what we got into

well this is my first story so it might suck cause its my first time lol :) but anyways enjoy


3. on our way

"Hey Katy I'll be back in like an 1 hour with my stuff, Omg I cant wait," she told me. "Ok well ill wait for you bye." I said. "Ok bye." She said walking away. As I went to my house and into my room, I kept thinking about what I thought earlier, I mean for a second there was I really falling in love with the boys I have always hated? I got my suitcase and started to pack. When I finished I went down stairs and explained everything to my mom, how long I was gonna be gone, where I'm gonna go, and who I was gonna be with. She agreed and gave me credit card for emergency's and to buy food. There was a knock on the door which was probably Jazmine. I got up and went to go answer it and it wasn't jasmine.

"Oh hey Niall I thought you said Paul was gonna pick us up?" I asked looking into his beautiful, amazing.... I mean eyes. "Yeah I know but I told him I would pick you both up, if that is fine?" he said. "Niall what are you doing here, you came to see me?" Jazmine asked hugging him from behind. I rolled my eyes. "No Jaz he came to pick us up." I said. "Haha ok girls so are you ready?" Niall asked. "Yeah let me go get my bags," I said going up stairs to my room to get  my bags. "Ok  now we can go." I said carrying my bags. "Oh let me help,"  he said grabbing my bags and putting them in the car. Jazmine runs and goes in the front seat, I walk and he opens the back seat for me, "Oh thanks Niall," I said as I got into the car. "Jaz im confuse are you in love with harry or niall?" I asked. "Both,duh," she said while putting her seat belt on. "Ok."

Niall got into the car and drove to the airport. It was kinda quiet during the drive, but Jaz was just staring at Niall and I could tell he didn't like it. "Umm Jaz?" I said poking her. "What Katy im busy," she said while staring at him. I wanted to laugh but I didn't. " Ok we are here." Niall said parking his car. I got off the car and saw the rest of the boys." Ok here are your bags," Niall said while handing them to me. "I can carry them for you if you want?" Zayn asked coming towards me. "Yeah thanks," I said as he grabbed my bags. "No problem love," he said and then he winked at me. " I can help you with yours if you want also?" harry asked Jazmine. "Yeah thanks," she smiled and handed them to him. "Ok you guys ready?" Louis asked while we walked inside "yeah," I answered. We got our tickets and got into the plane and sat in our seats. when I sat at my seat I saw Jazmine sitting between Niall and Harry. "Hey love looks like im seating next to you." Zayn  said sitting next to me.

*1 hour later*

I couldn't stop looking at his wonderful smile of his. His british voice was I falling for him, no I cant I don't like them never did and maybe never will. "so are you excited to hang with us for week?" Zayn asked and I snapped out of my thoughts. " Kinda yeah I've been wanting to go to New York." I said looking at him. "Are you excited to be going with us?" he asked looking back at me. " A little I guess im not really a big of you guys." I answered "oh ok" Zayn said.

A few hours later we finally got to New York. I got my stuff and made my way off the plane. We then got into a limo and went to a hotel that we were gonna stay at. "Ok we are here at the hotel." Liam said getting out of the limo. I got out after Liam then stood there looking at the hotel while everyone else got out. we all walked in and went to our rooms that Paul got for us. "Ok each of you would be getting your own room." Paul said handing us our room keys. I picked up my bags and went to my room. i walked in and put my bags down then walked over to Jazmines room. " Hey jaz had fun on the plane?" i asked her. "Yes  really fun, sitting in between those awesome boys," she smiled. " ok well we better go to sleep already we are probably gonna have a big day tomorrow," I said walking out of her room. I walked into my room and unpacked my stuff. I layed down turned off the light and falled asleep.

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