Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


16. Sounds Like A Plan.

Harry's POV
Niall most definitely pissed me off, but I didn't want to make a scene in front of anyone. When I was in the room with Hayley while she was giving birth, I did NOT like it. At all! I couldn't handle the thought of Hannah being in as much pain as Hayley was. Liam even passed out! Would I do that?! Would I even be able to look at Hannah while it was happening?! Is it just Hannah and I in the delivery room? 
"Harry, are you okay?"-Hannah. 
"Um, yeah. I'm fine."-Me. Real smooth. 
"Do you want to go get lunch with me?"-Hannah. I nodded and grabbed her hand. She ended up leaving my hand to go see Grace one more time. 
"I'm sorry everyone, I'm hungry and so isn't Harry. We will be back Hayley. I love you."-Hannah. She hugged Hayley and the boys. She kissed Bentley on the cheek and snuggled up to Grace one last time before giving her to Liam. Hannah came over to me and held onto my hand with her left one. I rubbed her ring with my thumb like I normally did every time I held her left hand. I can't believe I actually had enough courage to ask her to marry me! 
"What's wrong Harry? Don't say nothing."-Hannah. We made it to the car and I started driving. She didnt put music on, so I knew she wanted to talk and meant business. 
"I've just been thinking a lot about the baby and what were going to do."-Me. 
"What do you mean?"-Hannah. 
"What is Darcy's middle name going to be? Is it just is in the delivery room? When are we getting the stuff for her room? What color will her room be painted?"-Me.
"I want Darcy's middle name to be Elizabeth after Hayley. I want Louis and Hayley in the delivery room along with us. Maybe even Niall considering he's our best friend. Her room will be done when Grace gets to come home from the hospital which should be tomorrow or the day after. I want Darcy's room to be painted a light purple with zebra print and cheetah print."-Hannah. 
"That sounds good. Want to go and get everything for the room after we eat lunch?"-Me. 
"Yeah, sure. I'm starving though."-Hannah. 
"Me too."-Me. Hannah plugged my phone in and started playing the music I had on my phone. She was singing along as was I. It was relaxing having her voice softly singing next to me and looking out the window unaware of how much she actually means to me. I will never understand how she does everything so effortlessly, yet she's the one who makes my days worth it. I love her so much. 

Hannah's POV 
We got to Starbucks to eat lunch. I really wanted to get started on Darcy's room but with Hayley, I think I'll have enough time. Harry and I made some small talk but nothing major. Harry also hasn't said anything about Niall being in the delivery room. I don't know if it would be the best choice since what happens when Niall says something and I have a feeling he will say something smart. When we finished, we made our way back to Harry's car. 
"Are you okay with Niall being in the delivery room?"-Me. 
"Is it okay for Niall to be in the delivery room. I mean, it wouldn't be that bad if he is.."-Me. 
"I don't really want him there Hannah."-Harry. 
"Why though? He's our best friend."-Me. 
"Because you're not his and its not okay for him to be looking at places he shouldn't be. If he looks at your areas, I'll probably fucking hit him."-Harry.
"Why?! Harry, you have to understand, no matter what happened in the past, doesn't mean anything."-Me. 
"And you have to understand that Niall still has feelings for you! He still loves you and wants you! I'm not letting him see a baby come out of you while I'm there. No Hannah, please just drop it."-Harry.
"I get what you're saying."-Me. 
"Thank you. I love you."-Harry.
"I love you too. When Hayley can go home, can we start Darcy's room?"-Me.
"Yes! I want to so bad! I want to get it done and over with too."-Harry. I nodded. He grabbed my left hand and played with the ring with his thumb like he usually did. 
"And you want zebra and cheetah print?"-Harry.
"Yes. Why?"-Me.
"Because, isn't it kid of soon for that?"-Harry.
"No? Why would it be?"-Me. 
"I don't know. You always see like teenagers like that."-Harry.
"Harry, if I could have my room zebra and cheetah, I would in a heartbeat."-Me. 
"You're also 19."-Harry.
"But I like the theme and it's a girl."-Me.
"Yes. I know."-Harry.
"And we need baby clothes!"-Me. 
"We need EVERYTHING Hannah."-Harry.
"I know. But we still have two months."-Me. He nodded and continued playing with the ring. We made it back to the hospital and I swooped in and took Grace from Liam's arms and held her walking around with her.
"Hannah, why do you insist on taking my child away?"-Liam.
"Because she's my niece and I love her."-Me. 
"She's my little girl and I love her though."-Liam.
"Hayley, tell him to leave me alone."-Me. 
"Liam, leave her alone. She did the same thing with Bentley."-Hayley. 
"She's a child hog."-Liam. 
"Damn right, Payne."-Me. He chuckled along with Harry. Hayley and I giggled. Bentley was sitting on Harry's lap playing on Harry's phone. I think he was playing temple run. 
"Hayley, what do you think of zebra and cheetah print for Darcy's room?"-Harry. 
"It sounds like it was Hannah's idea."-Hayley. 
"Yes it was."-Harry. 
"Animal print seems like it should be for someone older though."-Liam. 
"Liam, Hannah loves animal print. Leave her alone! I think it's a great idea!"-Hayley. 
"See Harry!"-Me. 
"I didn't think it was a bad idea!"-Harry.
"When we leave tonight, can we order the stuff and do her room within the next three weeks?"-Me. He nodded and continued playing with Bentley. After about four more hours, I wanted to go home and rest. I had to give Grace away a lot within those four hours but I got to give her to Harry. He is so good with children! When I have Darcy, I won't have enough pictures of them. Ah! When we left, I fell asleep in the car and woke up to Harry carrying me in the house, no problems at all. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. 
"You really do need to gain weight babe, you're so tiny!"-Harry. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck tighter. 
"Did you order everything?"-Me. 
"I ordered everything they had for a baby's room. All the zebra and cheetah stuff they had. We can go clothes shopping tomorrow or something. Hayley is leaving the hospital first thing tomorrow morning and is getting everything settled at her house."-Harry. I nodded ad he placed me in bed. I was wearing one if his sweatshirts and a pair of leggings so I didn't bother changing. It was pretty cold in our house since we had all the air conditioners running. I pulled the blankets up to my chin and started drifting back into sleep. Harry jumped into bed but with his boxers on. I made myself fit into his side and cuddles up to him. He was always so warm. I ended up taking his sweatshirt off and leaving my bra on. Harry out his hands on my baby bump and kissed Darcy. He kissed me and pulled away after quite sometime. 
"I love you Hannah."-Harry. 
"I love you Harry."-Me. Harry didnt take his hands off my baby bump an he was cuddling me. I didn't remove my head from his chest ether. Nor did I untangle my legs from his the whole night. I had one nice nights sleep with my love on the side of me. 

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