Unexpected Love

17 year old Ashley Sparks is obsessed with one direction, but her 19 year old sister Kelsay Sparks doesn't really want anything to do with one direction. What happens when Ashley gets two tickets to see one direction in London? Will Kelsay change her mind about these five special boys? READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Packing

Kelsay's POV


"Ashley just let me go back to sleep."

" Fine, but you are going to have to pack today cause we are leaving tomorrow morning. Make sure you pack an extra day just in case.


Ashley's POV


I have to call my best friend Natalie. She'll be so jealous. She's a directioner just like me. I wanted her to come with me, but then mom and dad said Kelsay had to come with me.

* ring ring ring *

" Hey Natalie I was just about to call you"

" Hi Ashley, what were you going to call me about"

" I was going to tell you that I won two tickets to see one direction in two days. I was going to take you but my mom and dad said I had to go with Kelsay."

" Aaaawwwww when you get back you have to tell me all about it.

" Okay, dont worry I will.



I'm sorry this chapter is really short. The next chapter is going to be longer and much better. Please comment cause that's what keeps me writing.

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