BTW I'm pregnant

When Paige is invited to i party and her crush is Jason is invited as well things get a little exciting for Paige. But when she fines out she pregnant with Jason's baby, she can't believe it, But before she can tell Jason, he moves to New York with his aunt and in telling the rest of her family only her older cousin Emily, doesn't disown her. What will happen to her will she get the chance to tell Jason or get her family back or will she have to raise the baby with Emily forever?


10. I can't believe him

I called Emily but she didn't answer. I groaned, so many thoughts were going threw my mind like: Why would he say that? What made him say that? I mean i've none him since 1st grade, he's not the kind of person who would do that.  I new because well i was a virgin before that night, that's how i new the baby was Jason's to. But i was drunk really drunk fine ill go have a test done but i really hope its Jason's baby.

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