Luck of One Direction

Hailey and Bien meet one direction and fall in love ;) Will they become love sick puppies forever or heartbroken messes?

3. 3

Biens POV

I had to call her this happened everytime a couple kisses since her and Caleb "whats happened to her"

"honestly I dont know but shes been doing a lot let me call her" I called her "Hailey what was that"

"Bien your my best friend and I just cant"

"cant what"

"well just it couples remind me of me and Caleb weird I know but we were dating for 3 years" She sobbed into the phone.

"Ok I understand bye"


"What happened"Liam asked

"girl things"

"break up" Perrie corrected


"most girls arent this devastated" Danielle pointed.

"she was dating him for 3 years"

"oh" I havent seen Hailey this happy she was today since the break up I guess she really loved him. I gave the boys her number so I could see if she was ok I went to her house and ofcourse she was cuddling with a stuff cat.

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