Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


13. Camping!!

**3 Weeks Later**
Hayley's POV 
I woke up to the baby kicking extra hard today. Only a week or so until she should be born and I can't wait. I just want Grace out! I walked downstairs and everyone was there even Hannah and Harry. 
"Look who decided to wake up finally!"-Hannah. 
"You're lucky I'm up now. The only reason I'm up is because the baby was kicking really hard."-Me. Hannah laughed. I got myself a bowl of cereal and just ate alone. I walked out and everyone was laughing. 
"What's so funny?"-Me. 
"Nothing really."-Louis. 
"Then why are you laughing?"-Me. 
"Calm down babe, it was honestly nothing. I promise."-Liam. I just grunted. I sat down next to Liam and we all started talking. 
"I'm bored!"-Zayn. 
"Me too!"-Me. 
"Let's go on a weekend vacation!"-Harry. 
"YES!! But where?"-Me. The guys all looked at each other and nodded. 
"CAMPING!!"-All of them. Bentley was laughing. 
"When do we leave?"-Me. 
"In a few hours so go pack!"-Niall. I walked up stairs with Liam right behind me. We got packed then packed Bentleys stuff together. We walked down I had Bentleys bag because it was lighter. We ll got outside and Hannah and Harry came back. 
"What cars are we taking?"-Louis. 
"You Niall and Zayn can take whatever car you want. Me, Liam, Bentley, Harry and Hannah are taking mine."-Me. I saw Harry and Liam both sigh. We got to my car and Liam was about to sit up front. 
"Nope. Hannah is sitting up here with me."-Me. 
"Really Hayley?"-Liam. 
"Really!"-Me. He got in next to Bentley then Harry got in next to Liam. I was driving I had no clue where I was going so I was just following Louis. We started driving and Hannah plugged her phone in. Me and her were just jamming out. Liam and Harry just wouldn't talk. 
"I don't like this!"-Harry. 
"Same here!"-Liam. I laughed. 
"Hey! You guy agreed on something!!"-Me. Hannah laughed. Then my phone started ringing. It was Louis. 
Me: Hello?

Louis: hey um Niall is hungry and wants to stop to eat. Is that okay with you guys?
Me: Yeah that's fine. I'm hungry too. And I bet Hannah is.
Louis: okay there is a fast food place like 10 minutes away. How's Harry and Liam?
Me: Sitting next to each other not talking at all. 
Louis: fun. Well see you soon. Bye. 
"Niall is hungry so we are stopping."-Me. 
"YES!!"-Harry and Liam. 
"No we are stopping you guys are staying in. Right Benny?"-Hannah.
"RIGHT!"-Bentley. They both just rolled their eyes. We stopped and me and Hannah got out. I got Bentley. 
"Okay you guys can come out. You've both been tortured enough."-Me. They both got out. Liam walked over to me and grabbed my hand. We all ate and made our way to the campground once again. Liam drove the rest of the way. I was in the passengers seat and Hannah Harry and Bentley were in the back. We got to the campground. We all got out. It was beautiful. There was a lake and the scenery was just gorgeous. We unloaded everything and walked to the spot. We got to it and the guys set up all the tents. We decided to go to the lake. We all just messed around and it was really nice. Bentley stayed with me in the shallow part we both sat down and he started splashing me. I laughed and splashed him back. We were finally read to head back. 
"CAMPFIREEEE!!"-Louis. Everyone laughed. I sat down next to Liam and held his hand Bentley sat on my lap. 
"Mommy I'm tired."-Bentley. I walked back to the tent with him and tucked him in. I was heading back when I felt a horrible pain. I doubled over and held onto my stomach then I felt a liquid run down my leg. MY WATER JUST BROKE!! 
"LIAAMM!!! HAANNNAH!!!! GUUYYSS!!!"-Me. I was crying. It hurt so bad. They all hurried over and Liam came over to me. 
"No! My water just broke!! It hurts so bad!"-Me. All of their faces were shocked. 

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