Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


3. Surprise!!

Hannah's POV

After I left Hayley's, I wanted to sleep. The baby was kicking and it hurt a lot. I laid in bed and started thinking. I wanted Harry here a lot. I couldn't tell him that or he would leave. I can't let him do that. I turned on the tv and started watching a show. I think it was Teen Wolf, but I'm not really sure. I was too busy thinking about everything with the baby. I felt the need to call Harry. My phone started ringing half way through it. 


Me: Hello?

Harry: Hey baby.

Me: BABE! I miss you so much.

Harry: I miss you too princess. What have you been doing?

Me: I went with Hayley to the doctors today. She's having a girl. I'm excited for her. She needs a bunch of stuff for the baby. I need to plan her a baby shower. 

Harry: I can't wait to be with you. How's my baby?

Me: She's perfect. 

Harry: How do you know it's a girl?

Me: I just have a feeling. I want a girl. And I want you to have your Darcy. 

Harry: I don't mind having a son or daughter. Whatever we have, will be loved. I just really want a girl. 

Me: I know you do. When are you supposed to come home?

Harry: The day of your doctors appointment. I hope.

Me: So next week?

Harry: Yes babe. I have to go though. 

Me: Aw. Okay. I miss you like crazy.

Harry: I'll be counting down the hours to be with you. I love you.

Me: I love you too. 


I only have one more week to wait to see him. After the appointment, I have to get baby stuff. We have nothing. At all! I can tell in Harry's voice he is tired. When he's on tour, he's always so worn out. He loves his fans and all, I just want him to take a break. I know he has fun with the boys on tour, but I know he wants to be home too. This tour is definitely not at the right time. Hayley and I are pregnant. Even though Liam and I are still not that close, I still want him there for his kid. Harry and I haven't talked about Liam. I don't know if they're friends again but I hope they get okay. I mean, they are in the same band and have been friends for a while now. I don't want it to be my fault they aren't close anymore. I ended up falling asleep thinking about everything that was happening. When I woke up, the sun was shining through the window. I forgot to close the blinds last night. I tried to get out of bed to close them, but I was held down by someone's arm around me. I ended up flailing my arms around and hit someone in the head. I turned around to see who it was hoping it was just Hayley. I saw the peaceful face of my beautiful boyfriend Harry. 

"HARRY!"-Me. He jumped and fell off the bed. I ran off the bed and sat on top of him hugging him and kissing his face all over. He was just laughing. 

"Miss me?"-Harry.

"Yes!"-Me. I stopped kissing his face and kissed him on the lips. I missed his kiss. I missed everything. He stood up holding me and sat on the bed. 

"Why didn't you tell me?!"-Me.

"I wanted it to be a surprise, and judged by you screaming, you were."-Harry. 

"Indeed. Very surprised."-Me. He smiled and put his hands on my baby bump. 

"You should be bigger."-Harry. He was worried, his brow was furrowed.

"The doctor said the baby and I were both perfectly healthy."-Me. He nodded. 

"But you were bigger last time.. Even with all the stress."-Harry.

"I know. But I still have about three months left. A lot can happen in three months. I still have time to grow. We're healthy. Don't worry."-Me.

"I'll always worry about you and my baby."-Harry.

"I know. I sent you pictures daily of my growing tummy. You already knew I wasn't that big."-Me.

"I know. I was just hoping it was the way the camera was positioned."-Harry.

"I'm gonna go make something to eat. Get rest. I love you."-Me.

"I love you too."-Harry. He kissed me and kissed my baby bump. He was so worried that this baby would have the same problem that occurred with our other child. I'm just so happy that Harry is back. I closed the blinds so the sun would let Harry rest. I still had my night clothes on so I didn't bother changing. It's just going to be a lounging day. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen where I saw Niall, Zayn, and Louis all in the living room. 

"BOYS!!"-Me. They all jumped awake. I ran over to Louis and sat on his stomach. I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. I walked to Zayn and sat on his stomach as well, repeating my actions of kissing him on the cheek and hugging him. When I went to Niall, he stood up and gave me a Horan hug. I missed him so much. I missed them all. I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed my cheek as well. 

"There's still the guest bed and someone can take my place next to Harry."-Me. Zayn got up and hugged me again. He's not a morning guy. Louis jumped up and gave me a real hug. He kissed me on the cheek. I stayed in his arms as Niall just sat on the couch again. 

"I missed you so much sis."-Louis.

"I missed you too Lou."-Me. He kissed my forehead and claimed he was sleeping with his Hazza bear. I started giggling as he ran up the stairs, well pranced up the stairs. I sat down next to Niall who seemed to be wide awake. 

"Aren't you tired?"-Me.

"Eh. Not really. I slept in the car and jet."-Niall. I nodded. 

"Well, I'm making some food."-Me.

"Make me some?"-Niall.

"If you come help me."-Me. He nodded and stood up. We went to the kitchen and made some pancakes. We sat at the table and started small talking. 

"Why aren't you as big as you were before?"-Niall.

"I don't know. I am perfectly healthy though. And so isn't the baby."-Me.

"I hope so."-Niall. I nodded. 

"Thank you for caring Nialler."-Me.

"I can never not care about you Hannah."-Niall. He made eye contact and I saw something glint in his eyes. I don't know what it was and I'm not going to question in, but it was something. 

"Really? Same to you."-Me.

"I think it's kind of different though."-Niall.

"In what way?"-Me.

"Because I would still get back with you if I had the chance. You're happy with Harry."-Niall. What?!

"I'm happy with Harry Niall. We didn't have a good relationship at all. And you know that."-Me.

"I know. Just know I would though.. I mean, I really would. I just want us to be back to best friends that so anything and everything together. Like, tell each other everything. No matter if it would hurt the other one. How we were before."-Niall.

"I'd like that. I really would."-Me. He smiled and I couldn't help but smile. Niall and I were meant to be friends, maybe even best friends, but nothing more. We didn't work out for a reason and I am madly in love with Harry. I know that for a fact. Lets just hope Niall does. I excused myself and went to my room. Harry and Louis were both sleeping. I grabbed a pillow and blanket though. I went back to the living room where Niall was. 

"Wanna watch movies until they get up?"-Me.

"That could be a while."-Niall.

"We could order pizza or something."-Me. He nodded. 

"This is why you're skinner than last time. You didn't have me to get you fatty foods!!"-Niall. He started laughing and I couldn't help but start giggling like crazy. We picked out scary movies and started watching them. We ordered pizza and ate. I just hope Hayley enjoyed her surprise like I did. She needs it. Bentley will be happy. 

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