Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


4. What are you doing here!?!

Hayley's POV

I woke up at like 9AM to the baby kicking. I groaned and looked over at Bentley. He was still asleep. I got him off me carefully and walked downstairs. I walked into the living room and saw someone on the couch, I walked over and saw Liam sleeping. 

"LIAM!!!"-Me. He woke up and I ran over to him. I gave him a kiss and a huge hug. 


"What are you doing here!? I thought you were supposed to be on tour for another like month or something."-Me. 

"We finished early. Wheres Bentley?"-Liam. 

"Asleep."-Me. Then I heard Bentley. 

"MOMMYY!!"-Bentley. Liam and I walked up to the room. I walked over to him. 


"I got scared that you left me! I didn't see you anywhere!"-Bentley. 

"I'm never going to leave you okay?"-Me. Then Bentley saw Liam. He jumped up and ran to him. 

"DADDYYY!!!!"-Bentley. Liam grabbed Bentley and gave him a huge hug. 

"I missed you so much daddy!"-Bentley. I smiled. 

"I missed you too bud!"-Liam. 

"GUESS WHAT!?"-Bentley. 


"I'm having a baby sister!"-Bentley. I laughed. 

"Really!?! That's awesome!"-Liam. We all walked downstairs. 

"Arent you tired babe?"-Me. 

"Nah, I slept pretty well already."-Liam. I nodded. Then I tried finding something to eat. I got Bentley his cereal. He left the kitchen and went to the living room, to eat. Liam and I were left in the kitchen. Liam and I were just talking when the baby started kicking again. This time it hurt pretty bad. 


"Are you okay!?"-Liam. 

"Yeah, the baby is kicking and it hurts."-Me. 

"The baby is kicking!? Let me feel!"-Liam. I laughed. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He put his hand on my stomach and smiled. 

"Where are the other boys?"-Me. 

"They are at Hannah's. They are all coming over later though."-Liam. I nodded. 

"You left when I was skinny now you come back and im fat! Isn't that nice!"-Me. I laughed. 

"You're pregnant you aren't supposed to be skinny."-Liam. 

"I know I know."-Me. We got something to eat and then just went to see Bentley. It was now like 11. 

"Where's Uncle Zayn?"-Bentley. 

"He'll be over later."-Me. Bentley nodded. 

"Do you want to go somewhere before they come over?"-Liam. 


"Where do you want to go? You pick"-Me. 

"Hmmm.... How about the... Park?"-Bentley. 

"Then lets go to the park!"-Me. We got ready and walked out of the house and got in the car. We got to the park and Bentley played for a few hours then Liam got a call from Niall saying that everyone was going to head over soon. We got In the car and Liam asked how me and Hannah were. We talked about me and Hannah so I decided to ask about Harry and Liam. 

"How are you and Harry?"-Me. 

"Eh. We talked only when we needed to. That's it."-Liam

"Liam! You told me you would try to get back to being friends!"-Me. 

"I'm sorry Hayley. We both didn't want to talk."-Liam. I hope they make up soon. It would be all because of me if they dont become friends again. They were so close before they were like brothers and now they hate each other! I need to do something. 

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