Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


1. I Miss You.

Hannah's POV

Its been six and a half months since the boys left. I only had to go without them for half a month. I miss Harry so much. Going to bed without him sucks. I'm used to him having his arm around me every night, with our bodies intertwined. I miss his face, voice, body, dimples, green eyes, smile, I just miss him and every part of him. I barely ever get a text let alone talk to him. He has called me a bunch of times but not like before. Now he only has a little while to talk in between his sleep schedule and his concerts, signings, fittings, everything. I get that's his job and all. But I am his girlfriend and I am pregnant for his kid. I miss having him here. Not having him here feels odd. I haven't done anything for the baby, doing it without him doesn't feel right. I have emptied out a room for he or she yet. The day the boys get back, I have my doctors appointment to find out the sex of the baby. I'm so excited! Harry and I really want a girl. I've been trying super hard not to worry or be involved in anything that can cause me stress, I will not lose this baby. Harry and I need him or her. I have a feeling it's going to be a girl. I really want it to be a girl. Maybe that way Harry can have his Darcy. 


*The day before Harry left*

Harry and I were cuddling in bed. I had my head on his chest while he was humming in my ear and kissing the top of my head. I knew that this wouldn't last very long, we were both tired from finishing what we had to on the house. Harry didnt feel right leaving it all to me. Thank god he didnt, some of that stuff I wouldn't of been able to carry. I could feel myself fall into a deep sleep, but I was really cold. I wrapped my arms around his mid section. My legs found their way to the open space between his. He pulled me even closer. I feel right asleep in his arms. I didn't want to, but I was just so tired. The next morning Harry wasn't in bed. I felt all around the bed to look for him but my hands and arms only found the empty sheets and comforter of where his body was. It was still warm so he hasn't been up for long. I jumped out of bed and went down to the kitchen where I found him. There my gorgeous boyfriend was making me breakfast.



"You still tired?"-Harry. He had a huge smile on his face, his dimples were showing and everything.

"Yessir."-Me. He started laughing and it caused me to giggle. I made a silly face at him and he snapped a picture of me. 


"Oh but I'm afraid I did."-Harry.

"Erase it. Pleeeaaassseee!!"-Me.

"Why?! You looked adorable!"-Harry.

"But it's the morning so I look so retarded. Please erase it!"-Me.

"It's better than the one I took while you were sleeping."-Harry.

"You DID NOT!"-Me.

"I believe I did."-Harry.

"That's okay, I have plenty of you sleeping."-Me.

"Do you really?"-Harry.

"I do. And I love them."-Me.

"Have fun with that."-Harry. He smiled at me and I started giggling. I'm going to miss him so much. He picked me up and placed me in front of the table on one of the chairs. He placed a plate of steaming pancakes and bacon in front of me. 

"This is a lot of food Harry.."-Me.

"The baby needs food too!"-Harry. I giggled at how worried he was. 

"Oh how I'll miss you "-Me.

"I'll miss you too baby."-Harry.


Just thinking about him was making me cry, I miss my boyfriend and father to my child.. I remembered I have to pick Hayley and Bentley up to bring her to the doctors. I ran to the bathroom, well, fast walked to the bathroom. I took a shower pretty fast and dried my body off. I brushed my hair and and threw it up in a towel. I changed into a pair of leggings and one of Harry's sweatshirts. It's a little big on me. I haven't gained much weight yet. But I have plenty of time to do that. The baby still has a while to grow. After I threw my hair up in a messy bun at the top of my head, I put some mascara on. I grabbed my car keys and my phone, and wallet. I was out the door and on my way to Hayley's when I remembered I wanted to grab some coffee first. I got Hayley and I a coffee from Starbucks. When I was at Hayley's, I was late so she practically ran to my car it's Bentley wrapped around her hand. He was clinging to her like crazy lately. He missed Liam, I'm guessing. I could only imagine what was going through hayleys head. 

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