visit Alex. But Alex has feelings for Louis but keeps it a secret and Louis is taken by the one and only Eleanor Calder. But will Louis leave her for his best friend or will there friendship just drift apart. Read more to find out.


1. He's Back

Alex's P.O.V




Saturday night and I'm still trying to sleep off this hangover from my best friends wicked party last night. I finally fell asleep after what felt like hours and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. I was also having the best dream ever. It was about my best friend coming home. Oh how I wish that could happen. I suddenly felt someone touching the tip of my nose and then played with my bottom lip. I slowly open my eyes to see the tall figure hover above me.




"Hey there Ally," I heard the whispering voice say.




I slowly closed my eyes again when I realized who it was I quickly shot up, my eyes widened as I saw him. He's back.




"Boo Bear! " I whispered trying not to wake anyone up. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he pulled me close to him with his arms around my waist. It was my best friend Louis.




Hey my name is Alex Jane Miller. I'm 18 years old. I live in Doncaster with my mum and dad. My sister moved away to New York to live with her boyfriend so I'm pretty much alone but I always have my best friend in the world with me, Boo Bear, or should I say Louis Tomlinson from a famous boy band called One Direction. We have been friends ever since we were in kindergarden. He was like the brother I never had.




"What are you doing here? " I asked as I pulled away from our never ending hug. I would of loved to have stayed like that forever. But then I realized that it would never happen between me and Lou. He had Eleanor and I had Josh. But I would do anything to have Louis.




"I'm here to see you Alexandra," he said with a smirk on his face.




"Boo Bear you know my name is Alex, I hate Alexandra, " my arms cross and I put a pouting face on.




"I know I know but I like the name Alexandra, it's beautiful on you "




I looked down ad blushed at his comment.




"Anyway how did you get in? "




"You always leave your window open Alex " he said pointing to my window.




"Oh "




"Yer "




A big gust of wind came blowing through the window sending chills down my back and making me shiver.




"You cold love? " he said in the lowest voice possible trying not to wake anyone.




"I am now after that big gust of wind came through " I said in a shaky tone while wrapping myself in my arms and rubbing them trying to get warm.




"Here " he moved closer to me grabbing my arms and wrapping them around his waist. He wrapped his big arms around me and layed me back down. My head was resting on his chest. I instantly stopped shaking his warmth from his body.




"Is that better "




"Yes, thanks Lou "




"Alright now go back to sleep you need it princess "




I blushed.




"Night Boo Bear " I said while cuddling into him more.




"Night my princess " he said kissing the top of my head.




And with that I went back to sleep with me in his arms.




A/N - Hey guys, sorry about such a short chapter this is the first time I've written a book/story so hope you guys like it. I should be posting my first chapter to 'Inseparable' tomorrow and hopefuly chapter 2 to this tomorrow as well. Please like, comment and become a fan. Love you :D xxxStylinsonxxx

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