Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


32. Wonderful.

Hayley's POV 
I walked out of Hannahs with my bags and luggage bags. Liam ran out to help me. 
"Get enough?"-Liam. He chuckled.
"I could've got more. But I got too tired."-Me. I laughed. We sat in silence but it wasn't awkward or anything it was the nice kind. Liam grabbed my hand. 
"What stores did you go to?"-Liam.
"Forever 21, Hollister, American Eagle, the normal stores. I got you a couple things too. Then we went to the coach outlet. But we had to make so many stops to the car. Like 5. Is Bentley still crabby? Obviously you aren't anymore. "-Me.
"He's not too bad. And sorry, I was just stressed we have to make a whole new album by December. We are going to be in the studio ALOT."-Liam. 
"You guys can do it. It will just be a lot of work. And when it's finished it will sound amazing like always."-Me. Liam just smiled. I looked behind me and both kids were asleep. I put my head on Liam's arm. We got home and Liam carried Bentley up to his room. I grabbed Grace and put her in her little bouncy seat and she was just playing. I went back out to the car and grabbed my luggage bags and my new purse. I brought it in the living room, then I went out and got some bags. Liam came out and got some too. We both took one more trip outside and brought them in. I saw the bag with his stuff I threw it at him. It hit him in the face. I burst out laughing he looked at me. He came over to me and picked me up over his shoulder. The guys walked in. 
"She threw a bag and it hit me square in the face so I grabbed her and I don't know what to do with her."-Liam. All the boys had a smirk on their faces. My eyes widened. 
"NOO!!"-Me. Louis came over and took my phone out of my pocket then Zayn opened the back door. I grabbed onto Liam for dear life. Zayn took my hands off him and he threw me in the pool. I got up and it was freezing. I went to the edge of the pool Zayn and Liam came over to help me up. I grabbed both of their hands and before they could pull me up I pulled them in. Niall and Louis were laughing. Lucky for me Liam and Zayn both didn't have their phones. Niall and Louis just jumped in. Liam came over to me. He wrapped his arms around me trying to warm me up. We both got out. Liam got us all towels. He wrapped it around me. The boys got out and we all went inside. I went upstairs and got changed. I put on a pair of sweats and one of Liams sweatshirts. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I walked downstairs and sat next to Liam. He changed too. 
"Where's the boys?"-Me. 
"Changing into some of my clothes."-Liam. I nodded and cuddled into his side. It was so cold. 
"Freezing."-Me. He picked me up and sat me in his lap. Grace was taken by one of the boys and put into her crib. She was sleeping peacefully. Niall and Zayn came down the stairs. 
"Where's Louis?"-Me. 
"I don't know."-Niall. Zayn nodded in agreement and I went up the stairs. He better not be messing with my clothes. I went into the room and he popped out of the closet. It scared the shit out of me! I screamed so loud. 
"What the fuck was that for?!"-Me. 
"Just wanted to see if it would work!"-Louis. 
"What would work?"-Me. 
"If it would still scare you."-Louis. 
"It didnt just scare me, you almost made me die."-Me. 
"You're overreacting."-Louis. I laughed and made him go down the stairs. When we were in the living room I sat on Liam's lap again. 
"Did you know about that?"-Me. 
"Nope."-Liam. I gave the boys am evil eye and just pouted. 
"Hayley, it's not cute when you do it Hun."-Louis. 
"You almost killed me!"-Me. 
"It wasn't that bad!"-Louis. 
"Huh!"-Me. They all laughed and decided to watch a movie. Which just so happened to be a scary movie. 
"You don't mind right?"-Liam.
"Nah. It doesn't matter."-Me. I mentally slapped myself. I cuddled into Liam and buried my head in his chest halfway through the movie. It was so scary! He just laughed at me but held me close. After the movie, I didn't want to move. It was seriously so scary. 
"I think I'm going home boys."-Louis. They all nodded and got in their cars. When the left, Liam got up to go to the room. He left me all alone down stairs. I sat on the couch but swore I heard something outside. I ran up the stairs and barged right into Liam.
"I got scared."-Me. He laughed but picked me up. He laid me down in bed but I pulled him down with me. 
"Don't leave me."-Me. He smiled at me. 
"I won't leave you. I promise."-Liam. I smiled at him. He laid down next to me and I molded into his side, laying my head on his chest. 
"I'm not tired."-Me. 
"Neither am I."-Liam. 
"Then lets talk."-Me. 
"About what?"-Liam. 
"When are we going on a family vacation?"-Me. 
"Soon. Just you, Grace, Bentley, and I."-Liam. I nodded and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Bentley came running into the room. 
"What's wrong?"-Me. 
"I had a bad dream."-Bentley. 
"Want to sleep with us?"-Me. 
"Yeah. Really bad."-Bentley. I moved away from Liam and Bentley cuddled up to me. I kissed his forehead and rested my head on the top of his. 
"Yeah baby?"-Me. 
"When can I sleep over Auntie Hannah's?"-Bentley. 
"Auntie is going on vacation with Darcy and Uncle Harry for a couple weeks."-Me. 
"So they could have family time."-Me. 
"I want to sleep over their house though. I miss her."-Bentley. 
"I know. Why do you want to go now?"-Me. I looked down at him and he looked up at me. He sat up against the head board. 
"I just want to see her.."-Bentley. 
"Okay. I promise you."-Me. 
"Can I call her?"-Bentley. 
"What's wrong Benny?"-Liam. 
"I want to talk to Auntie!"-Bentley. 
"What was your dream about?"-Me. 
"She's leaving again! She promised she wouldn't! I want to talk to her!"-Bentley. My mouth went to the perfect 'o' shape. Bentley didnt want Hannah to ever leave. Not even on vacation. I nodded and dialed Hannah's phone number. It was clear I woke her up. I put my phone on speaker so Bentley could talk and so I could hear. 
Hannah: Hello?
Me: Bentley wanted to talk to you. 
Hannah: Okay?
Bentley: Auntie?
Hannah: Yeah Benny?
Bentley: Why are you leaving? You said you were leaving anymore!
Hannah: What do you mean?
Bentley: You're leaving me! You, Darcy and Uncle Harry! You promised me!
Hannah: I'm only going for a little vacation bud. What's wrong?
Bentley: You're leaving. You won't come back. When you left last time, mommy said you were on a vacation and now you're going on one with Uncle Harry and Darcy! 
Hannah: No Benny. I'm only leaving for three weeks. 
Bentley: You can't. You promised. 
Hannah: I promise I won't be gone for more than three weeks. 
Bentley: No!
Hannah: I already have to go see Uncle Harry's family. 
Bentley: Promise you'll come back?
Hannah: I promise I will. And when I get back, Uncle Harry and I will take you on a huge surprise that you'll love. Okay?
Bentley: YEAH! 
Hannah: Are you okay now Benny?
Bentley: Yeah. Can you call me everyday?
Hannah: Yes. I will call you everyday. Goodnight Bentley. I love you. I miss you. 
Bentley: I miss you too! I love you too!!
Bentley smiled and laid back down. 
"She's never leaving again."-Me. He nodded and closed his eyes. Soon his breathing showed he was sleeping. Liam looked at me and smiled. 
"He's so worried about her leaving."-Liam. 
"Him and her are really close."-Me. 
"You don't say."-Liam. I giggled.
"I think that's enough excitement for one night. Goodnight. I love you."-Me.
"I love you too."-Liam. 


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