Tattered, Torn and Bruised


bullied, torn, broken, attempted suicide, tattered, bruised, beat, and now moving to London with a dad that's never been there for her Lillian doesn't know what to do. then someone dies and she runs from her dad in emotional pain, she runs to a park. the sits in the mud crying while the rain beats down on her fragile broken body and passes out from shock. but her hero come to the rescue in the form of Danielle Peazer and the only thing she knows to do is take her to the people she trusts most.

1. preface



“Oh my gosh did you see her hair?” Anna laughed as she faced Ariel who nodded her head vigorously.

“I can’t believe she copied you Tierra! God she is such a bitch, cant she just kill herself already!?” Ariel stated pointedly at her little sister Tierra who just sighed annoyed that I had supposedly ‘copied’ her hair which I hadn’t.  I honestly felt useless, hated, unwanted, used, torn, broken, bruised, tattered, maybe I should die. I would be happier, they would be happier, everyone in this school would be happier. By now I was in tears I sat on the locker room bench as they talked about me while I was sitting feet away from them. I just can’t understand them, one minute they’re my best friends and the next they bash on me as if I was an inanimate object that couldn’t get hurt or even respond.

“Oh my gosh did you see the police cars outside of her house a week ago!?” Tierra laughed as she recalled the image in her mind, my eyes widened in shock. They saw that? By now there was a group of girls crowded around them waiting for one of the three to spill what they knew.

“Oh my gosh what happened, did she get in trouble or was it her parents again?!” Megan laughed crossing her arms over her chest.

“Well it so happens it was her family again!” Anna laughed, god please be wrong.

“Yeah so her dad was like high off his medicine or something and was totally flipping the fuck out!” Ariel chimed in, she was right on. They knew, they knew everything that had happened. My face paled as I waited for them to finish their story, I wanted to hear what they had to say.

“So her parents were going at it again and he was being violent yelling and throwing stuff so Miss. Shit face over here took her little brother in her room to supposedly protect him but I think she just abuses him and so he was playing with a toy and threw it against the wall and he fell down but then his dad came in and started hitting her and like totally beating the shit out of her.” Tierra laughed again with an evil smirk on her face.

“So then she like came running out with her brother and like snitched on her dad! I mean like what is wrong with her, she is such a total snitch!” Ariel laughed as she chimed in once again almost completing the story.

“Yeah so he was like thrown in jail for a day and stuff but I think she deserved it!” Anna said in a bitchy tone. I rushed out of the locker room my baggy sweat pants and hoodie making me look puffy. I pushed the door open the cold air stabbing little needles into my skin, I ran down the side of the building the dew on the grass was sticking the cut grass to my feet like magnets. I ran down the side of the road exiting the school grounds I ran down the side of the road after I had turned right I came to the road where one side had the bus barn full of busses and then other side being the start of the woods. I quickly ran down that street knowing it’s be quicker the climbing the bus barn fence like all the kids do to get home considering the road was to ‘fucking creepy’. I ran down the road my legs flying but then I saw it. The police cars, Aunt Christy standing outside the house holding her phone in her pale shaking hands. I looked at her confused and her eyes widened in shock and panic, then a weird feeling came to my gut I knew something had happened I just didn’t know what. Suddenly my mom and Jamie were walking out of the house my mom was sobbing as she held my little brother her eyes were red and puffy while Jamie looked pale his un-tattooed skin contrasting even more. My mom hugged Anthony sobbing into his shoulder, he took his chubby hand and started patting at our mothers dull red hair as if to tell her everything would be ok. I watched as Jamie handed his sister a bag of... Anthony’s clothes! My eyes widened in realization that Anthony was being taken from us, my baby brother not even a year and a half old yet was being torn from our grasp before we could react. I ran towards the car giving her a pleading look as if communicating through our eyes, she looked terrified, she shook, she was pale and looked a bit sick to her stomach. She handed Anthony to me and I hugged onto him.

“Ok put him in the car now miss.” A police officer asked politely, I shook my head no, I can’t let him go. He walked closer to me trying to pull him from my grasp making Anthony confused as to what was happening. When he freed him he stuck him in the car buckling him up in a brand new car seat, I studied the inside of the car seeing bags of brand new clothes, toys, blankets, diapers, bottles and other baby stuff. I felt a pain inside my chest as tears sprung my eyes, this can’t be happening he was the only thing that kept me sane, that kept me from actually killing myself but if he was gone I didn’t have my anchor to hold me. As the car began to pull away I snapped out of my thoughts as I began to run after the car. It didn’t stop.


Five days, the house felt so empty without him. The bulling got worse after they had found out Anthony was taken and said that no wonder I wasn’t taken because nobody wanted me, and I believed them. My mom and Jamie barely talked; everyone was so lost without him and we didn’t know what to do. I pulled myself from the chair walking up the stairs of the house I made my way to my room, opening my closet door I pulled down the attic ladder climbing into the attic. The musty smell evading my nose as the dust swirled in the air I made my way over to the little shuttered window and kicked it open looking down, it was high enough. I sighed stepping out the window and stood on the ledge above the sidewalk.





Suddenly my stomach flew up inside my body as I felt the sensation of falling, I felt the hard surface of the ground come running up and I met it with a loud crack as I landed on my side.

‘I just hope that’s enough to kill me.’ Was the last thought in my head before I blacked out letting the darkness take over my body.


Beep, beep, beep, beep~

I screamed out in pain as consciousness took over my body, pain. That was the only thing I felt I could feel tears running down my cheeks, I just wanted to die already. Why can’t they just let me die? I reached up my hand only to have sharp pain shoot through my shoulder making me scream out again. The nurse came rushing in her eyes shooting open in surprise and shock. She rushed over poking a needle into my intravenous. I slowly became numb, dizzy, the world was blurry but I was still awake. My mom and Jamie came rushing in tears running down their cheeks.

“Why didn’t you just let me die!” I mumbled tears running down my face.

“Honey don’t say that, you don’t want to die.”

“I do, I want to die more than anything.” I cried and then he walked in, my father walked in my hospital room my eyes widened and I glared dizzily at the three people standing there.

“What’s he doing here!?” I growled still dizzy and my eyes were beginning to slightly blur into one object.

 “Honey you’re going to live with your dad.” My mom threw it out there my eyes widening as she bit her lip, I shook my head.

“No- no I don’t want to live with him!” I cried.

“You have no choice, your stuff is packed. We’ll leave for London when you get discharged.” He said walking out, I’m guessing either that was an extremely big shock or the medicine finally kicked in and decided to knock me out.

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