i"m confused

Sabrina Nicole Styles is the sister of the famous Harry Styles.She is falling 4 2 of her brothers best friends Niall and Zayn who will she pick???


2. The day before the tour

"come on harry let me help you pack i'm bored"i whined 2 harry, "No Sabrina i'm telling you 4 the last time"Harry said with an annoyed face,"fine i'll go annoy someone else then"i told harry","yes go do that"harry said with a relieve face,i walked out of his room while passing Liams room i walked in"hi liam whats up"i told him,"nothing just packing 4 the tour and you"liam said 2 me,"just got kicked out of harrys room can i help you pack"i told him,"ummmm sure all i need is 2 fold and pack my clothes"he told me while pointing 2 a pile of clothes,"thanks i'm just so bored"i said,"so whats going on with you and Niall"liam said,A/N hope you guys like it so far its my 1st Movella. liam is the only 1 that knows my love 4 niall."ummm nothing he still doesn't know"i said "what why haven't you told him yet Sabrina were leaving in 1 hour you need 2 tell him"he said with a serious face,"i'll tell him when the time is rite"i said while folding his last shirt,ok i'm going 2 tell him rite now,"Sabrina i heard some kinda yell in a room i took a few steps back and it was Zayn."oh hi Zayn"i said while walking in his room,"hi Sabrina what yu doing" "ummmm just walking 2 see if anyone needs help packing" "oh can you help me" "ummmm ok" "can you pack all of my hair supplies in this bag" "ya sure" "Sabrina can i tell you something"he said while walking 2 the door 2 close it."ummmm ok" "i'v always ummm i wanted 2 tell you that ummm nevermind" "no Zayn you can tell me anything" "no its 2 complicated" "i'm sure its not"

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