Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


2. Doctors Appointment.

Hayley's POV

I was sitting at home on my bed getting Bentley ready to go to my doctors appointment with me and Hannah when my phone went off. I saw and it was Liam. I answered, obviously. 


Me: Hello? 

Liam: Hey babe. 

Me: Hi, I miss you. 

Liam: I miss you too. How are you doing? 

Me: Alright. I have my doctors appointment today, I find out the sex of the baby. 

Liam: Thats exciting. I wish I was there. 

Me: Me too, Hannah is taking me. But she's running late as always. 

Liam: of course she is, I got to go. Sound check time! I love and miss you and Bentley. 

Me: I love and miss you too. And so does Bentley. Have fun. I'll try to call you when I find out the sex. 

Liam: okay I'll keep my phone on me. Bye. 


I walked downstairs and Bentley followed. He has been clinging onto me since Liam left. I saw Hannah's car pull into my driveway, I basically ran out the door. I got into the and Bentley got into his seat. Hannah gave me a coffee. 

"Thank god! I needed coffee."-Me. Hannah smiled. Her baby bump wasn't big, but she was showing. Me on the other hand was pretty big. I wasn't this big with Bentley. Only 1 month or so. Hannah turned her phone on and played music. We didn't really talk. We got to the doctors and Bentley grabbed my hand. We walked in and I went to the front desk. 

"Hi, I'm Hayley Carter I came for an ultrasound."-Me

"go to the room right down the hall second door on the left."-Nurse person. I nodded. Hannah, Bentley and I walked into the room and the doctor was in the room. He told me to lay down on the thing and he out the gel stuff on my stomach. 

"So Hayley, the baby looks fine and do you want to know the sex today? Or do you want to wait?"-Doctor. 

"I would like to know."-Me. He nodded. 

"It looks like you are having a.."-Doctor. He looked at the picture on the screen and looked back at me. 

"A girl."-Doctor. I smiled. I wanted a girl. Bentley didn't but I did so I really don't care. (:  I said thanks and we walked out. Hannah gave me a hug. We got in the car and I took out my phone. I tried calling Liam but it went to his voicemail. I'll try calling him later. Hannah and I decided that we would get lunch then go back to my house and just watch movies. Bentley didn't really care. We stopped at Nandos and got our food. We got back home and decided to watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Hannah and I loved this movie. Bentley has never seen it. He was laying down, his head was in my lap and feet on the couch. My phone went off and it was Liam. I moved Bentley quickly and ran to the kitchen. 


Me: Heeellloo??

Liam: Heelloo. Sorry I didn't answer before I was in the middle of soundcheck. Paul wouldn't let me answer. 

Me: it's fine. 

Liam: so how was the appointment?

Me: Great. The baby and I are both fine. 

Liam: that's good. Did you find out the sex?

Me: Yes. We are having a baby girl!

Liam: That's amazing babe! But I got to go now. It's time for the concert. I'll talk to you later, I love you. 

Me: Love you too. Good luck. 


I walked back out and found Bentley and Hannah both asleep. I took a picture and put it on twitter. 

'Its been a long day. @Hannah_Wright and Benny obviously thought so too. But we all miss @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles @Niallofficial @Louis_Tomlinson &' @zaynmalik <333' I locked my phone and picked up Bentley and put him in my bed. I walked downstairs and Hannah was in the kitchen having a glass of Water. I sat down on the stool next to her and we just talked for what seemed like hours. Bentley came back downstairs. He just sat on the couch watching TV until Hannah left. Then we both went to bed. Liam just needs to come home soon. I'm not going to be able to handle too much longer away from him. I miss him so much and I know Bentley does too. I feel bad for Hannah. Her and Harry haven't really talked much. She needs him like I need Liam. This tour was just during the worst time possible. Liam feels so bad about missing the whole pregnancy even though I tell him it's fine he doesn't believe me. This tour just better end soon.

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