Luck of One Direction

Hailey and Bien meet one direction and fall in love ;) Will they become love sick puppies forever or heartbroken messes?

2. 2

Zayns POV

This Hailey girl is one of those out there girls it was quite obvious. The way Harry had started to flirt with but she wouldnt let him and she sayed its her game. The bottle finally landed on me so I had to kiss Hailey! But hey its a stupid game and I got Perrie I heard a knock and used it as a way to get away so I went to the door thank god it was Perrie and Daniel. El was here already. "Hey come on in" I gave Perrie a kiss and we went into the living room. We stopped playing spin the bottle so I didnt have to kiss Hailey but I might have some feelings for her maybe just a little.

Perries POV

There were two girls here guess Harry and Niall got girlfriends but one stood out. Her style her hair her! I think I'm getting kinda jealous atleast I got Zayn. "Lets play truth or dare!!!!"Louis said we agreed and sat in a circle "Ok Zayn truth or dare'


"I dare you to kiss Perrie for 5 min" He did.

"Uh I gotta go bye nice meeting ya" Hailey said and ran off.... strange.

Haileys POV

I like Zerrie and but I couldnt stay during that. Honestly I did just go through a break up and since I dont like watching couples kiss and second I had a massive crush on Zayn and yes he likes me but not how I like him it hurts.

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