Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


26. Ugh!!

Hayley's POV
Once I walked out of Hannah's room, I saw Liam waiting for me. I just ignored him. 
"Come on Benny."-Me. Bentley grabbed my hand. I walked to the car. I was honestly pissed off. Liam was being such a dick! We drove home in silence, it wasn't awkward but it wasn't nice either. We got home and I picked up a sleeping Bentley and carried him in his bed. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. 
"Goodnight baby boy. I love you."-Me. I kept his door opened only a tad, just so he got some extra light. I walked into Grace's nursery and she was sleeping in her bassinet. I kissed her forehead. 
"I love you baby girl."-Me. I walked out of her room and walked into my room. Liam was in the bed doing a twitcam... Of course. I grabbed a pair of purple zebra print pajama pants and a white tank top and walked in the bathroom. I got changed, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. I walked out of the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun. I noticed that I lost a lot of my baby weight, but I still had some to lose. It didn't really bother me any. I got in bed and just ignored Liam, obviously still annoyed. He started answering questions and one was if we were fighting. He said no and I was just tired. I scoffed a little when he said that. I got out of bed and walked downstairs. All the boys were sitting on the couch. 
"Did we wake you?"-Niall. 
"No. Liam's doing a twitcam.. Of course."-Me. 
"Are you guys okay?"-Louis. 
"I haven't talked to him since the whole hospital thing."-Me. 
"He was being such a dick. I heard their conversation. Harry was actually being nice and Liam was a douchebag. It fucking pissed me off."-Me. I sat down next to Niall and Louis. I brought my legs up and sat on the couch Indian style. I leaned my head on Niall's shoulder. Liam came down about 20 minutes after. My head was still on Nialls shoulder. 
"Hayley, can we talk?"-Liam. 
"Yeah, talk."-Me. 
"Alone?"-Liam. I nodded and went to the kitchen. 
"Are you mad at me?"-Liam.
"Umm.. Yeah! What you did was uncalled for."-Me.
"You didn't even hear our conversation."-Liam. 
"YES! I did."-Me. 
"You were ease dropping?"-Liam.
"NO! I could hear you guys clearly. Harry was being nice, everything was going fine but you had to be a douchebag! Then you come in all pissy because your talk didn't go as planned when it's your fault! Then I have to leave because YOU didn't want to be there anymore. You didn't say bye to Hannah, any of the boys, you just walked out and expected everything to be fine? Well I'm sorry it isn't fine. I actually wanted to stay with my best friend."-Me. 
"You could've stayed!"-Liam. 
"After everything I just said, you could've stayed is what you say? Wow."-Me. 
"What do you want me to say Hayley!?"-Liam. 
"I don't know. Sorry would be nice. Maybe telling me that you'll talk to the boys, and try and actually work things out with Harry. Something that means something would have been just fine."-Me. 
"I'm sorry, I'll talk to Harry and try to actually work things out with him this time. Happy?"-Liam. 
"Fucking douchebag."-Me. I walked out and saw all the boys staring at me. I walked over to them and sat down. Liam stormed upstairs and slammed the bedroom door waking Grace up. 
"I got it Hayley."-Zayn.
"Thanks Zayn."-Me. Bentley came downstairs. 
"Who slammed the door?"-Bentley. 
"I don't know baby. Just go back to bed. Everything is fine."-Me. He nodded and went back to bed. Zayn came down with Grace. 
"I'll be back. I'm going to go try to talk to Liam."-Me. They all nodded. I walked upstairs and to my room. I grabbed the handle and turned it, but it wouldn't open.  He locked it? I started banging on the door. He wouldn't answer. Then he started playing music so he didnt have to listen to me. 
"FUCK YOU TOO!"-Me. I went downstairs. Zayn gave me Grace. 
"You okay?"-Niall. 
"Eh, could be better. He's just being such a jerk."-Me.
"I know."-Louis. 
"I just want to sleep in my bed!"-Me. Niall laughed. I gave him Grace. 
"Just put her to bed when you're done with her."-Me. He nodded. I went back to my room. The music was off. I tried the handle again. Locked. 
"Liam, please open the door. Please."-Me. I heard it click. I opened the door and got to the bed. I got under the covers and we laid back to back. It felt so weird not being in his arms. 
"Can we talk?"-Me. I turned to face him and he turned to face me. 
"I'm sorry Hayley. I didn't mean to yell, and I know I was being a jackass to Harry and to you too."-Liam. 
"Im sorry too. But I want you to talk to Harry tomorrow, and actually talk this time. Please?"-Me. 
"I hate fighting with you Liam, you just haven't been the most enjoyable person to be around lately, so we keep having arguments, and you keep snapping at me. What's going on?"-Me. 
"I don't know. But I'm going to stop it. I promise you. I hate fighting with you too. I'm sorry for being a douche bag for the last few days I really am."-Liam. He was looking me straight in the eyes, and they were starting to get tears in them. 
"It's fine Liam."-Me.
"No it's not. I've been horrible to you and to everyone. You don't deserve that. You deserve a whole lot better than me."-Liam.
"No. You're perfect Liam. I don't deserve anyone but you. You're my one and only Liam Payne. I love you too much to ever be able to find anyone else. No one is better than you."-Me. I gave him a kiss. 
"I love you so much Hayley. I don't think you understand, how much. More than you could ever imagine. "-Liam. 
"I think I might have an idea."-Me. We stayed looking at each other. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. We fell asleep that way. We both woke up to my phone going off. I reached over Liam to get it. 
Hannah: Hey! Are you coming to the hospital.
Me: Shit! Yeah I'm leaving in a few minutes. Sorry. 
Hannah: it's fine. I just don't have any clothes and I wanted to know if you could bring me some v
Me: yeah of course. See you in a little. Bye! Love you. 
Hannah: bye love you too! 
"We have to go to the hospital but first we need to stop my Harry and Hannah's to get her clothes. I got ready quick and we made our way to the hospital. When we got there I rushed in and gave Hannah her clothes. Harry came over to me. 
"Did you talk to Liam at all?"-Harry. 
"Yeah, I talked to him.. It blew up pretty bad. But we made up after."-Me. 
"You really wanted to be his friend again didnt you?"-Me. 
"Yeah I did. But it obviously isn't working. So whatever."-Harry. Hannah came out and then we left. We got to Hannah's and all the guys were there. Hannah probably loves being home again. She hasn't been here in so long. Today just needs to be a good one for her. Nothing bad can happen, she'll freak out. 

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