Luck of One Direction

Hailey and Bien meet one direction and fall in love ;) Will they become love sick puppies forever or heartbroken messes?

1. 1

Haileys POV

I screamed to find One Direction tickets in my room. I'll bring Bien I called her and she was coming I put on a green slevless top and white studded shorts with tall sneakers. I flattened my blonde hair with green highlights andblack underneath (yes like Avril Lavigne in Smile) I heard the door and ran to get. Bien had her hair nicely done with blue ends a cute bow a polo tucked in her shorts and red converse oh and ofcourse suspenders. I drove us to the concert. We got to our seats front row right in the middle yay. They came out and did their usaul stuff me singing along Harry come to us and gave us back stage passes and there was a note to the prettiest girls here and great singers you are. He was listening to us sing along?!?! GOD! I hated when people listen to me sing I got terrible stage fright I smiled. After the concert we went back stage and theboys were staring at us. "You look better than I thought" I saw Bien the color of a rose while I was told that all the time.

"I like your hair" Zayn said to me

"Thanks" He complemented me OMG (obviously he is my favrite) I smiled I could control blushing never have in my life.

"Would you like to come with us to our hotel"

"Sure" It was nice and played spin the bottle Harry tried to flirt with me "Curly dont flirt with me thats my game" Everyone oohed after my comment Zayn high fived me "I can tease"

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