Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


9. Thanks For The Warning.

Hannah's POV

I woke up to see Harry passed out on the side of me. I felt Harry come to bed around 12 last night. He must be pretty tired, it's only 9. The baby just keeps kicking me. I think she's hungry. My baby girl, Darcy. I think that's what Harry wants. I love the name Darcy. Harry always used to tell me how much he wanted his baby girl to be named Darcy. Harry started to stir when I w unwrapping myself from him.

"Ten more minutes."-Harry.

"No. Darcy is hungry."-Me. He sat straight up, I guess he was wide awake.

"We are naming her Darcy?!?!?"-Harry. He had the biggest smile on his face imaginable.

"Yes. I love that name."-Me. He continued to smile and laid on top of me. He continuously kissed my face all over. I was giggling uncontrollably. He got off of me but picked me up so he was carrying me bridal style to the kitchen. He sat me at one of the bar stools while he started cooking breakfast. I think he's making pancakes. Yum. He finished making the yummy breakfast and put a steaming hot plate of food in front of me. I started eating.

"So, my mom has been talking about meeting you.."-Harry. I about choked on the pancake.

"Oh yeah?"-Me.

"Yeah. I told her not yet.."-Harry.

"Oh."-Me. I was nervous about meeting Anne. She just seems so nice. Everything that happened with Harry and I, she's bound to hate me. I hate me for that. I mean, I did break up with him, go out with Niall, leave Niall, go back to Harry, have sex with Harry, go back to Niall, get pregnant with Harry's child, have a miscarriage. Fuck, I did a lot. His family is bound to hate my guts.. I'm so scared.

"I want to go on vacation though."-Harry.


"Im not sure. Maybe a beach somewhere."-Harry.

"I kinda want to meet your family.. But I'm scared they'll hate me."-Me.

"We will go when you feel fully up to going."-Harry. I nodded.

"How about Miami?"-Me.

"But just us this time."-Harry. I nodded and smiled at him.

"When are we leaving?"-Me.


"Then I'm going to go pack."-Me. He nodded and followed me. This is a great surprise. I grabbed my zebra print suitcase along with my cheetah one. Harry grabbed his suitcase.

"Both suitcases?"-Harry.

"I have a lot of stuff Harold."-Me. He started laughing and I couldn't help but giggle. I opened my suitcases and walked to the dresser. Every bra and panties I had, I threw on the bed, might as well bring them. Harry started taking clothes out of the closet, but someone called him. He walked out of the room and into the hallway to talk. I plugged my phone into the speaker and started playing random music. Harry walked back into the room and came right up to me.

"I have to go. I will be back home in about an hour or so."-Harry.

"Okay. I love you."-Me.

"I love you too."-Harry. He leaned down and kissed me. Slow and loving. He dissapeared out of the room and I started packing again. He just threw his clothes in his suitcase, looks like I'm doing my suitcases and his. I threw most of my clothes from my closet onto the king size bed. Harry's was on one side with his suitcase and mine was on the other with my suitcases. I decided to pack more of his clothes since I don't think he's bringing enough. Once I was done practically bringing our whole closet, I moved myself to our shoes. I picked a pair of heels to go with my dress I picked out. I also packed some sneakers and some sandals. I did the same wit Harry's shoes, but getting his dress up shoes to go with his tux. I don't know if we're going somewhere special or not. About an hour later, I finally had all our clothes and shoes on the bed. Harry should be home soon. I ended up getting my Vera Bradley duffle bag and put my hair stuff and make up in it. I also put Harry and I's shower stuff in the bag as well. I don't want to fold clothes yet. I was still in the bathroom when my phone started going off.


Me: Hello?

Harry: Hey! Babe, is there any way you can finish packing for me?

Me: Yeah, I can. But why? Where are you?

Harry: I have to go to an interview.

Me: Oh. Okay.

Harry: Sorry baby. I love you.

Me: I love you too.


I made my way back to the bed. I guess I have no choice, I have to fold the clothes. I had to grab Harry's other suitcase to fit his clothes. I knew I would need it. I finally finished folding everything and packing our four bags. I was almost completely done when Harry walked in with the other boys, Hayley and Bentley..


"IN HERE!"-Me. I heard footsteps and then Harry came in with Hayley not too far behind him. I finished Harry's final bag and zipped it up.

"Got enough stuff there?"-Harry. He smirked

"You never told me what exactly I needed to pack, so I basically packed our whole closet"-Me. Hayley and Harry just laughed.

"Theres the Hannah I know!"-Hayley. I just stuck my tounge out at her. We both started cracking up.

"AUNNTTYY!!"-Bentley. He ran into my room.

"Where are you going? Are you leaving again?"-Bentley. It looked like he was about to cry. I went over to him and hugged him.

"Benny, I would never leave you again. Uncle Harry and I are just going on a little vacation before you cousin is born okay?"-Me.

"Okay. Good. I don't want you to leave again."-Bentley. I could see Hayley and Harry smiling.

"I could never leave you again. I missed you too much last time. I could barely go one minute without seeing my handsome nephew."-Me. He laughed then him and Hayley walked out to the others. Harry came over to me.

"We are leaving in a couple hours my love."-Harry. He kissed my forehead and then my little baby bump,that has gotten a little bigger since everyone has been shoving food down my throat. I smiled and we walked out to everyone hand in hand.

"And the lovebirds finally decided to join us at.. their house?"-Louis. I laughed.

"Hi to you to Lou!"-Me. We all just decided to watch TV and talk, then Harry pulled Hayley aside, she looked confused, but then he gave her a look and she smiled and walked to the kitchen. She came back out and was smiling. She saw me looking and she tried putting a normal face on. She sat next to Liam and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We all hung out until it was about a half hour until we had to leave. I gave Hayley and the boys (Other than Liam) and Benny a hug, and said bye. Harry and I got our luggage into the car. Well Harry did. He insisted because he wants nothing to happen to Darcy. He wants this pregnancy to be perfect and wants our Darcy to be the best. I think its really adorable, but a little annoying at times. He won't let me do anything on my own he doesn't want this baby to turn up like the last one, no one does. But he has nothing to worry about, I try telling him, but why would he listen. But no matter what I will always love him. Forever and Always. We got in the car and he grabbed my hand and put the other on the stirring wheel. His phone went off and he went to grab it, but I snatched it before he could grab it.

"Eyes on the road baby."-Me. He just chuckled and smiled. I ignored his phone. We just listened to music and I drifted off to sleep thinking about Miami and how perfect it will be. But when I woke up, Miami is not where we were heading... it was Harry's house in Holmes Chapel.

"Umm.. Harry? This isn't the airport.. did you get lost and magically turn up at your house!?"-Me.

"Calm down love, did you really think that you weren't going to meet my mom?"-Harry.

"YES! What happened to, I will take you to meeet her when you're ready!? Obviously you don't!"-Me.

"Oh, I remember. SURPRISE!! Come on. She'll love you, my step-dad and sister will love you too! Please just come."-Harry.

"I can't just stay in here! I have to come now!"-Me. I'm a little ticked off, but mostly nervous. They are going to hate me. I just know it! How could they not!? I put Harry through so much, they are just going to act in front of Harry, then when he leaves BAM, hate mode will turn on. We got out of the car. He grabbed the luggage and just walked in.

"MOM! GEMMA! ROBIN!"-Harry. I just stood there with my body shaking of fear. Then 2 people walk out. His mom and his step-father i'm guessing. His mom walked up to him.

"Harry! Oh how I've missed you!"-Anne. He pulled him into a hug and kissed his cheek. He kissed hers in return. I thought it was adorable.

"You look great Harry! And this must be the Hannah I have heard soo much about."-Anne. She walked over to me. I forced a smile on my face.

"Yeah, nice to meet you."-Me. Harry just walked over to me and put his hand on the small of my back. His mom pulled me into a hug. Then Robin walked over.

"Hey Harry. Great to see you again."-Robin. He gave him one of those fatherly hugs.

"Nice to finally meet the girl that has stolen Harry's heart."-Robin. He gave me a hug.

"Where's Gemma?"-Harry.

"She's stuck in traffic. She'll be here in a few minutes. Why don't you take the luggage up to your room. Let Hannah rest. She is probably tired."-Anne. Great! Harry nodded and brought the luggage up to his room.

"So Hannah, you look amazing. I wish I was that tiny when i was pregnant with Harry, and Gemma."-Anne.

"Thank you. Harry is worried, he thinks that this baby is unhealthy even though, everyone and the doctors told him that we are both perfect."-Me. She just nodded.

"That's Harry for you, worried about everything. He is always the most protective over people that he really truly loves. I can tell he absoultuely adores you. I've never seen him like this before. I'm happy he finally found 'the one'."-Anne.

"Well love him the same way. He's 'the one' for me too. I can just tell."-Me. She smiled. Then Harry came back down. He sat down next to me and gave me a kiss. Then grabbed my hand. So far so good lets just hope that it stays this way. They seem to like me, I hope they really do and aren't just pretending or something.

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