Luck of One Direction

Hailey and Bien meet one direction and fall in love ;) Will they become love sick puppies forever or heartbroken messes?


4. 4

Haileys POV

One Direction were wanting us to come over to play games (truth or dare) I agreed and me and Bien headed out I had white shorts and a sleevless green shirt and it was a little ruffley with green dc's Bien was wearing shorts with a sleevles colar polo and matching converse her dark brown hair with blue ends curlyer than usual.

"Truth or Dare Hailey" Bien said.

"Or" The guys looked at me in confussion but me and Bien kept going.

"Smurfs 2 or Despicable Me 2"

"hmmm Smurfs are cool and minions are halourious Despicable Me 2"

"Explain Or Please" Niall said.

"Ok Or is a loop hole in truth or dare so so if someone says or you give them 2 options and you cant say or and they have to pick their favrite out of the 2 options"Bien explained as if it was obvious (espically since we just showed them how) we kept playing and the boys finally cought on with the or thing.

"Truth or Dare" Niall asked

"Or" Louis said

"Carrot or lambergini"

"Caroooooooot"Louis yelled after a minuet (yes I brought it back) We played for hours and Zayn said dare against Louis

"I dare you to kiss Hailey" Zayn looked at me as if to ask me for permission I was like 'hell no'

"Oh come on Hailey what you dont like me" Zayn said in a teasing tone

"Its not that" I said "I just got through a break up I dont think I'm going to be dating let alone kissing someone" I said "I cant even see a couple kissing with out thinking about my ex" I was covering for myself and to save Perrie who was also by the door on the inside watching "Oh and I wouldnt be so dumb as to be like that around your girlfriend" I said pointing to Perrie.

"Oh god Perrie" He said to Perrie

"I understand how you were about to go through that dare" Perrie said tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry its just a stupid game the kiss wouldnt mean anything" Zayn said did he seriously just say that thats like seriously I love him alot and seriously just denied to kissing him yes but I did good.

'I forgive you" Perrie said and hugged Zayn and just to ruin the moment I decied to play something from youtube bed intruder.

"Well obviously we have a rapist in licoln park he's climbing in your windows snatchin yo people up so you better hide yo kids hide yo wifes and hide you husbands cause he rappin everyone out there" We burst out laughing from the stament that just played out my phone "We got your tshirsts and fingerprints you know you are so dumb you are really dumb for real" we just couldnt stop laughing "homeboy" I manaje to stop laughing and say.

"lol" which made us laugh harder.

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