My Story

Lindsey had problems lots of problems like depression , her parents always fought and she was beatin by her broth he was 9 years older than her her sister is 18 years older than her .See what happens when she writes in a diary.

NOTE: this is all fiction and props to mitch for giving me the name lindsey


1. It all sturted with a bump and a bruse


Hi I am Lindsey i am 16 years old almost 17 and when i say i know more than i should  I mean it i have been through rough times. My mom bought me a diary she said "It will help with my problems." Problems great evan my mother thinks i have problems honstley the only problem i have is dealing with my family. I guess i will write some of these down .1. my mom and dad fight every secend night. 2. My mom is obbsesed with beer i mean i have friends but the things they call me are depressing 4. Depression 5. The bigest one of all my brother likes to beat me ,but the beatings all started with a bump and a bruse.

           flash back



Lindsey your just a little slut ,nooone likes you , if you killed your self i wouldent shed a tear i mean how many boys have you slept with 10 ,20 or 30. I HAVENT SLEPT WITH ANY BOYS . I was just nice to him because bitches like you are just rude to him . Tears now streaming down my face. I ran out and saw these people sitting in a circle doing some thing i walked up and said hi  long story short we got to know each other and then they handed me something. What is it. The girl just said try it it will help so i did then i asked again. What is is. Ok ok it is cocane a drug. oh my god you mean i just did drugs? YES but do not worry you are only on a high . I stormed off crying. God i really am worthless i got home my mom said hi i said hi back normal mother daughter thing. But after that i went stright up to my bed room. I was pacing back and forth words going through my mind like slut ,worthless ,bitch ect.  I just feel so worthless then it popped in to my mind selm harm i will punish myself perfect. so i got a knife took it to my wrist and tnen Present time


uhoh mom is mad i will finish later.

Love Lindsey xoxoxo




Hey guys i hope you like the first chapter! i will update probs tomorrow Byee!!!

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