i"m confused

Sabrina Nicole Styles is the sister of the famous Harry Styles.She is falling 4 2 of her brothers best friends Niall and Zayn who will she pick???


6. by guys

i just cant stop thinking about Zayn and the kiss just then my thoughts were interupted by a knock on the door."who is it" "its Zayn can i come in" "ummmm sure.He came in and sat on the side side of my bed."Zayn i dont know what 2 say just tha-i was cut off by Zayn's lips crashed in 2 mine.It was magic till Louis walked by "ooooooo"Louis whisteled while he walked by.I pushed Zayn off of me and said "that was nice but shouldn't you be going" "ummmm oh ya well by  Sabrina" "i'm going down stairs 2 say by 2 not only you silly" "oh ya well come on then"he said while picking me up and putting me on his shoulder.when we reached the bottom of the stairs all of the boys was there already packed and ready 2 go."well by harry"i hugged him."by liam"i hugged him 2."by louis"i hugged him 3rd "i saw you and Mr.Zayn"he said with a huge grin."SHUT UP AND DONT SAY ANYTHING PLEASE"i said while yelling and whispering trying 2 do both."dont worry i wont." "by Niall"i said while hugging him and it was kinda awkward.

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