Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


18. Oh god..

Hannah's POV
Once Hayley was settled in the house with Grace, I started getting really tired and really hungry. Harry and I decided to leave to get something to eat. We got to the car and I plugged his phone in. 
"Where do you want to eat?"-Harry. 
"Hmm... Nandos?"-Me. 
"You've been around Niall for too long."-Harry. He started laughing and I couldn't help but giggle. My stomach started cramping up and I made a pain face. It hurt. A lot. 
"Baby, what's wrong?!"-Harry.
"I just got a huge cramp.."-Me. 
"We're going to the hospital!"-Harry. I nodded. I wasn't going to object, there's no way I'm going to risk my baby. Harry didnt say anything to rest of the ride. I grabbed his hand. He was so tense. As my hand touched his, he kind of calmed down. When we got to the hospital, they put me in a room right away. After about two minutes my doctor rushed into the room. 
"Hannah, what seems to be the problem?"-Dr. Rhodes. 
"I started getting these huge cramps starting from the too of my stomach to the bottom. It's like a lightening bolt feeling."-Me. 
"It sounds like you're having Braxton hicks contractions. You need to relax while I stop you from having this baby."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"She's having the baby?!"-Harry. 
"Braxton hicks contractions lead to real contractions if I can't stop them fast enough. If you have your baby now, there's a chance she won't live."-Dr. Rhodes. My heart plummeted to the floor. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I need her... Harry left the room to start calling everyone. Another pain went through my stomach and Dr. Rhodes rushed out of the room and came back in with many other doctors. They started hooking me up to IVs and started giving my different medicine in it. I was so scared. 
"Please, save my baby.."-Me. 
"I can promise you we are trying everything we can. Relax, this medicine is going to make you drowsy. Feel free to sleep."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Where's Harry?"-Me. 
"He's out in the hallway, talking to Louis?"-Dr. Rhodes. I nodded. 
"Is there any way you can have him come in here? I don't want to sleep without him.."-Me. She nodded and left the room. Harry came in and sat in the chair next to my bed. 
"Everyone's on there way here. Even Grace."-Harry. I nodded. 
"Can you promise me something?"-Me. 
"What is it babe?"-Harry. 
"If you have to chose between Darcy and I, pick Darcy.. Okay?"-Me. 
"Sorry baby, I can't do that..."-Harry. He had tears in his eyes and he had some come out of his eyes, I was also crying. 
"Harry, if you have to chose, you have to chose Darcy. You're so excited to be a daddy and.. And.. Maybe I can't give birth to a baby while I'm alive.. Its the right choice."-Me. 
"No! I can't live without you! You can't possibly be asking me to do this! No! Hannah! Fucking no!"-Harry. 
"Please, you have to chose Darcy."-Me. 
"I can't live without you! It's not happening! You're mine. Forever!"-Harry. 
"I know.."-Me. 
"Please Hannah.."-Harry. 
"I'm going to go to sleep.. Goodnight Harry."-Me. 
"I love you. Forever."-Harry. 
"I love you. Forever Harry."-Me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I felt super tired and didn't wake up until I heard loud and hushed voices around my room. I opened my eyes and everyone was around me. 
"Hey! Look who's up!"-Louis. 
"Hey guys."-Me. 
"How are you feeling?"-Harry. 
"Better, I haven't had anymore cramps, so I guess that's a good thing."-Me. 
"Miss. Tomlinson?"-A new doctor came into the room. 
"Right here!"-Me. 
"You look to be doing a lot better. Are you feeling better?"-I still have no clue who she is. 
"Yes. But I'm a lot more tired and drowsy."-Me. 
"That's because of the medicine you have to take."-Doctor. 
"Okay."-Me. She took a couple more notes and disappeared out of the room. Dr. Rhodes came into the room and walked to my bedside. 
"Hey honey, how are you?"-Dr. Rhodes. She was just so sweet! 
"I'm doing better. Just really tired."-Me. She nodded. 
"You have to be on strict bed rest for the rest of your pregnancy until you go into labor."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Bed rest?"-Me. 
"Yes. You can't do anything but relax. You can get up to do your obvious things. But you can't stab up for long periods of time."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Okay."-Me. This is one big bummer. 
"Has her due date changed?"-Harry.
"If she's relaxing like she should, it could change but also could stay the same. The chances of having a premature baby are very high. She may be born in the next few weeks. You need to continue eating like you have and not worry about anything. Harry will have to be your support system like he's been. Except he has to do almost everything on his own."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"I don't mind. At all. Is there any chance that she won't.. Make it through giving birth?"-Harry. 
"There is always that chance, but it's slim to none."-Dr. Rhodes. Harry automatically calmed down. 
"You can go home later on since you've been here for a couple of days already."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"You've been asleep, only woken up to eat. That's what the medicine does."-Dr. Rhodes. I don't remember waking up? I thought I was asleep for a couple hours, not a couple days! A couple hours later I was released and Harry brought me home. I just wanted to go back to sleep. When we got home, I went straight my room and climbed into bed. I knew Harry wanted to talk, but I couldn't find the energy to even keep my eyes open anymore. I heard the door open and close. I felt the bed sink a little and arms wrapped around me, resting on my baby bump. After a couple hours, Harry woke me up to eat dinner. I ate the food in bed with him on the side of me eating as well. 
"How are you feeling?"-Harry. 
"Fine. It sucks that I have to stay in bed. Like a lot."-Me. 
"It will all be worth it..."-Harry. 
"You don't sound too sure."-Me. 
"What you said before you slept for days, scared the shit out of me. I don't sleep more than an hour at a time at the hospital."-Harry.
"What do you mean?"-Me. 
"If I had to chose you or Darcy.."-Harry. 
"I would chose you, you know that."-Harry. 
"I wouldn't let you. Neither would Hayley.. I hope."-Me. 
"No, she'd be on my side with this Hannah Marie!"-Harry. 
"I'm sorry I want you to have a baby and not have to deal with me not being able to have one!"-Me. I had tears in my eyes and I couldn't stand the thought of taking the opportunity of being an amazing father away from Harry. I couldn't do that..
"Please, don't cry.. I just can't be without you anymore.."-Harry. 
"And I can't let you not be a father.. I'm done. I'm full. I'm going back to bed."-Me. I turned my back to him and she'd a couple tears. 
"Love you. Forever."-Harry. 
"I love you too Harry.. Forever."-Me. I couldn't ask Harry to not chose me. I turned around to face him again and noticed he was crying too. 
"No babe. Don't cry. It will be okay."-Me. 
"No matter what, you're staying with me. I don't want a family if you're not in it."-Harry. 
"We have to start Darcy's room.."-Me. 
"No. The boys and I need to start Darcy's room. You need to rest."-Harry. 
"When are you starting?"-Me. 
"Tomorrow."-Harry. I nodded. 
"I want to watch you do it though. And I want to paint.."-Me. 
"You can paint when we need. But then you need to relax."-Harry. 
"Is the paint here today?"-Me. 
"I have to go pick it up. Why?"-Harry. 
"I figure we could paint together. Then tomorrow you won't have to wait for the paint to dry."-Me. 
"Good idea. I'm going to get the paint then."-Harry. 
"I want to go.. Pick out the color."-Me. 
"Ugh! Fine baby. Just dont tell the doctor on me."-Harry. I kissed his cheek while he went to get dressed. I started getting out of bed but he met me with my clothes in his hand. I changed into them and went out to the car. My legs were a little numb and he had to help me walk for a while. When we got to the car, I wanted to go back to bed. But I had to prove to myself that I could do this. He started driving and we went to Home Depot. I ended up picking out a light purple. 
"Do you think we can get a zebra rug for the floor?"-Me. 
"Yeah. Get what you want."-Harry. 
"I want you to help me pick stuff out though."-Me. 
"I will. I promise."-Harry. He smiled at me and he started walking around. I saw a light pink color and a light blue color. I also saw some glitter paint to go over the purple. 
"Harry, since we have hardwood floors, I have an idea. Ask for the pink paint and the blue please. And the glitter for the walls?"-Me. 
"What's your idea?"-Harry.
"I thought that we could put paint on our hands and make a hand print each on the walls. Then on the floors we can make foot prints. When Darcy is born, we can get a different color and do the same with her."-Me. 
"That's a really good idea!"-Harry. I smiled at him and he smiled back. We got all the materials we needed and checked out. 
"Can we go to Target?"-Me. 
"I want to get stuff for her room."-Me. 
"I will go tomorrow."-Harry. 
"I'll make you a list then."-Me. He nodded and we walked out of the store. I was holding the lighter things while he was carrying everything else. When we got home, I rushed to Darcy's room and started putting a tarp on the floor. I filled the paint holders with paint and painted the walls the light purple I chose. Harry did the same and we talked and jokes around the whole time. He never stopped making me laugh. Darcy was probably even laughing and how cute her daddy was. When we finished, I was so tired. I went to the bedroom to wait for the paint to dry to make handprints. Harry came running into the room and jumped on the bed next to me. 
"The paint should be good in about thirty minutes."-Harry. 
"Okay."-Me. I went on his laptop and went on Target online. I pointed out everything I wanted for Darcy's room. It was all cheetah and zebra print. 
"If there's any cute baby clothes, pick them up too."-Me. 
"Okay. I'll have Niall and Louis look at them while I have Zayn look at everything else we need. We need everything right?"-Harry. 
"Yes. Liam is going with you too. And Bentley."-Me. 
"So I'll have Niall, Louis and Liam look at baby clothes while Bentley is there with them. And have Zayn help me."-Harry. 
"Okay. Make sure you don't let the boys get me anything. Especially Louis. Cause he wants to."-Me. 
"I know."-Harry. Soon it was time to do out handprints and footprints. We walked hand in hand into the room. I unhooked out hands and stuck my handa in the punk paint. Harry did the same but with the blue colored paint. He put his hands on the wall and when he pulled them off, I stuck my hands where his were with the pink on his blue. It looked nice. 
"Darcy's hand prints will be in mine."-Me. He nodded. We did the same on each side of the room. When we were done, I stuck my hands on his face and he did the same to me. We kissed and ripped the tarp off the floor. I stepped into the pink paint while we stepped into the blue paint. I started walking to one side as he went to the other. We met in the middle. We tried to do a heart but his feet were much bigger so it was lopsided. Whatever. 
"It's lopsided.."-Me. 
"But with Darcy's foot print inside, it will be complete."-Harry.
"That it will."-Me. I couldn't help but giggle at how Harry had my handprints in his face. We walked out of the room and looked at the room. 
"I think I should paint her name on the wall. No, we should ask Zayn to."-Me. 
"With black paint."-Harry. I nodded. Harry took his phone out and took pictures of the walls and of the floor. It was so cute. I loved her room. He turned to camera to the front one and took a picture of us. I had his blue handprints on my face and he had my pink ones on his. My hair was in a messy bun while his was styled perfectly. We both smiled. It turned out a really nice picture. He sent it to me and put it on twitter along with the pictures of Darcy's room. I was going to send the room to Hayleys, but she was coming tomorrow. 
"Is Hayley coming to be with me while you guys shop?"-Me. 
"No. She said she wanted to shop and pick stuff out for Darcy."-Harry. I nodded. I knew she was going to pick out stuff for Grace S well. 
"If there's any really cute outfits and clothes, get them."-Me. 
"You told me that."-Harry. He started chuckling. 
"Yeah. I know. Just making sure you know. And a crib, a playpen, a car seat. Everything Harry!"-Me.
"Hayley won't let me forget."-Harry. 
"Good. Pick out a color for Darcy's handprints and footprints. And a black paint. Ask Zayn if he will put her name on the wall for us."-Me. 
"I know. It's time for you to get in bed."-Harry. We wiped out feet on newspaper. I nodded and started walking to our room. I took a quick shower and changed into pajamas. I climbed in bed and cuddled up to Harry's side. I fit perfectly in it. Our legs intwined. 
"I love you Harry. Forever."-Me. 
"I love you Hannah. Forever."-Harry. 

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