Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


12. Welcome To The Family!

Hannah's POV

When Harry and I got back to his house, I had probably gawked at my ring about a million and ten times. This is literally one of the most beautiful things in the world, other than Harry and soon to be Darcy. I didn't notice Harry had opened my door until he took ahold of my hand and guided me out the door. The ring was a pink big diamond in the center and three smaller clear diamonds on each side. It was beautiful. I made myself get out of the car and wrapped around Harry's mid section. 



"Showing my family silly."-Harry. I was confused. He intertwined his right hand to my left one rubbing the ring with his thumb. His hands always surprised me, they were just so big. When we walked through the front door, all the lights turned on and everyone was there! His family, the boys and Hayley and Bentley!! Hayley ran to me and wrapped me in a hug. When we pulled away I had tears in my eyes as well as she did. She reached for my hand and I gave it to her. Her mouth made the perfect 'o' shape. 

"It looks so good on you!"-Hayley.

"Thanks. I love it!"-Me.

"Harry, you should go with Liam and help him get me jewelry! Damn, you can get the nice stuff!"-Hayley. Harry started laughing and I couldn't help but giggle. Bentley was standing next to her and I crouched down so I was balancing on my heels so I was at eye level to him. 

"Why the sad look Benny?"-Me.

"Now that you'll have your new baby and Uncle Harry, you won't want me anymore... And I won't be your baby anymore.. No one will pay attention to me. Mommy is having a baby. You are. Daddy will be around the new baby. Everyone won't love me anymore.."-Bentley. He started crying and I wrapped him in a hug. I tore my heels off and picked him up in a big hug. I put him on my side he wouldn't be on the baby. 

"Hannah, put him down. Please."-Niall. I looked at him and shook my head.

"Benny, I'm always gonna love you. You'll always be my little man. You'll always be my little baby. See, I was there when you were born. You lived with me. I would never not love you anymore. Uncle Harry and I are having a baby, so isn't your mommy and daddy, but that doesn't mean we will love you any less. You will have to show your baby sister how to do everything. And your little cousin in my belly here, will need some help too. They'll have you, and I wish I would've had you when I was a baby. You'd be an amazing big brother to me and even an amazing big cousin! But, I'm very happy being your aunt because I love having you as my nephew."-Me. He stopped crying and looked me in the eyes. Then looked at Hayley. She had tears in her eyes. He turned to look at Harry then to Liam. 


"I pinky promise on everything I have."-Me.

"And you won't leave anymore right?"-Bentley. That part broke my heart, now I started letting the tears flow. 

"I could never.. Ever. Leave again. I miss you. Way too much."-Me. My voice was cracking like crazy. 

"No auntie! Don't cry!!"-Bentley. He kissed my cheek and started wiping my face. I nodded. I kissed his cheek and out him down. He hugged my baby bump. 

"I'm sorry for being mean, I love you little cousin."-Bentley. I couldn't help it,I started smiling like crazy. He did the same to Hayley's belly. Harry came up behind me and hugged me from behind. Anne came up to us and embraced us in a huge hug. She had tears in her eyes as she let go, no! No more tears! 

"EVERYBODY! Can I have your attention? Please. I have to say something."-Anne. We all gave her our undivided attention. She took ahold of my left hand and inspected the ring. 

"I have no clue how to even start this kind of thing. But, Harry and Hannah are happy together. I couldn't be happier Harry's finally has her. I had to hear all about her for the longest time. To be honest, I was about to drive there and put some sense in Hannah. I'm glad to say that they are getting married and I will be telling people everywhere! I can tell Harry absolutely adores Hannah and the same the other way around. Welcome to the family Hannah!"-Anne. She had some tears streaming down her face. I wrapped her in a warm hug. When I let to she embraced Harry. She was squeezing and they were whispering. Harry started getting teary eyed. I COULD NOT watch Harry cry. I turned around and walked to Louis and the gang. 

"Hey guys."-Me. Louis ran to me and hugged me in his signature hug. 

"I'm happy for you!!"-Louis.

"Thank you big brother."-Me.

"Youre getting married and having a baby before I am. Geez, you need to slow down little sister!"-Louis. This caused everyone to laugh. 

"That's because she has a reason to Lou!"-Harry. He was behind me? Oh. Zayn came up and kissed me on the cheeks saying how happy he was for us. Niall did the same even though he had to force his smile and it wasn't at all convincing. Why can't be at least pretend and be convincing? Harry is one of his best mates, he doesn't have to be happy for me, just be happy for Harry. That's all I want. 

"Harry, im really tired can we go to bed? Please?"-Me.

"Yeah, are you sure though?"-Harry. I nodded and grabbed his hand. 
"I'm sorry everyone but my baby is very tired and were going to bed. Goodnight."-Harry. We walked up to the room we have been staying in, Harry's old room. I changed into one of Harry's shirts and climbed into a bed. I wasn't kidding when I said I was tired. Harry ripped his clothes off and left his boxers on then joined me in bed. 
"Goodnight babe."-Me.
"Goodnight princess. I love you."-Harry.
"I love you too."-Me. Then I fell in a restless sleep. Being in Harry's arms is the best feeling in the world. 

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