Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


14. Delivery Room!!

Hannah's POV

We hurried up to the car with Liam freaking out and Hayley screaming in pain. Yeah, Darcy can stay in my belly for a while longer. I got in the drivers side with Harry in the passengers. Hayley and Liam were in the back. Everyone else was in the other car including Bentley. I sped to the hospital, there was NO WAY I was gonna help Hayley get the baby out. No way in hell. This is one scary thing. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road as Hayley's yelling and screaming out in pain. Halfway to the hospital, Hayley was freaking out even more. 
"Umm.. Liam just passed out guys!"-Hayley. Harry and I started laughing and so didn't Hayley. I know it wasn't right to laugh, but Liam passed out. It was mad funny. When we got to the hospital, Harry had to carry Liam into Hayley's room. Harry didn't want to but Hayley looked like she was going to rip his head off if he didn't. Just as Harry was about to put Liam on the couch thing, everyone else made their way into the room.

"What's going on there?"-Louis.

"Liam passed out while Hayley was screaming and Harry had to carry him in."-Me. The boys started laughing,even Bentley. 

"Daddy's passed out?"-Bentley.

"Yeah. Benny, your big bad daddy passed out."-Me. Hayley started laughing at Bentleys face. He was literally the cutest. Hayley's contractions were getting really bad and she started screaming and crying. I made my way across the room and to Hayley's side. She finally fell asleep after about three hours. It was six o'clock so Harry and I took Bentley to the hospital kitchen place. Everything looked so nasty, so Bentley and I went up to the room with Harry following behind. When we got to the room, Hayley was up crying again. Harry asked everyone what they wanted for supper. He went to Subway. I didn't go so I wouldn't miss Hayley having the baby, if it happened while I was gone. Harry and Louis went to get everyone grinders. Liam was still out cold when they came back. Hayley was in so much pain and couldn't eat, so neither did I. I put Hayley and my grinder in the mini fridge in the room she was in. After about an hour or two Hayley was finally dilated enough to start pushing. The doctor came in and kicked everyone out. I was standing outside the doors and sitting with Harry and Bentley on the couch with the other boys on the couch in front of us, talking. I was holding Harry's hand and Bentley was sitting on his lap. My head made its way to Harry's shoulder until a doctor stormed into the room. 

"Hayley and Liam agreed that they wanted Hannah and Harry in the delivery room. She is ready to push so you two need to think fast."-Doctor. Harry and I jumped up and followed after the doctor. I was going to be there if Hayley wanted me to. It was a little weird that Harry was going but that's okay with me. When we got to the room, we had to dress up in a blue uniform thing along with Liam. Harry and I stayed on one side of Hayley while Liam stayed on the other. Liam and I each held one of Hayley's legs since Harry was not going to. Harry stayed by her head and had one hand on her shoulder. I gave Hayley my hand and she smiled at me. Liam took her other hand and kissed her. 

"Okay, Hayley, I need to you push when I say to and for 10 seconds. I will be counting them and telling you who to stop."-Doctor. Hayley nodded. Harry was helping her control her breathing and I was counting with the doctor on when to push and when not to. I was looking at her face and down to where the baby was coming out. The baby's head started coming out and Liam passed out once again. We left him on the floor while Hayley continued to push. On Hayley's last push, the baby came out. I started crying and turned around to hug Harry. Hayley and Liam's baby girl was so cute! Harry hugged me back. I let go and hugged Hayley who was also crying. I took pictures of the baby. Harry and i were allowed to hold her so i took pictures of us. I took pictures of Hayley and the baby. Liam finally woke up again and the doctor handed him his baby girl. The doctor took her away and gave her a bath. Harry and I was told to leave the room. So we did. We got to the waiting room and I showed all the boys the pictures I took of the baby. Bentley took my phone and looked at them, his face lit up!

"Thats my baby sister?"-Bentley.

"Yes it is."-Me.

"You look very pretty in the picture of you and her."-Bentley.

"I agree!"-Harry.

"So do I!"-Zayn.

"I do as well!"-Louis.

"Yes mam."-Niall.

"You don't need to lie, but thanks you guys."-Me. The doctor came out of the room and told us they were ready for visitors. As soon as I got in the room, I stole the baby out of Liam's hands. I sat on the couch and Bentley sat next to me and held her hand. I handed Harry my phone and he started taking a bunch of pictures. 

"Did you want to hold her Bentley?"-Me. He nodded enthusiastically. I kept her head in my hand but put her body on Bentleys lap. Harry took more pictures and started smiling. 

"Hannah, soon that will be Darcy!"-Harry. I smiled and looked back at Bentley. 

"Hannah, I want those pictures after please."-Hayley. I nodded. 

"What is her name?"-Niall.

"Grace Marie Payne."-Hayley.


"Yes, after you. Your middle name."-Hayley.


"Grace is beautiful Hayley and Liam."-Harry. 

"Thank you."-Liam. Hayley and I are our grinders and everyone talked to everyone as we passed Grace around to everyone. Grace was the cutest little thing in the world! Other than Bentley of course! We all talked for a while until it was closing time and we all had to leave. Bentley stayed with Hayley, Liam, and Grace. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and I were all so tired we just checked into a hotel. When I got into my room, I realized we had no clothes so I stripped down to my bra and panties and climbed into bed. Harry winked and stripped down to nothing. He was going to be the death of me. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me. 

"I don't think it's safe to do this while I'm so far along Harry."-Me.

"No, it is. I checked."-Harry. 

"You've checked?!"-Me.

"Yes. Yes I have."-Harry. He winked at me and I smiled at him. He started kissing me again and if lead to some heated things. After, we cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning, we woke up to Niall and Zayn jumping on our bed along with Louis. 

"Hey. Hey. Hey!"-Harry.


"Dude, I'm naked!"-Harry.

"You're always naked!"-Louis and they continued jumping. I was trying so hard to keep the blanket on my naked body. 



"You did not have sex did you?!"-Louis.

"So what if we did?"-Harry.


"It is. I checked. She still has like two or three months. We're good Louis."-Harry. 

"Eww guys. Stop! I do NOT want to see my sister naked!"-Louis. He ran our of the room with Zayn and Niall following after him. Harry and I got dressed in the clothes we took off  last night and we made our way to the hospital along with the other boys. I missed Grace already!

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