Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


8. Seriously though.

Hayleys POV
I woke up to my phone going off. I reached over Liam to get It. I was on my way back to my side when Liam grabbed me. I squeaked then answered my phone. 
Harry: Are you coming to Hannahs appointment today? 
Me: of course I get to find out if I'm going to have a niece or nephew! 
Harry: okay. Is Liam coming?
Me: I don't know, do you and Hannah want him to? 
Harry: Hannah said that you both and Bentley can come, she would feel bad if we left him out. 
Me: would you feel bad? 
Harry: Probably not. 
Me: whatever Harry. Bye ill see you In a little. 
Liam still hasn't let go of me. 
"LIAM! Let me go!!"-Me 
"I didn't get my good morning kiss!"-Liam. He pouted. I looked at him and just laughed. I leaned down and kissed his cheek.
"Good morning!"-Me. I quickly got out of his grasp. He chased me around the room for like 2 seconds. Then got me. He grabbed my waist and I  put my arms around his neck. 
"What you want another kiss on the cheek?"-Me. Liam smirked. 
"Noooo."-Liam. I laughed. We just looked at each other for a couple minutes.
"Can I please have my kiss now? I've been waiting for so long!"-Liam. 
"If you waited this long you can wait even longer!"-Me. We were still the way we were before. He just laughed and I giggled. 
"I love your giggle!"-Liam. I just kept laughing. He placed his lips on mine and it felt like everything stopped and it was only me and Liam in the world. We pulled away and he just embraced me in a hug. 
"What are we doing today?"-Liam. 
"Hannah has her ultrasound, we are going."-Me. 
"I'm going? They both hate me?"-Liam 
"They don't hate you. Hannah is the one who said you can come, it was Harry that was being a jerk about it."-Me
"Surprise surprise. "-Liam. 
"Okay, this is so stupid! You guys were like brothers now you hate eachother. What is going on with you? You should want him to be your friend again. He was an amazing friend. Are you seriously throwing it all away?"-Me.
"Hayley, I know you care and I love you for that but Harry and I just shouldn't be friends again. "-Liam. 
"Like me and Hannah? I thought the same as you. Now look at us! But whatever it's your choice not mine."-Me. I got changed and walked downstairs to see everyone ready, even Bentley. I walked over to Louis, Niall and Zayn still a little pissed at Liam because of the whole Harry thing. I know I shouldn't be mad, but I am. They are being childish.  Plus my hormones! Niall gave me a confused look. I whispered what happened in his ear. He just nodded and put his arm around my shoulders and we walked out to the cars. Louis and Zayn are taking Louis' and Niall, Liam, Bentley and I are taking mine. Liam is driving Niall is in the passenger seat and me and Benny are in the back. 
"Are you mad at me or something?"-Liam. Niall just looked at me. 
"I'm not mad.. Actually I'm pretty pissed off to be honest. You and Harry are acting like 5 year olds."-Me.  
"It's none of your business Hayley! Just stay out of it, me and Harry have nothing to do with you."-Liam 
"So you have nothing to do with me? Our friends have nothing to do with me? Good to know. We can tell our baby and Bentley that one too!"-Me. Niall just looked uncomfortable.
"Hayley that's not what I meant!"-Liam. I just ignored him. We got to Hannah and Harry's. I got out of the car and walked inside. Niall followed me. 
"You okay?"-Niall. 
"I guess."-Me. He just nodded and gave me a one arm sideways hug. We got inside and then left again for the doctors. Liam and I weren't talking. We got back in the car except this time Zayn instead of Niall. It was silent. 
"Can you turn the radio on? Or do I have nothing to do with that either?"-Me. 
"Hayley! Just stop! I didn't mean it that way."-Liam. 
"Say you had a girlfriend, and her and her bestfriend that's also your friend got into a fight and you try to help them become friends again, but she says that her and her friend have nothing to do with you, what-"-Me, but Liam interrupted. 
"Hayley, I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that my friendship with Harry has nothing to do with you. You're my fiancé for god sakes!"-Liam. I just ignored them all. We got to the hospital and went into the room. IT'S A GIRL! I'm so excited for Hannah. We went back to her place but she went to bed. Harry told us that he was taking her on a surprise trip to Holmes Chapel, he has this whole weekend planned out. Hannah came down stairs and we all stopped talking. Shit! Shortly after that I walked up to Harry and said bye and congrats again. Liam Bentley and I walked out and got in the car. Bentley fell asleep right away. Talk time. Liam tried to grab my hand, but I shrugged it off. He sighed. 
"Hayley, please talk to me. Please. We need to work this out."-Liam. 

Liam's POV 
This is horrible! She won't even look at me. We didn't talk at all. We got home. Hayley ran out of the car and inside. I got Bentley and put him in his bed then heard Hayley puking. I went to the bathroom. She was basically hugging the toilet. I held her hair back and rubbed circles on her back. She finally stopped and cleaned herself up. I went to the bed and laid there waiting for her. She came out and laid next to me. 
"I'm sorry Liam. I've been horrible, and overreacted. You're relationship with Harry isn't my business."-Hayley. 
"I'm sorry too. You didn't overreact and you aren't horrible and it is your business I'm your fiancé, what happens to me happens to you."-Me. 
"I love you so much Liam, you really are the best."-Hayley. 
"I love you so much too Hayley, and trust me I'm not the best, you are."-Me. She gave me a kiss then cuddled up to me. I looked at her stomach and smiled. 
"Goodnight my beautiful girl, and goodnight my beautiful baby."-Me. Then we both drifted off to sleep. 

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