BTW I'm pregnant

When Paige is invited to i party and her crush is Jason is invited as well things get a little exciting for Paige. But when she fines out she pregnant with Jason's baby, she can't believe it, But before she can tell Jason, he moves to New York with his aunt and in telling the rest of her family only her older cousin Emily, doesn't disown her. What will happen to her will she get the chance to tell Jason or get her family back or will she have to raise the baby with Emily forever?


11. WHAT????

Jason and i went to have a test done we waited a while and when they can back. "Jason your not the father" the doctor said. "YES" Jason said "Told you, I told you" I started crying. "But ill help find the dad." the doctor looked at us. '' Well, i don't think your going to have to look that hard." i stood up. "What do you mean." Jason and i said at the same time. A guy walked into the room "MIKE" i said looking at him like he had a unicorn horn. "How is it you" i asked. "i wasn't that drunk that night i really liked you but you for one like Jason and two only saw me as a friend so i when i saw how drunk you where i took you upstairs and you no" i couldn't even say a word, i just stared at him and so did Jason. We did the test waited again and when the doctor came back he said. "Yes, he is the father.'' No words came out of my mouth at all i just stared at the doctor, then Jason, then Mike. We got in the car and when we got back to Jason's, Mike was there to. "Well, i guess I'm living with you then Mike" I said finally. ''Yep'' Mike said and walked in with us to help me pack. When we were done i got into Mike's car and we drove all the way back to Colorado from New York.

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