My Story

Lindsey had problems lots of problems like depression , her parents always fought and she was beatin by her broth he was 9 years older than her her sister is 18 years older than her .See what happens when she writes in a diary.

NOTE: this is all fiction and props to mitch for giving me the name lindsey


2. At last I found you

Well Diary I am back , where was i ohh ya my wrist. I took it to my wrist then cut myself twice. It hurt then my mom called me down stairs , oh my god what will I do . so i wrapped a shit load of toilet paper around it put a sweater one and went down to see what my mom wanted.

"Hi honey"

"hi mom , whats up"

"nothing I just thought that we could go to the movies tonight"

" ok i would love to , but I have no money :("

"I will pay for you"

"thanks mom i love you"
"love you to sweetheart"

TEXT:from Jaxson : Hey babe I miss you xxxx

Well should of thought of that before you slept with some girl huh? xxxx

ya i know now :((((( Take me back? xxxx


ok ok ok you will miss me .

ya right.

                Lindseys P.O.V


That bitch trying to get me back no way. I hate him grr i just wanna throw my phone half way across the room i guess i should get ready for the movies . My outfit:

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