Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


20. Delivery Room Again!!

Hayley's POV
The doctor told us she was most definitely ready to push and she was dilated. I was really scared that her and Darcy wouldn't make it. 
"Okay Hannah I need to you push on the count of 3 for about 10 seconds ill tell you when to stop okay?"-Dr.Rhodes. She nodded. I grabbed her hand and smiled. 
"You'll be okay."-Me. 
"I hope so."-Hannah. She gave me a small smile. Harry looked at me and gave me a worried look. Me and Louis were on the same side and Harry was on the other side. I mouthed the words 'it will be okay' to Harry. He nodded. Louis held his breath and just let out one big breath. Hannah started pushing, she was squeezing my hand. Harry was helping with her breathing and Louis was holding her leg. 
"The head is out. You're almost done Hannah."-Dr.Rhodes. 
"Come on Han you can do it. Darcy is almost here."-Me. She pushed again and we heard a cry. Thank god Darcy is okay. Louis gave me a hug. Harry held Darcy.  We looked at Hannah but she wasn't awake. The doctor already left to put Darcy in care until her lungs are strong enough. I started freaking out. I started crying in Louis' chest. The doctor came back. Hannah stopped breathing. 
"You guys need to leave."-Dr.Rhodes. We already had the blue scrubs off. When we got out all the boys looked happy but then saw us all crying. Harry was bawling. Liam came over to me and hugged me. 
"What happened?"-Niall. 
"She.. Had.. D-Darcy.. But.. After she did.. She passed out.. And s-stopped breathing."-Me. 
"Shh Hayley she will be okay."-Liam. 
"She can't die Liam."-Me. Bentley came over to me. I wiped my tears and bent down to his height. 
"Is Darcy okay?"-Bentley. 
"Yeah baby. She's great. Very small"-Me. 
"How's Aunty?"-Bentley. 
"Um. Benny after she had Darcy she.. Passed out.. And stopped breathing the doctors are working on her right now."-Me. He started crying. 
"Is she going to die!?"-Bentley. I hugged him. Harry came over. 
"Uncle Harry?"-Bentley. 
"What buddy?"-Harry. He was still crying. 
"Is Aunty going to die?"-Bentley. Everyone was crying by now. Even Liam. 
"I don't think so. She'll be fine okay? You're Aunty is very strong."-Harry. The doctor came out. I stood up. 
"She is breathing. She woke up and is ready for visitors. You all can go in."-Dr.Rhodes. We all ran in there. I ran right to her and gave her the biggest hug. 
"Don't do that EVER again. You scared me so bad Hannah!"-Me. 
"I'm sorry. I couldn't really help it."-Hannah. I laughed. Harry went over to her and gave her the biggest kiss. She was crying.
"How's Darcy?"-Hannah. 
"She's great. She's so adorable Hannah. But she had to be taken to intensive care, just until her lungs are big enough then she will be in here with you. It won't be too long."-Me. Bentley was behind Liam's legs. 
"Bentley?"-Hannah. He peeked his head from the side of Liam's legs. 
"Are you scared?"-Hannah. 
"You have so many machines on you."-Bentley. 
"It's okay, it's just to make me all better."-Hannah. He ran over to her. 
"I thought you were going to die!!"-Bentley. He hugged her. 
"Benny when I told you I wasn't going anywhere I meant it. Not now, not ever. I mean it. Okay?"-Hannah. He nodded. The doctor came in. 
"Hannah, this is against the rules but do you want to hold your baby?"-Dr.Rhodes. Hannah nodded. She brought Darcy in. She gave Hannah her. Hannah looked like she was about to cry. Harry was smiling. 
"She's beautiful, Harry and Hannah."-Liam. 
"Thanks Liam."-Harry. 
"She's so tiny."-Bentley. 
"Yeah I know."-Hannah. 
"What's her full name?"-Zayn. 
"Darcy Elizabeth Styles."-Hannah. I smiled knowing where Elizabeth came from. 
"Elizabeth."-Me. Hannah nodded and smiled. The doctor had to bring Darcy back. We all left at like 8pm. 
"Liam, you're mom is still watching Grace."-Me. His eyes grew big. 
"I forgot about that!"-Liam. We all got in the van and drive back to Harry's. we got our car and started our drive home. 
"We should get our own house."-Liam. I nodded. We got back to the house. Karen was on the couch feeding Grace. 
"Sorry it took so long, Hannah had Darcy."-Me. She put Grace down and came over to us. 
"Trust me, don't worry about it. I love spending time with her. Next time leave Bentley too."-Karen. I smiled. 
"How was she."-Me. 
"Perfect."-Karen. She gave me a hug then Liam. She left. I walked over to Grace and picked her up. Bentley started playing with her. Then she fell asleep. Bentley went to bed. Liam and I went up to our room. He took his laptop out and started a twitcam. He was just talking, then someone asked Liam where I was. 
"Right here!"-Liam. He moved the laptop towards me. I waved. Then Grace woke up. I grabbed her out of her nursery. Then brought her into the room. I started playing with her. She started smiling like crazy. I laughed. Then Liam showed us both on the camera. 
"Everyone this is Grace Marie Payne."-Liam. I sat her up and made her wave. Liam laughed. He said bye and then he started looking something up. He showed me the laptop. 
"How is this one? It's only 2 doors down from Hannah and Harry's house!"-Liam. It was beautiful. It had 2 floors like 6 bedrooms 4 bathrooms. 
"I love it! It's beautiful."-Me. 
"I'm glad you like it. I already bought it. It was supposed to be for our 3 year anniversary, but it's a few days early. We can start moving in whenever we want."-Liam. 
"Oh my god Liam! You bought a house for our anniversary!?"-Me. 
"Yup! And you know me that's not the only thing either."-Liam 
"Well thank you Liam. I love you."-Me. 
"I love you too Hayley Elizabeth almost Payne."-Liam. 
"We need to start planning that."-Me. He nodded. I cuddled up to Liam. I put Grace back in her nursery and went back in bed. I cuddled up to Liam. 
"Goodnight beautiful."-Liam. 
"Goodnight handsome."-Me. Her laughed and gave me a kiss then we both drifted asleep. 


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