Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


28. Best Day Ever!! (:

Hayley's POV
It's been a week since the whole Eleanor situation happened. Hannah has had to call me a couple times, and I've had to call her. Liam and I are doing alloot better. We are almost completely done moving into the house he bought. We just have to unpack some stuff and paint the rooms. Grace went from waking up like 4 times a night to about only 2. It felt great.  I woke up in Liams arms and he was already awake. He was looking at me. 
"How long have you been awake?"-Me. 
"Eh, 20 minutes."-Liam. I nodded. My phone rang. I answered it. 
Me: Hello?
Hannah: Heeeyy 
Me: You seem happy! 
Hannah: Yeah, I don't know why though! But anyways want to have a girls day? Just me and you. And the babies? 
Me: YESS! I've needed one of those for a looong time. 
Hannah: Okay good, come over whenever. We are staying at my house so just wear sweats or something. 
Me: Alrighty see you soon. 
Hannah: okay love you. 
Me: love you too. 
I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I took a shower, then I walked into my room with the towel wrapped around me. Liam was in bed still, but this time Grace was in his arms. I finished getting dressed into a tank top and a pair of sweats. I brushed my hair out and put it up in a messy bun. I put a light sweatshirt on and then I went on the bed. 
"You and the guys should take Bentley some where today!"-Me. 
"Yeah, I'll talk to the guys when you go to Hannahs. Are you bringing Grace?"-Liam. I nodded. Then my phone rang again. 
Me: hello?
Hannah: Harry said bring Bentley and Liam, I guess the guys are going out. 
Me: alright. Love you. 
Hannah: love you too. Bye. 
"You need to get ready Mister."-Me. He groaned and got up. Bentley ran in and jumped in my arms. 
"You are so lucky I didn't drop you."-Me. Bentley just laughed. 
"What are we doing today?!"-Bentley. 
"Me and Grace are spending time with Aunty Hannah and Darcy. You and daddy are spending time with your uncles."-Me. He nodded. 
"Sometime soon can me you and daddy have a day together with no grace like before she came?"-Bentley. I just smiled at him.
"OF COURSE!"-Me. I threw him on the bed and started tickling him. Liam walked in with a towel around his waist. Damn he looked amazing. Bentley looked up and saw Liam standing there. 
"Daddy's naked!!!! Ewwww!!"-Bentley. He covered his eyes and ran out of the room. I started laughing. Liam laughed. He got pants on and was looking for a shirt. 
"You stayed in here mommy?! You saw daddy naked!?!"-Bentley. 
"I covered my eyes."-Me. 
"Good!"-Bentley. I walked to Graces nursery room and grabbed her. I changed her diaper and then put an adorable outfit on her. I walked out with her and our her jacket on her. Everyone was ready. We walked out of our house and there were so many people. Fans and paparazzi. I grabbed Bentleys hand and Liam had Graces thing in his hand. He covered her up. I was behind Liam holding his hand with my face in his back. Questions were being thrown everywhere and even some girls talking shit about me.
"I can't believe your still with her. She's so ugly. Just look at her."-Girl. 
 Liam was about to say something then I stopped him. 
"Just leave it those bitches can shut up themselves. They are just jealous you love me and not them. They just wish they could fuck you whenever they please, but I can."-Me. The girls gasped and then Liam just laughed. We finally got out of the mob and walked to Hannahs. A few people came up to us. I let Liams hand go and grabbed Grace. I walked inside and I swear the girls were going faint. 
"OH MY GOD! I SAW THE INSIDE OF HARRY'S HOUSE!!"-Girl. Hannah heard it. We both burst of laughing. Harry walked down and looked at us like we had 4 heads. 
"What's so funny?"-Harry.
"Where did you hear that?"-Harry. 
"A girl outside. I swear she was about to faint."-Me. We all laughed. Liam walked in with the rest of them a couple minutes later. 
"Where are you guys going today?"-me. 
"We are taking Bentley golfing."-Zayn. 
"He's only 3 you know that right?"-Me.
"Mini-golf. You know golf for midgets."-Louis. I couldn't help it I burst out laughing. 
"Lets go!"-Bentley. Harry gave Hannah and Darcy a kiss. I gave Bentley a huge hug. Liam came over to me and kissed me and kissed Grace on the forehead.
"Love you."-Liam. 
"Love you too."-Me. Liam and the boys left. Now it's only me, Hannah, Grace and Darcy. I looked at Hannah and she nodded. 
"MOVIES!" We both said together. We decided to watch High School Musical 1, 2 &' 3. We started number one. We were singing and dancing to all the songs. Then we got number 2 and put it in. Once again singing and dancing. These movies are so good! I love them. Then my favorite part came on. Gotta Go My Own Way. Hannah and I decided to act it out. She's doing Gabriella and of course I have to do Troy. Hannah starts she's walking around like Gabrielle does. Grace and Darcy are both asleep. I start to be Troy I thought I heard something but I just ignored it. 
"What about us? What about everything we've been through?"-Me. 
"What about trust?"-Hannah. 
"You know I never wanted to hurt you."-Me. 
"And about me?"-Hannah. 
"What am I supposed to do?"-Me. 
"I gotta leave."-Hannah.
"But I'll miss YOOOUU. "-Both. It was finally the part where she was running away. So Hannah started running I looked at where she was going and I saw 6 amused faces. SHIT! They are back! Hannah wasn't paying attention and ran into Harry. She fell, when she looked up I swear she was going to die. She looked away blushing like crazy. We both were.
"Why didn't you tell me?"-Hannah. 
"Umm.. I found out when you did."-Me. The guys were laughing. 
"Why are you home so early!"-Me. 
"Bentley want to tell your mom what happened?"-Liam. Oh gosh. 
"No! Youu tell her. I'm mad at you."-Bentley. He put his hands on his hips used all the sass he could and walked away. 
"OOOOHHHH!"-Hannah and I. 
"What did you do that made him so mad?"-Me. 
"What did you teach him to say?"-Liam. 
"What are you talking about?"-Me. Harry showed me a video of Bentley mini-golfing. He looked so cute but out of no where he was dropping the f-bomb. 
"Bentley! Where did you hear those words?"-Me. 
"Did you not hear me? Yoouu!"-Bentley. 
"Don't sass me Bentley. I did not teach you that."-Me. 
"Fine, Uncle Niall did.-Bentley. We all turned to Niall. 
"I'm sorry! This bitch at Nandos got my order wrong!"-Niall. We all laughed. 
"But anyways, wow are you sure you guys aren't the singers?"-Harry. 
"Oh we can be if you like."-Me. 
"Sing one of our songs!!"-Louis. Hannah gave me 'the look' we ran upstairs. 
"Who are you?"-Me. 
"I'll do Zayn. Ill put my hair up in ALOT of gel. You?"-Hannah. 
"Lou! Ill use my best gay guy voice!"-Me. She laughed. We got dressed in clothes that looked like them and then we did our hair. We walked downstairs. Her hair was HUGE! 
"I'm Zayn!"-Hannah. 
"I'm Louiisss!!!"-Me. Their mouths dropped. 
"CAN I BE UNCLE NIALL!?!"-Bentley. We nodded. We ran upstairs and then Grace and Darcy woke up. PERFECT!! We dresses Benny up, then dresses up Darcy to look like Harry and Grace to look like Liam. SO ADORABLE! We walked down and they all laughed. 
"Niall you pick the song."-Hannah. She was looking at Bentley. 
"Rock me you shower of cunts."-Bentley. 
"BENTLEY!!"-Me. We started singing. When we finished they all were laughing except Louis. He looked so serious. 
"NOOO!!!"-Everyone else. Hannah and I changed Bentley, Darcy, Grace, and ourselves back to normal. We all hung out a little longer and then Liam and I decided to go home. We walked out and this time only fans were there. But I recognized the girls from last time. I grabbed Liams hand and Bentleys, Liam had Grace again. 
"She's such a fat whore I mean who has a kid at 18 years old and another at 21. I let go of Liam and Bentley and walked over to them. Liam ran after me. With Bentley not far behind. 
"Shut your fucking mouths. Liam, bring Bentley and Grace inside."-Me. He looked a little worried. I gave him a kiss and he walked inside. 
"Aww how cute Liam and his charity case. The slut with a son and a daughter at only 21."-Girl 
"Look, you don't know me, so don't judge me. Yeah I had a kid at 18 big fucking whoop. Sorry I got raped, did you know that one? Probably not. So before you run you slutty ass mouth get your facts straight. Have a nice day now. Just think while your dreaming about fucking Liam, I am. Sleep on that one."-Me. They walked away as quiet as ever. I got to my house and paparazzi were there, they were asking me a whole bunch of questions. I just covered my face and walked inside. I walked in and Liam was on the couch. 
"Where's Bentley?"-Me.
"Asleep. Grace is too."-Liam. I nodded and sat on the couch with him. I cuddled up to him and then a new story was on the stupid gossip channels it was me flipping out. Liam watched and and was laughing. 
"Stop laughing! This isn't good!"-Me. 
"You're right. It's GREAT!"-Liam. I slapped his arm playfully. 
"Oh and you make a very hot Louis."-Liam. I laughed. 
"I know!"-Me. He laughed. 
"I love you."-Liam. 
"I love you too."-Me. Then I fell asleep on his shoulder. I felt myself being lifted. Then placed in my bed. I once again cuddled up to him. Today was amazing. 

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