They Dont Know About Us

Alexandra Jane Miller, or Alex for short, is your normal 18 year old person living in Doncaster, England. Her best friend is well the famous Louis Tomlinson. They've known each other for years and nothing can break them apart. But when Louis goes and auditions for x-factor, he returns home to visit Alex. But Alex has feelings for Louis but keeps it a secret and Louis is taken by the one and only Eleanor Calder. But will Louis leave her for his best friend or will there friendship just drift apart. Read more to find out.


10. A/N

Hey guys I'm back :) I don't know if I will update yet cause I don't have my laptop anymore :( but I do have my phone which I can publish more chapters but that would take me ages. I was thinking of writing more chapters for my books for you's guys and I think I have gotten better in my writing lately seeing as I have read a lot of books and not just fan fiction. I hope I can think of something for my next few chapters because lately I have gotten a really big writers block so I'll see what I can do :) so for now Cheerio xx


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