Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


30. Plans.

Hayley's POV 
I was sleeping until I heard Grace cry. I got out of Liam's grasp and went to her nursery. I picked her up and gave her a bottle. I burped her halfway through the bottle then finished it. I burped her one more time and then changed her diaper. I sat in the chair next to her bassinet and rocked her to sleep. I put her back and gave her a kiss on the forehead. 
"I love you baby."-Me. I walked out and then I went to Bentleys room to check on him. He woke up to the door. 
"Sorry, I was just checking on you."-Me.
"It's okay mommy."-Bentley. I smiled. I was about to walk out. 
"Can you lay with me?"-Bentley. 
"Of course!"-Me. I walked over to his bed. I laid behind him and put my arm around him. I put my elbow above his head to prop myself up. I kissed his forehead. 
"I love you baby boy."-Me. 
"I love you too mommy."-Bentley. He fell asleep and not long after him I fell asleep. I felt someone move. I opened my eyes and saw Bentley get up and Liam standing at the door holding Grace. 
"I was wondering where you went I didn't see you when I woke up."-Liam. I walked over to him. I gave him a kiss.
"Grace woke up. And I wanted to check on Bentley."-Me. He nodded and handed me Grace. He went over to Bentley and put him on his back running around the room. 
"Go downstairs daddy!"-Bentley. Liam chuckled and started running down the stairs to the kitchen. Bentley was seated on the counter and Liam made breakfast. I walked to the kitchen and stood next to Bentley. 
"Can I hold her?"-Bentley. 
"Of course you can bud!"-Me. He got off the counter and walked to the couch. I placed Grace in his arms and he held her close. I put my hand on her head and kept her still. 
"I won't hurt her mommy. I promise."-Bentley. 
"I know you won't. I just want her head to be safe."-Me. 
"It's my job to keep her safe mommy."-Bentley. I got tears in my eyes and nodded. I let go of her head, reluctantly, but sat next to him. He kissed her forehead and started singing a song. 
"Little Grace, your big brother will always keep you safe and sound. I'll be here forever. I love you baby sister."-Bentley. I started to get teary eyed and looked at the door to the kitchen. Liam was standing there with tears in his eyes too. He walked over to me and put his arm around me. 
"That's a nice song Benny. I'm sure Auntie Hannah and your Uncles will love it. I know mommy and I love it."-Liam. Bentley smiled at Grace and she smiled back. 
"I think Grace likes it too daddy!"-Bentley. 
"Of course she does. She loves it just like she loves you."-Me. 
"LOOK! She's smiling at me!"-Bentley. I smiled at him and nodded. 
"Okay, I'm hungry. I want to eat. Can you take Grace now?"-Bentley. I took Grace from him and he jumped into Liam's arms. Liam laughed but carried him to the kitchen. I stayed in the living room just thinking about how amazing my life is now. I have two beautiful children and I have a gorgeous fiancé who I love so much. I smile to myself and Liam walked back in. 
"You're not eating?"-Liam. 
"No. I am. I was just thinking."-Me. 
"Good things?"-Liam. 
"Yeah. I'll eat in a little while."-Me. He nodded and disappeared into the kitchen once again. I thought about how perfect my life was for a little while longer and joined my family in the kitchen. After we ate breakfast, we all got dressed in the clothes we were wearing today. 
"Can we go to Auntie Hannah's?"-Bentley. 
"Do you want to?"-Liam. 
"Then we can."-Liam. 
"YAY!"-Bentley. We walked out to the car and got Bentley and Grace in their seats. On our way to Hannah's, I had Liam stop at Starbucks to get coffee and tea. When we got to Hannah's, everyone was there. Bentley ran in the house and into Hannah's arms. She was laughing and running around with him in her arms while he was screaming his head off and laughing. She lifted him up and started play biting his stomach which made him laugh even harder. Harry ran over to them and took Bentley out of her hands and out the back door. She ran after them and got Bentley back. She ran over to Liam an I and stood in back of me. 
"He's mine!"-Hannah. 
"No! He is not!"-Me. 
"HE'S MINE!"-Hannah. Everyone laughed remembering their video diary..
"Wow, you and Louis are definitely brother and sister."-Me. Hannah put Bentley down and ran over to Louis. She sat on his lap and wrapped him up in a hug. She gave him a huge kiss on the cheek and smiled at me. 
"He loves me."-Hannah. 
"Oh. Yeah. He looks so thrilled."-Me. She giggled and got off of him. She hugged me and went to the kitchen. I sat on the couch and took Darcy from Zayn. 
"I want to see her!"-Me. 
"Then make Niall give me Grace!"-Zayn. 
"Niall, give Grace to Zayn."-Me. 
"Oh well, I tried."-Me. Hannah came out of the kitchen and sat next to me. 
"Hayley, I wouldn't let her that close to you! The things we heard yesterday when we were here.. She's really not that innocent."-Zayn. Hannah shrugged and sat on Harry's lap. He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled. 
"Don't be jealous!"-Hannah. 
"Trust me, I'm not."-Zayn. 
"You should see the hickey on Harry's chest!"-Louis. 
"You gave HIM a hickey?"-Me. She shrugged again and started blushing. She buried her head in Harry's neck and closed her eyes. After about ten minutes of talking, I noticed Hannah hasn't said a word.
"Is she sleeping?!"-Me. 
"Let me take her to bed?"-Zayn. 
"I want to. She's my best friend."-Niall. 
"I will!"-Louis. Louis ran over to Hannah and picked her up off Harry. She put her head on his shoulder as he carried her like a baby up the stairs. The boys went to the kitchen to start making lunch. It was just Harry and I. 
"How have you been?"-Harry. 
"Fine. I've been really happy. Grace doesn't get up a lot."-Me. 
"That's good. How's Bentley been with the new baby?"-Harry. 
"He made up a song for her actually. It's really cute. How's being a daddy?"-Me. 
"I love it. Darcy is just so amazing. Hannah is just not doing well with the extra weight and stuff."-Harry. 
"Her and I could go exercise together."-Me. 
"She'd like that."-Harry. 
"Last night, were trying to make another baby?!"-Me. 
"Haha. Erm.. No."-Harry. He started blushing a little bit. 
"Did she really give you a hickey?"-Me. 
"Uh yeah."-Harry. 
"You're uncomfortable, aren't you?"-Me. 
"Kind of, yes."-Harry. 
"That's my job as Hannah's best friend."-Me. He nodded and looked at me. 
"Do you think she would want to go to Doncaster with me?"-Harry. 
"To meet her parents."-Harry. 
"She would love that Harry! She wants to go back to Holmes Chapel too."-Me. 
"She does?"-Harry. I nodded and smiled at him. 
"My mom wants to see Darcy again."-Harry. 
"She only saw her in the hospital. She was so tiny then. Anne will absolutely love seeing her."-Me. 
"I'll set up the trips for tomorrow. Well go to Holmes Chapel first. Then Doncaster."-Harry. 
"That's an amazing idea! Hannah and I will go shopping tomorrow so you can set them up. I won't tel her. Surprise her with Doncaster."-Me. 
"I will. Thank you Hayley."-Harry. I smiled at him and nodded. Louis came down the stairs and smiled at us. 
"What took you so long?"-Me. 
"I was talking to her. She wants you Harry."-Louis. Harry smiled at him and got up. He walked up to the room. 
"Make sure to tell Hannah were going shopping tomorrow!"-Me. Harry nodded at me and continued up the stairs. Louis took Darcy from me and we joined the boys. After about three hours, Hannah and Harry came down the stairs and Hannah was wearing a scarf with her outfit this time. She took Darcy from Liam and made her a bottle. She took Darcy to her room and I followed. She sat in the chair that was in there and I sat on the other chair. 
"Did Harry give you a hickey this time?"-Me. She blushed and didn't say anything. 
"That's what I thought. Are you on birth control?"-Me. 
"Yeah. I started it last week again."-Hannah. 
"Good. You don't need anymore babies yet."-Me. 
"Oh I'm aware. Do you want to start exercising with me everyday?"-Hannah. 
"Yeah. I looked up trainers."-Hannah. 
"Yeah. I'll do it with you. But you don't have to lose weight."-Me. 
"Ha. Whatever you say. I want to model still."-Hannah. 
"You can at that size!"-Me. 
"I want to model Victoria Secret stuff still. I miss everyone there."-Hannah. I nodded and smiled at her. After Darcy fell asleep, Hannah put her in her crib and we went back downstairs. After a couple more hours, Bentley fell asleep with his head on Hannah's lap while she played with his hair and with his feet in my lap. Harry picked him up and carried him to the car for me while Liam carried Graces seat out to the car. On the ride home, I fell asleep and woke up to Liam carrying me into the house. He set me on the bed and climbed in after me. He must've already brought Bentley and Grace inside. I cuddled up to his side and put my head on his chest. He kissed me on the top of my head. 
"Goodnight babe. I love you."-Liam. 
"Goodnight. I love you too."-Me. 

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