what we got into

well this is my first story so it might suck cause its my first time lol :) but anyways enjoy


1. The Contest

"Please, please,please, katy we gotta do this, please, please,please." My friend, Jazmine , begged me to go sign up for some contest. "What is this for anyways?" I asked her. "For One Direction, duh" she answered. I hated that band, i just never liked them. "You know i hate them, so what makes u think i'm gonna sign up?" i asked as i walked to the kitchen. "Because your my best friend and i know you will do this for me", she said with a huge smile on her face. "Fine, alright i'll do it, but only because your my friend." She screamed and gave me a hug,"Wow your really confident that your gonna win, aren't you?", i asked making my way out the door. " Yes i am Katy", she said walking out the door. We walked to the mall, sense it wasn't that far from my house, cause that's where the sign up was. When we walked in I didn't like what i saw and heard. "Omg Jaz this line is so huge and full of screaming girls", I told her walking towards the line. "Well what did you expect, Katy , they are the biggest hottest band in the world." She "explained" to me like if i havent heard it from her before. " Well anyways I rather be in line for Bieber then this group", once i said that she turned to me,"Katy never say that again." She told me.

*45 minutes later*

"Omg finally here", I said like if I waited for hours. Some people gave us some slips to sign up for the contest. Once we finished that they gave us a flyer that told us when  they are gonna announce the winner. "There you happy Jaz?", I asked her. "Yes very now we just got to wait till tomorrow so we can see who is gonna win." We walked  back to my house and went back up to my room. "Is it fine if I stayed for the night, so that we can go together to the mall and plus its closer to the mall?"she asked. " Yeah its fine."i said

*Next morning*

"Katy,Katy,Katy.Katy!!! wake up we gotta go they start in 20 minutes!" she yelled while jumping on my bed. " ok ok ok im up just give me a few minutes to get ready." I said while getting out of bed. I went into the bathroom took a shower and put on some clothes and slipped on my shoes and grabbed my phone and walked to jazmine. "Ok im ready, and hungry." I looked at her. She grabbed and rushed to the mall. "We'll get something at mall, now hurry." We entered the mall and once again a big group and screaming girls, only they were louder. "Why do they have to scream so loud they are just 5 guys." I said covering my ears. I looked over to Jaz and I see her jumping and screaming like all the other girls. "OMG OMG ONE DIRECTION!!" she yelled in my face. Omg are you serious that's just perfect.

"Ok loves we are gonna start by singing and then we are gonna announce the winner," A guy with brown clury hair said. The girls got even louder. "Hey Jaz im gonna go sit over there get something to eat alright?" I said to her. " Alright i'll be here. I walked over to the food court to order  something while that direction group sang that annoying song they always sing. When I finished ordering I sat down and ate while watching them preform. When I looked at them one of them looked back at me, the blonde one, I quickly looked back down. I got up to through my food and the song had finished and I walked back to Jazmine. "Katy omg I can't wait for them to announce the winner I just hope it's one of us." She said smiling. "Yeah." I said turning to look at them on stage. "We have the winner right here in our hands and the winner is......"

------ Authors Note-------

well this is my first fanfic and I hope u like it. It might not be as good as the other ones but I tried to write one :) I would continue but its kinda late. If u like please a comment on how u thought my story was. should I continue?

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