Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


22. I Can't Do This.

Hayley's POV 
I can't believe Hanna is dying. This can't be happening. My best friend, my sister, my wife, my everything is dying and I can't do anything about it. While Niall was in the room talking to Hannah I was just sitting in the hallway with Bentley on my lap sleeping. He is taking this really hard. We all are. Even Liam. I have barely left the hospital. The boys have to carry me out basically. Harry always promises to call me if anything happens, but that usually worries me more. Liam came over to me and handed me a coffee. I took it and just sat there quiet. All I heard was Harry's sobs. I gently picked up Bentley and placed him on the chair. I walked over to where Harry was sitting on the floor. He was leaned against the wall with his head in his hands. I sat next to him and just let him cry in my chest. 
"Harry come on. Lets go for a walk. The boys will call if anything happens okay?"-Me. He nodded. We started walking away from everyone. 
"Hayley.. I.. I can't lose her."-Harry. 
"I know Harry. I can't either, she'll make it right?"-Me. I was crying uncontrollably now. Harry just pulled me into a hug. 
"I hope so Hayley. I really do."-Harry. We walked over to the babies. 
"Harry i-if she doesn't make it. P-prom-promise me that you will be the best f-father you can be to Da-Darcy. She's going to need you. L-like you need her. Okay? Pl-please?"-Me. He nodded. 
"Hayley, Darcy needs her mother. I need her mother."-Harry. We started walking back. 
"Hayley, how are you being so strong?"-Harry.
"I need to. For Bentley, for you, for the guys, for Darcy, for Hannah, for Grace. I need to be."-Me. 
"No you don't Hayley."-Harry. I nodded. 
"I know but when I'm strong I feel like Hannah will be fine, but I know that if I don't act strong Hannah has a good chance of dying and I don't want to think that."-Me. We got back and it was time for us to go. Harry stayed, and we all walked out and Liam was carrying Bentley and I had Grace's carseat thing.  We got to the house and everyone just sat on the couch. We were all crying. 
"How is it possible that in only a few days everything is so screwed up?"-Louis. 
"I-I-I don't know Lou."-Me. Liam started rubbing my back to try and calm me down. It wasn't working. I just had this sad feeling in my heart, knowing my best friend is dying. Grace started crying. I got up and grabbed her. I gave her a bottle and put her to bed. Louis came in. 
"What's going to happen if she, dies?"-Louis. 
"I don't know Louis. I just hope she doesn't. I can't live without her she has done so much for me."-Me. Louis and I walked back down to everyone. I was looking around the room and pictures of us with Hannah were everywhere. I couldn't take it. I fell to the ground crying. Liam came over to me and just rubbed my back. 
"It will all be okay."-Liam. 
"NO! It won't! Hannah is unconscious at the hospital dying. Every second she's dying more and more and there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to sit and watch my best friend die. Nothing is okay! It's far from it."-Me. I couldn't move, I could barely breath. Liam picked me up and carried me to our bedroom. I was sobbing and sobbing. My tears just wouldn't run out. Liam laid me in the bed and just let me cry in his chest. I finally felt his breath slow down. He fell asleep. I got up and walked downstairs. I saw Zayn. 
"Couldn't sleep?"-Zayn. 
"Haven't been able since everything happened."-Me. He nodded. We talked for a little longer then he went to bed. I walked upstairs and went to Graces room. I picked her up. I just sat there with her in my arms crying. I put her back and walked in my room. My phone lit up from a notification on twitter. Zayn tweeted. 
'@zaynmalik: Everyone please pray for Hannah, she isn't doing good at all. Hannah banana please wake up soon. We all love you, we need you Darcy needs you. I love you. Get better soon #PrayForHannah' 
I favorited it and retweeted it. I locked my phone and looked at my lock screen picture it was a picture that we had a stranger take. It was all of us. Me and Hannah were in the middle of the boys and Bentley was in front. It was at the beach before Hannah and I got pregnant. I smiled and put my phone down. I finally fell asleep for about 2 hours then I woke up and we all left for the hospital. We got there and I walked into Hannah's room. Harry was sleeping holding onto Hannah's hand. He woke up and kissed Hannahs  forehead. We all talked for a little. 
"Guys can I talk to Hannah alone? Please?"-Me. They all nodded and left. I took Harry's spot and held her hand. I stayed silent for a few minutes. I sighed. 
"Hannah, please wake up. I need you so much. You don't even understand. Ever since this happened no one has been the same. Hannah I can't handle these boys alone. I need you by my side. To infinity and beyond remember? Come back to me. Come back to Harry, to Darcy to the boys, Bentley, grace. I know that I have been a horrible friend to you, but you always come back to me. Do that now. I can't live without you. If you die I die. Just remember that. No matter what or who gets in the way. You are my other half, you are my best friend, my sister, my everything. Please come back please. I love you Han. To infinity and beyond."-Me. I looked up at her and saw a couple tears on her face. I ran out of the room. 
"Guys Hannah, she has tears coming down her face."-Me. Zayn got the doctor. 
"Well Hannah has improved. She still isn't steady enough to wake up though."-Dr. Rhodes. I went by her side. 
"See Han? You're improving. Just get past the darkness, come back to us. You're stronger than this."-Me. Then I heard a faint voice. 
"Hay, to.. Infinity and beyond."-Hannah. I look up at her and her eyes are open. She woke up! I don't know how, but it's definitely a miracle. I just hope that she stays awake forever. 

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