Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


33. Day With Bentley.

Hayley's POV 
I woke up with Bentley still cuddled up to me. I looked over Bentley and didn't see Liam. I got up and looked around the house. I didn't see him anywhere. Then I heard the shower go on. I walked into the bathroom and sat in there. 
"Is that you Hayley?"-Liam. 
"Yeah. I was looking everywhere for you. I couldn't find you anywhere."-Me. I heard him chuckle. 
"Would you like to join?"-Liam. I could tell he was smirking. 
"Later, Bentley could wake up."-Me. 
"Come on babe. Pleaaassseee."-Liam. 
"Fine."-Me. I got undressed and got in the shower. Liam looked at me and smirked. He started kissing me. I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck playing with his hair. He deepened the kiss by licking my lip asking for entrance I accepted. He started kissing my neck. 
"You.. Look.. beautiful.."-Liam said between kisses. He lifted me up making me wrap my legs around his waist. He found the sensitive spot on my neck and started biting and sucking it, I let out a moan. I could feel Liam smile on my neck. We finished finally and took an actual shower. We got out and Liam wrapped a towel around me. We walked into our room really quietly trying not to wake Bentley up. I got dressed and then looked in the mirror. I looked at my neck and there was a hickey from Liam. He came over and touched it. He smiled knowing he gave it to me. I covered it so Bentley couldn't see it. I  jumped on the bed once I finished. 
"Someone's crabby."-Me. Bentley sat up. 
"Sorry mommy. You scared me."-Bentley. 
"It's okay. Guess what it is in a couple days?"-Me.
"MY BIRTHDAY!!"-Bentley. I laughed and nodded. Liam came in and sat on the bed. 
"What do you want for your birthday?"-Me. 
"Hmm.. ALOT!"-Bentley. 
"Then instead of giving you a present why don't daddy, grace and I all take you out for a special day. We can get breakfast we can go to any place you want get lunch. Then before dinner go to the toy store and get you anything you want then go wherever you want for dinner. Sound good?"-Me. Bentley jumped on top of me and kissed my face. I was laughing. 
"YES!!"-Bentley. He got off me and Liam was laughing. 
"Can we do something today?"-Bentley. 
"Like what?"-Liam. 
"Hmm.. I don't know."-Bentley. My phone started ringing. I grabbed it. It was work. Crap! I answered. 
Me: Hello?
Work: Hi Hayley. We need you to come in today. 
Me: I can't. 
Work: And why not? 
Me: I already had plans with my son and my fiancé. I can't just blow them off. 
Work: You can if you want a job. You have missed so much time already. 
Me: Because I was pregnant! 
Work: Well the choice is yours you can come in or don't and get fired. 
"I'm sorry Benny. I can't do anything today. I have to go to work for a couple hours.  You and daddy can still do something though."-Me. 
"Can't you stay home?"-Bentley. 
"I wish I could. If I did then I wouldn't have a job anymore."-Me. 
"Hayley, you can get another job."-Liam.
"I know I can. But I have one right now. I'm not going to get fired from it. "-Me. 
"If you can get another job then don't worry about it."-Liam. 
"What if I can't get another job modeling? I like doing it I don't want to get fired from it, mostly if there is a chance that I could end up working at McDonalds the rest of my life."-Me. Liam chuckled. 
"You won't be working McDonald's the rest of your life Hayley."-Liam. 
"I'll just go in for a couple hours and meet up with you guys after. Make sure the guys can watch Grace though."-Me. I went to my clothes and just put sweats on. I gave Bentley and Grace kisses on the forehead then I kissed Liam on the lips. I grabbed my phone and keys. 
"Don't have too much fun without me okay?"-Me. Liam sighed. I walked out of the house and went to my car. Liam came out and I rolled down the passenger side window. 
"Hayley, just stay. Please."-Liam. 
"I can't Liam. I need money too not all of us are famous."-Me. 
"I still work for the money I make Hayley. You of all people should know that."-Liam. 
"That's not what I meant Liam. I need money for myself too. Ill see you later. Please don't be mad at me."-Me.
"I'm not mad. Ill see you later. Love you."-Liam. 
"Love you too."-Me. I drove off and got to work. I walked in and El was there. Great! My boss came over to me.
"Wow, Hayley you still haven't lost all that baby weight have you?"-Cathy. 
"Excuse me?"-Me. 
"You still look a little big."-Cathy. 
"I lost almost all the weight except a couple of pounds."-Me. 
"You most certainly need to lose them."-Cathy. I was shocked. I thought I looked fine. El came over. 
"You need to shut up."-El. 
"Excuse me?"-Cathy. 
"Hayley isn't fat. She just had a child what's your excuse?"-El. 
"Have you see her? She's like a cow!"-Cathy. 
"I'm right here you know!"-Me. 
"I'm sorry Hayley but you really aren't skinny."-Cathy. 
"I'm done here. I quit. I'm sorry I just can't do it anymore. You treat me like shit. I'm sick of it."-Me. I walked out of the building and got in my car. I let a few tears out. I honestly thought I was skinny. I guess not. I just sat there for 5 minutes crying but then my phone went off. It's been an hour since I left home. Bentley was probably calling. I wiped my eyes and tried to sound fine. 
Me: Hello?
Bentley: When are you coming home?
Me: I'm leaving work now.
Bentley: REALLY!?
Me: yeah. Ill see you soon. Love you. 
Liam: Why so soon? 
Me: I'll talk to you about it after okay? Love you.
I drove home crying a couple times. I got home and my eyes were red. Luckily I had make up in my back seat. I put some cover up on and walked inside. Bentley ran to me. I hugged him. Liam looked at me worried. I walked over to him. I put my arms around his waist and looked up at him. 
"It's fine. Ill tell you later."-Me. He nodded and gave me a kiss. Bentley wanted to get some lunch.  He wanted Chinese. GREAT! The fattest food possible. We stopped by the boys place and they all came along. Grace even came. We got to the restaurant. We got seated and Liam sat next to me and Louis on the other side of me. Liam grabbed my hand. We got drinks then she came back. 
"What do you guys want to eat?"-Waitress. Everyone order then it was my turn. 
"I'm not getting anything. I'm not hungry."-Me. 
"You need to eat something."-Liam.
"I'm fine. I had something before work."-Me. The waitress left. All the guys looked at me. 
"What?! Can I not, not be hungry?"-Me.
"You haven't eaten at all today. You need to eat something. You never pass up Chinese."-Liam. 
"Well I am now."-Me.
"You've been acting weird ever since work. What happened?"-Liam. 
"Nothing okay!?"-Me. I got up and walked out of the restaurant for a minute. I sat on a bench next to the restaurant. Niall and Louis sat next to me. 
"What's going on?"-Louis. 
"Nothing. I'm just not hungry."-Me. 
"I know you are."-Niall. 
"Did something happen at work?"-Louis. I nodded. They both stayed silent waiting for me to tell them. 
"I walked in and my boss told me that I still looked fat. El came over and stood up for me. Then my boss called me a fat cow and told me that I needed to lose weight... Obviously I shouldn't be eating Chinese.... If she thinks I'm fat others must too. Chinese is the fattest food ever. I can't be eating it."-Me. 
"You aren't fat Hayley. Plus you just had a baby. You're not going to look anorexic!"-Louis. 
"I don't want to look anorexic Lou. I want to look skinny!"-Me. 
"You are skinny."-Niall. 
"I'm still not eating Chinese."-Me. 
"Okay.. Come back in at least."-Louis. I nodded. I walked in the restaurant and sat next to Liam. 
"I'm sorry I snapped."-Me. 
"It's fine."-Liam. I gave him a kiss and he continued eating his good. 
"At least have some of mine."-Liam. 
"I'm fine."-Me. He sighed. Everyone finished eating and then we all went back to Liam and I's house. We got in and Bentley wanted to go swimming. He got dressed. I put on one of the bikinis I just bought with Hannah and Liam got in his bathing suit. The others borrowed one of Liams. I was in front of the mirror looking at my stomach and everything. I really didn't look skinny. Liam came over. He wrapped him arms around me behind the waist and rested his chin lightly on my shoulder. He kissed my cheek. I turned so I was facing him. I put my hands around his neck. I kissed him and made it more passionate. He laid me on the bed and kissed my neck again. He started biting and sucking the other side of my neck. 
"Liam..the guys.."-Me. 
"They'll be fine."-Liam. I smiled and he kissed my lips again. He took my bathing suit top off. Then he took off my bottoms, then his. We finished and got changed again. I looked in the mirror and I had another hickey. I tried covering it. 
"You know we are going into the pool.. Water."-Liam. He laughed. 
"What was wrong earlier?"-Liam. 
"I quit.."-Me. 
"What? Why?"-Liam. 
"I wasn't going to! But my boss was being horrible.."-Me. 
"How?"-Liam. I sighed and sat on the bed. He followed and sat next to me. He grabbed my hands. 
"Okay so I walked in.. And she came up to me and told me that I obviously didn't lose all my baby weight.. And then El came over and stood up for me. But then my boss told El that I looked like a fat cow.. I didn't know what to do so I just quit. Then I get home and we are getting Chinese the fattest food ever. I already felt fat enough. Now every time I look in the mirror I feel fat."-Me. I wasn't looking at him in the eye. I was too embarrassed. I felt like throwing up. He was just quiet. He lifted my face up with his hand. So I had to look him in the eye. 
"You are not fat. Your perfect, and beautiful. Don't listen to her. Please. She doesn't know what she's talking about."-Liam. 
"Obviously she does. She owns a modeling company."-Me. 
"So? Just because she owns it doesn't mean she knows who is beautiful. You are absolutely stunning. I love you so much, I don't want you thinking that ever. You're perfect to me."-Liam. I gave him a kiss then we walked downstairs. 
"Took you long enough."-Louis. 
"At least you weren't as loud as Hannah."-Niall. I blushed and put my head in Liam's chest. He just rubbed my back. We went to the pool. I helped Bentley put his floaties on and he jumped in. Louis and Niall all jumped in after him. I walked over to the stairs and started walking in. It was freezing. 
"Mommy come on!!"-Bentley. He ran over to me and grabbed my hand. He basically dragged me in. It was ice cold. Liam jumped in right next to me, splashing me in the process. He came up and I splashed him in the face. I went under and swam away from him. He caught me underwater. I looked at him and gave him a kiss. We pulled away and came up. 
Liam grabbed my waist. Zayn and Bentley would be the refs since Zayn wasn't really coming in. He was holding Grace. I got on Liams shoulders and Niall got on Louis'. We started fighting. I looked at Niall and gave him the puppy dog face. 
"Come on Niall, don't make me look weak in front of my son."-Me. 
"Not going to work."-Niall. I laughed and started pushing him I almost came off. 
"UNCLE NIALL!! LOOK AT THAT NANDOS!"-Bentley. Niall let go of me and looked around. I pushed Niall off and looked at Bentley. 
"Nice one!"-Me. I got off Liam then decided to get out. I got changed into pajamas and said bye to the boys. I got in bed and went on my phone. I was looking through my twitter feed and so many people calling me fat.. And ugly and horrible names. Liam came over to the bed and laid next to me. He looked at my phone and sighed. He took it out of my hand. 
"What are you doing!?"-Me. 
"Taking it away from you. You don't need to be reading that Hayley!"-Liam. 
"See what she said was true Liam! Everyone thinks it!"-Me. A few tears fell. Liam wiped them away. 
"Please don't listen to them. You are perfect just the way you are."-Liam. 
"Obviously I'm not."-Me. 
"Hayley you are perfect. You are beautiful, smart, skinny as can be and you are the best fiancé I could ever ask for."-Liam. He kissed my forehead. He handed me my phone and I plugged it in. I cuddled up to him. My head was on his chest and molded into his side. I was drifting off and my phone rang. I answered it. 
Me: Hello?
Unknown: Hi Hayley. It's your Aunty Debby. 
Me: oh hi. Why'd you call?
Aunty: well your grandfather passed away yesterday and the funeral is next week. So I wanted to ask you to come. You can bring your fiancé, and your children too. And stay with me. 
Me: I'll talk to Liam about it. Is she going to be there?
Aunty: Yeah. I'm sorry. 
Me: it's fine. Well I got to go. Love you bye. 
"Who was that?"-Liam. 
"My aunt. My grandfather died. They want me there. It's in a week. But my mom is going to be there.. So I don't know if I should go."-Me. 
"We'll talk about it after. Goodnight I love you Hayley."-Liam. 
"I love you too Liam."-Me. I gave him a kiss and fell asleep.  

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