Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


25. Last Night.

Harry's POV
Liam asked to talk to me. I wanted to because this is all bull shit. When I agreed and started talking to him, it turned for the worst. 
"I was thinking we could, you know, be friends again?"-Liam. 
"Yeah. This whole thing is pretty annoying."-Me. 
"I was waiting for you to say something to me, but you never did."-Liam. 
"I was waiting for you to apologize to me for blowing it out of proportion but I figured I would since you didn't."-Liam. 
"Excuse me? I had nothing to apologize for."-Me. 
"You had plenty to apologize for Harry."-Liam. 
"Like you didn't?!"-Me. 
"You were the one that wouldn't drop it."-Liam. 
"You punched my girlfriend in the fucking face!"-Me. 
"On accident!"-Liam. 
"You know what?!"-Me. 
"I fucking forgive you. But you'll never be one of my best friends. But I'll tolerate you."-Me. 
"Whatever."-Liam. I walked away from him and went into to room to see my family. Hannah was holding Darcy giving me a questioning look that I just ignored. 

Hannah's POV
Something had to of happened. I was holding Darcy. I had to fight with Niall to have her though. He was a baby hog himself! And everyone talked about me! The nerve of some people. Oh well. Everyone was in the room once again. Liam walked in last and stood next to Hayley. I decided it was best to ask for the doctor to come in. It might make everything a little less awkward. Dr. Rhodes came in and stood by my side. 
"What did you need sweetheart?"-Dr. Rhodes. 
"When can I leave?"-Me. 
"Probably tomorrow if you're still progressing. Darcy can leave with you too. She's been doing amazing!"-Dr. Rhodes. 
"I want to go home so bad!"-Me. 
"I know. But it's good that you can tomorrow when you wake up. I just have to do some more notes and you have to fill up some paperwork."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"I can't wait!"-Me. She nodded, smiled at everyone then left. 
"I think Liam and I are going home."-Hayley. 
"Okay."-Me. Liam left the room. 
"It's whatever. Bye."-Me. Liam was acting like an ass hole. Hayley gave me an apologetic look and followed after Liam. 
"I'm sorry Hannah.. You didn't need that."-Zayn. 
"He's being a fucking dick. It's not my problem. Let Hayley deal with it."-Me. He nodded and continued talking to Louis. 
"Can I hold Darcy?"-Louis. 
"Of course. Can I take your picture?"-Me. 
"Of course! But I want it."-Louis. I nodded and took my phone out. He held Darcy close to his chest and smiled. I took the picture and sent it to him. Everyone decided to pass her around for their pictures. Zayn was after Louis doing the same thing except he did his famous kissy face. Niall was next. He kissed her forehead while looking at the camera. He handed her to Harry who held her hand and smiled his dimpled smile. He handed her to me and me smile. I probably looked like shit. 
"Let me take a picture of all of you!"-Louis. 
"FAMILY PICTURE!"-Niall. I laughed. Harry got in the bed with me and got as close as he could. I put Darcy in the middle with both our arms holding her. Harry out his free hand around me. We both smiled and Louis took the picture. When he handed me my phone, I started tearing up. It was so cute. I set it as my lock screen quickly and turned my phone off before I started crying. Harry took Darcy and sat in the chair next to me. He put his nose on her nose and looked her in the eye. I quickly took a picture and smiled. That was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! 
"I think us three should leave and let them be a family."-Zayn. 
"It's okay. I should be leaving tomorrow."-Me. 
"Bye sis."-Louis. He came over and hugged me. He kissed me on the cheek and kissed Darcy's forehead. Niall and Zayn repeated the process. 
"Tomorrow when we come see you, I'm holding Darcy."-Niall. 
"Of course Niall."-Me. He chuckled and left the room. Zayn and Louis soon left and it was just Harry and I. 
"What now?"-Me. 
"Take many pictures!?"-Harry. 
"I love you."-Me. 
"I love you more."-Harry. I smiled at him, a ridiculous smile. I didn't realize he had his phone out until he started laughing. I took his phone and saw how crazy I really looked. Him and I took each others phones to take cute and annoyingly ugly pictures all the time. It wasn't the first dumb picture he had. We started taking pictures of each other, us all, him and I, him and Darcy, Darcy and I, just Darcy. Just we took a lot of pictures that were all kept and sent to each other. Except the ones with me weren't sent to me and the ones of him weren't sent to him either. I decided that we need to get the pictures developed tomorrow. He agreed. 
"We need frames too! Family frames."-Me. 
"Yes mam."-Harry. I giggled and took Darcy from his arms. I laid down with her and held her close to my chest, where she snuggled into my neck. I got a text on my phone and it was a picture of Darcy and I like this. I smiled and saved it. It was my background for when I opened my phone. My lock screen was still the picture of Harry, Darcy and I earlier, the one Louis took. 
"We should print the pictures of the boys and Darcy and put them in a frame for them."-Me. 
"Yeah, they'd like that."-Harry. I nodded and he got into the bed with Darcy on the side of me 
"I wish we could sleep with her tonight."-Me. 
"You can."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"When did you get here?"-Me. I was so confused. 
"When Harry took your picture when you laid down. I wanted to see if you would notice me but you didn't. I was about to leave until you said it."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Oh. So Darcy can sleep in here?"-Me. 
"Yes she can. The nurses are bringing your diapers in and everything you will need for tonight."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Thank you."-Me. 
"Anytime. You can leave tomorrow when you wake up and do the paperwork."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Is there any way I can do it now to get it over with?"-Me. 
"Actually, I can bring it in once I print them. Give me fifteen minutes."-Dr. Rhodes. I smiled and nodded. She left the room, on a mission. 
"She's honestly, the sweetest."-Me. 
"What about me??"-Harry. 
"It's different. She's like a mom sweet. You're Harry sweet."-Me. 
"I'll take that as a good thing."-Harry. 
"You should."-Me. He smiled at me and I started the fall asleep. 
"Oh. She fell asleep. If she wakes up, tell her I put the papers on the counter? Please. She can get out of bed now if she wants. She will e in pain. There's ice packs in the fridge if she wants. And Advil I will put on the papers."-Dr. Rhodes. 
"Thank you."-Harry. She must've left cause I didn't hear anything else. Darcy wasn't making any noise so I think she was sleeping too. I opened my eyes and looked at Harry. He was looking down at Darcy smiling at her. Her eyes were lit up. She had her little fingers in her mouth again showing her dimples. I got out of bed to get the papers but I almost fell. I knew it would be painful, but not that bad! 
"Babe! Are you okay?"-Harry. 
"Yeah. My vagina hurts a lot though."-Me. 
"I would imagine."-Harry. 
"No. Like it really fucking hurts."-Me. 
"Would you like some help?"-Harry. 
"No. If I can't do this, I'm screwed at home."-Me. Harry nodded but watched me as I made my way over to the papers. I took the Advil and made my way over to the chairs with the papers and a pen in my hand. I sat on the chair an started my best to stay focused on the work, but I couldn't. 
"Do I look better now?"-Me. 
"What do you mean?"-Harry. 
"Am I still fat?"-Me. 
"You were never fat babe."-Harry. 
"Do I still have the weight of the baby?"-Me.
"No. You don't."-Harry. 
"Do I look like I was before the baby?"-Me. 
"I don't know. You're wearing a hospital gown."-Harry. He would tell me if I did, I hope. I stood up and stripped to my bra and panties. 
"Am I still fat?"-Me. I was scared to look so I closed my eyes. I put my arms up and my head back. I felt hands only hips but I still didnt look. He traced his fingers up and down my sides and to my lower back to my belly button. 
"You're not fat. You've never been fat."-Harry. I was so close to tears. I was so scared of this moment. I pushed his hands away and walked to the bathroom. I opened the door and turned on the light to stand in front of the mirror. Something that I used to do all the time. I stood to look at my sides, trying so hard to really look. I had no stretch marks, surprisingly. I wasn't as small as I used to be but I was pretty damn close. I could just get a trainer or something and work out. It would be gone soon. I still felt far though, I had extra weight I didn't have before. I forgot I didn't close the bathroom door and Harry was holding my to his chest. I jumped and stiffened. But when I felt it was Harry, I started to mold into his chest. He had his hands on my stomach and started moving them so they were touching my whole top section within seconds. 
"You're not fat. Don't start thinking that eve again."-Harry. 
"But I'm not as small as I was."-Me. 
"You had a baby. You look amazing as you always have been."-Harry. 
"Just because I had a baby doesn't mean I can't look skinny Harry."-Me. 
"I'm saying you look perfect. You will always be perfect to me. No matter what."-Harry. My throat tightened and he turned me around to look at him. He held my face to look at him in the eye. 
"I mean everything I tell you Hannah. You can never not be perfect baby."-Harry. 
"How can you say that?"-Me.
"What do you mean?"-Harry. 
"When there is so many other people out that that I want to look like. When you're so amazingly perfect! How can you say that I'm perfect? How can you say that when I want Darcy to have everything from you so she doesn't have to deal with anything?"-Me. 
"I say that because I mean it. Ever since I saw you, you were the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I wanted you to be mine from that very second I saw you. It was you I wanted. Yes, I've fucked up, I'm not going to say I haven't. But I want you to know I have loved you from the first time I saw you. I know it sounds crazy, love at first sight, but it's true. When I found you in the bathtub that time.. I wanted nothing more than to hold you close and tell you how much you meant to me. When you were telling me about those dreams, I wanted to do the same thing. But you were with Niall and I couldn't do that. But now, nothing like the is ever going to happen again. You are my everything. You have always been my everything it just took me a little while to realize it. You're perfect for me. You're perfect for me. You're perfect in every way."-Harry. He kissed me and I kissed him back. Darcy started crying so we pulled apart. I walked past him to Darcy. He took her from me so I could get dressed again. I didn't want to wear that gown, so I put my own pjs back on. They were big since I wore them when I was pregnant. I made Darcy a bottle and took her back from Harry. As I was feeding her, I sat on the bed. Harry picked up the papers and started filling them out for me. 
"Can you do that?"-Me. 
"I am."-Harry. I giggled and he winked at me. Darcy finished her bottle and I burped her. She soon fell asleep and I laid her in bed with me again. 
"She can't sleep in the bed."-Harry. 
"Why not?"-Me. 
"It's not okay with the hospital to have a baby sleeping in the bed with us sleeping or some thing. I don't know."-Harry. I sighed but took her to the rolling thing. I forgot to ask the boys to bring the pack and play. Oh well. I climbed back in bed after I kissed her forehead. Harry finished the papers and jumped in the bed with me. I obviously didnt have any more wires anymore. 
"I wasn't kidding in the bathroom."-Harry. 
"I know. I love you."-Me. 
"I love you with everything that I have."-Harry. 
"Forever."-Me. He smiled at me and pulled me into him. He took his shirt and pants off. I tangled my legs up with his and laid my head on his chest with his arms around me pulling me close. 
"Goodnight my princess."-Harry. 
"Goodnight my Prince Charming."-Me. He chuckled. 
"I like the sound of that."-Harry. 
"Last night in the hospital!"-Harry. 
"Yup!"-Me. And I fell asleep soon after. Darcy woke up three times during the night but Harry and I took turns which was a really good idea. I could sleep while he was taking care of her and he could sleep while I took care of her. I couldn't wait to be a family in my house. 

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