Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


23. Little Things...

Hannah's POV 
When I woke up, everyone was there. I couldn't get myself to speak so I just laid there with my eyes opened. Harry rushed over to me and grabbed my hand. He kissed me forehead like I felt him do constantly. 
"How are you feeling?"-Harry. I still couldn't talk so I just swallowed and nodded my head. 
"She can't talk?"-Hayley. 
"No, her throat is probably dry."-Harry. I nodded once again. 
"Zayn, will you go get her water?"-Harry. Zayn nodded and left the room. When he returned Dr. Rhodes came back in and started taking notes. 
"She seems to of made extreme progress. It was quite the miracle."-Dr. Rhodes. I took a long drink of water and gave the cup back to Harry who threw it in the trash. 
"Has she spoken yet?"-Dr. Rhodes. 
"No. Is that a bad thing?"-Harry. 
"It can turn out bad, if she forgot how to talk, which can happen is most cases."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"No. I can talk.. It just hurts.. A lot."-Me. My voice was scratchy and very weak. Harry looked surprised but smiled a huge bright smile at me. I missed seeing his smile or his face at all. Dr. Rhodes smiled and left the room. She seemed very happy. I was so tired, even if I did just wake up. 
"I want to see Darcy."-Me. 
"You're in pain and you're tired. Sleep baby."-Harry. 
"I want to see my daughter. And I want you to see her too!"-Me. 
"I think you need to sleep.."-Harry. 
"Hannah, I'm going to get Darcy for you."-Zayn. I nodded at him, even though Harry objected. My throat was in so much pain. I didn't say anything else until Zayn walked in with Darcy. She looked like she was getting better. 
"She's getting a lot better. She's made a lot of progress since the last time you were able to see her."-Zayn. I nodded and took her from him. 
"Hey baby girl. I missed you. Mommy loves you so much."-Me. Harry had tears in his eyes and I looked at Darcy's eyes. They were green. She kept putting her fingers in her mouth. She had Harry's dimples. Hopefully she had a lot from Harry. I don't think looking like me will help her at all in life, but who knows. 
"I love you baby girl, mommy is very tired. I promise to see you as soon as I wake up though and hopefully I don't look this bad."-Me. I smiled at her and her eyes lit up. I looked at Harry and looked him in the eyes. He took Darcy from my arms and held her close. I smiled at him and Hayley took a picture of them. 
"I'll send it to you."-Hayley. I nodded. I was fighting to keep myself awake. 
"If you're tired, you need to sleep."-Harry. 
"But I don't want to.."-Me. 
"You sound so bad, sleep."-Louis. I nodded and closed my eyes. I really didnt want to sleep but I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I felt someone hold my hand and I opened my eyes. It was Louis. 
"Hey sis."-Louis. 
"Hey."-Me. All the scratchiness was almost gone. I sounded a lot better. 
"You sound to be doing better."-Louis. 
"I feel better."-Me. 
"Do you remember anything while you were unconscious?"-Louis. 
"I actually remember a lot."-Me. 
"Like what?"-Louis. 
"Whenever one of you would come in to talk to me. Nialls stood out a lot. I tried so hard to wake up every time I woke up."-Me. 
"Why only Nialls?"-Louis. 
"It was the only one I really remember, honestly."-Me. 
"You don't remembered me? Or Harry?"-Louis. 
"I must not of been awake.. I did wake up to Hayleys though."-Me. 
"I just thought you could hear us."-Louis. 
"I could, when I was focusing really hard."-Me. 
"Oh.. Well, I really missed you."-Louis. 
"I missed you too."-Me. Everyone walked in with food. My stomach started rumbling. I haven't eaten in a couple of days. 
"I got you Nandos!"-Harry. 
"Yum! I'm starving!"-Me. 
"We've noticed."-Hayley. I have her a snippy look and started eating my food. Soon, we all finished but the boys looked pretty bored. 
"You don't have to stay here."-Me. 
"We want to."-Niall. 
"No you don't. Go have fun. Hayley and I will be here."-Me. 
"We don't want to leave you."-Louis. 
"I'm a big girl, I'm okay."-Me. 
"Ugh, lets go boys."-Zayn. They all have me a kiss on the cheek. Harry stayed a little longer while Hayley walked out with everyone else. 
"I haven't really gotten to talk to you yet."-Harry. 
"There will be plenty of that when you get back."-Me. 
"Pinky promise."-Me. Harry smiled at me and kissed me. I pulled him by his neck causing him to come closer to me. I seriously wanted to rip all his clothes off here. 
"Ehhem!"-Hayley. Harry pulled away and winked at me. I blushed and smiled at him. He left the room and half hugged Hayley on the way out. She made her way over to me and hugged me. 
"He was so worried about you. He never stopped crying. This was the first time I saw him really smile in the last almost week."-Hayley. 
"I missed him too."-Me. 
"We have this whole room to ourselves and you're in bed, what would you like to do?"-Hayley. 
"Go on Harry's laptop and look up parody videos?"-Me. 
"Of the boys?"-Hayley. 
"Yes!"-Me. We logged onto Harry's laptop considering the password was my name.. How dumb could he be? It's easy to remember I guess. I went on YouTube and typed 'One Direction parody'. A lot of videos came up. 
"Which one?"-Me. Hayley was sitting next to me on the bed. I didn't have as many wires on me since they changed my medicine a lot. 
"Umm.. Little Things?"-Hayley. 
"What if it's really mean? I really love that song!"-Me. 
"How bad could it be? Honestly?"-Hayley. 
"True."-Me. I clicked on it. During the video, Hayley and I could not stop laughing. It wasn't nice to laugh, but it was hilarious! 
"Oh my god."-Me. 
"I did NOT expect that."-Hayley. 
"I don't think I can listen to that the same way ever again."-Me. 
"Damn straight."-Hayley. We started laughing again. The boys walked in and looked at us like we had a million heads. 
"Why are you laughing?"-Liam. 
"Do you think they can handle it Hayley?"-Me. 
"Haha. No."-Hayley. 
"What is it?"-Louis.
"You heard Hayley, you can't handle it."-Me. 
"I can handle a lot. Tell me."-Zayn. 
"Come watch this video."-Me. They all huddled around the bed with Louis next to me on one side and Hayley on the other. I started the video and Hayley and I couldn't stop laughing once again. When it ended the boys were so shocked. 
"What did I just watch?"-Louis. 
"You're little things."-Me. 
"We do not have little things, do we boys?"-Zayn. 
"I know I don't. Does Harry or Niall?"-Louis. 
"What about Liam? Hayley, you should know about Harry too right?"-Louis. 
"No! I do not know about Harry! That never happened thank you very much! Ask your sister!"-Hayley. 
"Hannah, does Harry have a little thing?"-Louis. 
"I'm not saying anything. Does Liam have a little thing?"-Me. 
"I am not sharing that type of information."-Hayley. 
"Would you alone with me?"-Me. 
"Of course!"-Hayley. 
"Hayley! You shouldn't use that type of information to talk about!"-Liam. 
"I talk about boys all the time with her. She tells me a lot more than you think Liam."-Me. 
"What?!"-Harry and Liam. 
"Yup. Now leave."-Me. 
"No! I wanna hear this!"-Harry. 
"Your little thing fell out of Louis mouth, so.. What does that tell you?"-Hayley. I started laughing. 
"It's funny because that's never happened before.."-Harry. 
"Okay, I don't want to hear that about my innocent baby sister."-Louis. 
"Innocent? You should hear and see the things she does!"-Harry. 
"What happens behind closed doors is something that should be kept there."-Hayley. 
"What if the door was open?"-Harry. 
"We are not talking about this!"-Me. 
"Hannah and I need to talk, boys leave."-Hayley. They all didnt want to but did it anyway. 
"Okay. Seriously, who was better in bed? Niall, Harry, or Justin?"-Hayley. I noticed shadows under the door and Louis' ear up to the window. Niall was looking under the door. I know it was him because his blonde hair stood out. I pointed to the shadows and winked at her. 
"Umm.. I think Justin was the best."-Me. 
"Who was bigger?"-Hayley. 
"Definitely Justin!"-Me.
"Mhm. Same question to you. With Liam and josh?"-Me. 
"Josh. For both."-Hayley. The door burst open and they all had pissed off faces. 
"Seriously?! Justin?!"-Harry. 
"Next time you want to listen, make sure you don't leave a shadow. And make sure my idiotic brother doesn't put his ear to the window. And you don't let Niall look under a door. His hair came through."-Me. 
"So you were both kidding?"-Niall. 
"Yes Niall, we were kidding."-Hayley. 
"Phew."-Liam. We all laughed and they sat back down. 
"Do you really think we'd have that conversation when we knew you were going to listen?"-Me. 
"I was hoping."-Harry. 
"Too bad."-Me. After a couple of hours of nothingness, visitation time was over and everyone had to go home. They all hugged and kissed me on the cheek. When they left Harry climbed into the side of the bed. He put his arms around me as I snuggled into his side. 
"Please tell me I'm better in bed and I'm bigger."-Harry. 
"I'm not sharing that information."-Me. 
"Come on please."-Harry. 
"Really want to know?"-Me. 
"Justin was the smallest. You are the biggest but not by much. You're much more passionate then them. Justin wasn't very good at all. But Niall was really sweet about it. I just don't get the same butterflies I do with you. Happy now?"-Me. 
"So I'm better?"-Harry. 
"By far."-Me.
"And bigger?"-Harry.
"Yes Harry. And bigger."-Me. 
"I'm afraid to ask the same to you, so I'm not."-Me. 
"What do you mean?"-Harry. 
"Like, who was better. Which is why I'm not asking."-Me.
"You'll always be better."-Harry. 
"There's no need to lie. You've had plenty of girls."-Me. 
"But none of them compared to you."-Harry. 
"Yes. And I have never loved anyone as much as I love you."-Harry. 
"I was a wreck this week."-Harry. 
"I heard."-Me. 
"I didn't sleep. Unless I held your hand and fell asleep crying."-Harry. 
"I'm sorry."-Me. I couldn't look at him. This was all so different for me. He used his thumb and pointer finger to make my face look up at him. 
"I am not going anywhere. I love you so much."-Harry. 
"I love you too Harry."-Me. 
"It's late, I think you need to sleep."-Harry. 
"I do too. But you need sleep too."-Me. 
"You just might be right."-Harry. I put my head back on his chest and listened to the perfect rhythm of his heartbeat. I soon fell into a lovely sleep. 


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