Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


24. The Talk

Liam's POV 
When we left the hospital we all got in Louis' new van thing. Hayley put Grace in and I helped Bentley get buckled up. Louis was driving, Niall in the passengers seat, In the next row was me, Grace and Hayley then the row behind us was Zayn and Bentley. We got home finally and Hayley was asleep on my shoulder, Louis got Grace, and Zayn got Bentley. I picked up Hayley and carried her into the house. I carried her up the stairs and laid her in the bed. I was about to leave the room. 
"Liam?"-Hayley. I turned around and walked over to her. 
"What babe?"-Liam. 
"Can you lay with me please?"-Hayley. I smiled. 
"Yeah of course."-Me. I hopped in bed next to her. She put her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her. 
"So, am I bigger and better than Josh?"-Me. She laughed. 
"Yes, Liam. Josh raped me, so your definitely better, and you are bigger Liam."-Hayley. I laughed. 
"Good."-Me. She just laughed. 
"If he didn't rape you, he would've been better?"-Me. 
"Eh, yeah."-Hayley. My mouth made the perfect "O" shape. 
"I'm joking Liam."-Hayley. 
"You better be!"-Me. She laughed. 
"Of course I am."- Hayley. She cuddled back up to me and fell asleep. I got out of bed and went downstairs. All the boys were still up. They were watching some weird so I've never seen before. I sat down on the couch next to Louis. 
"So Liam, did she tell you was better and bigger?"-Louis. 
"Shut it Lou. And for your information, yes she did-Me. They all laughed. Grace woke up so I got up to go and see her, but Niall stood up and ran upstairs before I could. He came down with her. We all stared at him. 
"What? I wanted to hold my niece!"-Niall. I just shook my head and smiled. Niall put her back to sleep and then put her back to bed. I started getting tired and went back to my room. I got in and Bentley was cuddled up to her. It was adorable so I took my phone out and got a picture. I put my phone on my end table. I changed my jeans into a pair of sweatpants, and took my batman t-shirt off. I got in bed on the same side of Hayley that Bentley was on so he was in the middle of us. 
"Goodnight. I love you."-Hayley. 
"Goodnight babe. I love you too."-Me. I fell asleep and woke up to Hayley playing with Grace. She was doing peek-a-boo. Grace was smiling. Hayley was laughing. I gave Hayley a kiss and gave Grace a kiss on the forehead. 
"Morning."-Hayley. Then we heard a crash coming from downstairs. I put Grace in her bassinet in my room. Then Liam and I ran downstairs. Bentley and Niall were standing there with guilty looks on their faces. There was broken glass around them. Louis and Zayn ran down. 
"What happened?!"-Louis. 
"Umm.. Uncle Niall was making tea. He got cups out and then he dropped the cups."-Bentley. 
"How'd you drop the cups?"-Zayn.
"Bentley scared me."-Niall. Hayley laughed. Hayley started walking over to them. 
"Hayley be careful, you could step on glass or something!"-Me. She grabbed Bentley and brought him over to me. 
"Are you okay Bentley?"-Hayley. 
"Yeah I am!"-Bentley. 
"Hayley! Come get me now!"-Niall. 
"Haha no. I can't carry you! You weigh like a ton!"-Hayley. Everyone laughed but Niall. He just pouted. Louis cleaned up the glass with Zayns help. Niall was still pouting. Hayley sighed. She walked over to Niall. 
"Okay Niall get on my back. If I drop you and you die don't blame me."-Hayley. Zayn and Louis stopped what they were doing to watch. 
"But! Don't jump on me! Then I'll break my back."-Hayley. Niall laughed. He got on Hayleys back. She groaned. 
"Niall, you really need to stop eating!"-Hayley. He laughed. She brought him a couple steps closer and then Niall started squirming so they both dropped backwards. Everyone was laughing. 
"Owwww. Maybe you should stop eating."-Niall. 
"Hey! I do not weigh a ton!"-Hayley. I walked over to them and helped her up. Then Niall got up. 
"We really need pads or something on that floor. It's really hard!"-Hayley. 
"Well yeah, you're not supposed to fall on it!"-Louis. Bentley was on the floor laughing by now. 
"Come on we have to go see Hannah."-Hayley. 
"Yes mom!"-Louis. Hayley laughed. 
"Kids these days!"-Hayley. Louis laughed. Hayley and I went upstairs to change. We got Grace and Hayley changed her. She put her in an outfit Hannah bought her. It was a purple zebra print dress thing. With a purple headband with a little zebra print bow on it that matched. She looked adorable. We got downstairs and everyone was ready. Niall came over to Hayley. 
"My turn to give YOU a piggy back ride."-Niall. 
"Oh god."-Hayley. She handed me Grace. She jumped on Nialls back. He ran out the door with her. She was laughing. He put her down and they both were cracking up. We got in the car and drove to the hospital. Hayley made us stop at Starbucks she got Hannah and herself a coffee. I got a tea for me and Harry and then the rest of the boys got what they wanted. We got to the hospital and Harry was holding Darcy and Hannah was smiling at them. Hayley handed Hannah her coffee and I gave Harry his tea. Hayley sat on Hannah's bed and they were talking. I needed to talk to Harry soon. But I don't know when. I just hope when I talk to him the conversation goes right and not horrible. 

Hayley's POV 
Hannah and I were just having our own conversation with Louis, Bentley and Niall. Harry was talking to Zayn and Liam wasn't talking at all. 
"Liam, are you okay?"-Me. Everyone looked at him. He nodded. I got up and walked over to him. 
"What's wrong? And don't say nothing, because its obviously not nothing."-Me. Everyone was still looking. 
"Its nothing Hayley. Really."-Liam. 
"Tell me, something is wrong."-Me. He got up and walked out of the room. I just stood there. I was about to walk after him. 
"Hayley, just leave him for a little bit. He'll come back once he cools down."-Harry. I nodded and sat down. Louis gave Harry Niall and Zayn a look. They nodded. Harry handed me Darcy and they left. Niall decided to stay. 
"Where did they go?"-Me. 
"Talk to Liam."-Niall. I just nodded. Hannah took Harry's laptop and looked up more parody videos. We started with the Taylor Swift ones. "Harry" was in like all of them! It was hilarious. Then the boys walked in with, Liam. He came over to me and asked me to talk. I gave Harry Darcy back. Then walked out with Liam. 
"I'm sorry for walking out, I just didn't want to say it in front of everyone."-Liam. 
"We'll what was it?"-Me. 
"I wanted to talk to Harry and try to make up with him, but I don't know when or how to do it.. So I was just thinking about it."-Liam. 
"Just go in there and ask him to talk."-Me. He nodded. We walked in and Hannah looked at me confused. 
"Harry can I.. Umm talk to you.. Alone?"-Liam. Harry nodded. Zayn took Darcy and the boys left. 
"That's it?"-Hannah. I nodded. The boys just laughed. We heard so talking then they both stormed into the room. Oh shit. 

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