Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


10. Baby Names (:

Hayley's POV

I woke up in Liam's arms. I looked and he was still asleep. I grabbed my phone, without waking him up. I started playing Flow Line. That game can be so addicting!! Then Bentley ran in and jumped on Liam. Liam woke up right away. He looked up and looked very confused.

"Bentley? Why did you just jump on me?"-Liam. I laughed.

"You were still asleep, and I wanted you to wake up!"-Bentley.

"So you had to jump on me?"-Liam.

"Yeah. Uncle Louis said that was the only way to wake you up."-Bentley. I burst out laughing. Liam just got out of bed and ran downstairs, I mean RAN. I got up, picked up Bentley and walked down the stairs. But then I remembered I was pregnant, so I put him down and found Liam on top of Louis, and Louis just laughing. Niall and Zayn walk down. They come next to me.

"What's going on?"-Niall.

"Um. I guess Louis told Bentley that the only way to wake up Liam is by jumping on him. So Bentley jumped on him, and Bentley told Liam what Louis said. So Liam ran after Lou, and this is what happened."-Me. They just nodded.

"Good job Lou!"-Zayn. I laughed. I walked over to Liam and Louis.

"Liam, get off of him. Come on!"-Me. I grabbed Liam's arm, and just pulled him off, causing Liam to fall right on the floor. I laughed.

"I'm sorry babe!"-Me. He just sat there.

"Come on get up. You have to get ready for your interview!"-Me. He got up and went to get changed.

"Are you coming to the interview today?"-Louis.

"I don't know."-Me.

"Well you might want to decide soon."-Niall.

"I know!"-Me.

"So are you?"-Zayn.

"Oh my god!  Yes i'll go."-Me. They laughed and I walked upstairs to get ready. I got dressed in skinny jeans, that actually fit, a tank top, but I put a sweatshirt over it, and  then put my hair in a messy bun. I put on natural looking make up. And then I went downstairs. Everyone was ready except Zayn.  He finally came down and we left. We met up with Harry at the place the interview was. We got backstage and then they went on. The lady started asking about Best Song Ever, the music video, and then she asked Harry and Liam about me and Hannah.

"So Liam, and Harry. I heard that you guys will be fathers! Is that true?"-Millie the interviewer.

"Yes, we both are going to be fathers. Well Liam already is to Bentley."-Harry.

"Congratulations to the both of you. How are they both doing?"-Millie.

"They are both perfect. And the babies are both completely healthy."-Liam.

"Do you guys know the gender? Or are you waiting?"-Millie. Personal questions much?

"We know the gender of both of them."-Harry. He gave a look to Liam, that pretty much asked if they should tell or not. Liam looked at me and I just smiled and nodded. Harry saw.

"We are both having baby girls."-Harry. The crowd 'Aww'd I just laughed.

"How long until they are due?"-Millie.

"A month for Hayley."-Liam.

"And two months for Hannah."-Harry. She just nodded. They ended the interview, and then the boys came back.

"Wow. Harry, you and Liam should be actors! You guys really act like nothing is wrong on camera. Drop the band and become movie stars!"-Me. Louis, Niall, and Zayn laughed. Liam and Harry has serious looks on their faces.

"We have to act like nothing is wrong on camera."-Harry.

"You really don't. Its better if you do, but you guys could act how you actually feel. Which I bet you are.. you guys want to be friends, you both are being to stubborn to admit it. Liam wants you to say it first, but you want him to say it first."-Me. No one answered. We walked to our car. Harry came over.

"You guys can come over for a little, Hannah and I are leaving in a few hours to go to meet my mom."-Harry. Everyone nodded and we went to Harry's house. We got there and everything was fine. Hannah finished packing and everyone was hanging out. Harry came over to me and pulled me aside.

"What is it?"-Me. He showed me what he bought Hannah and I absolutely loved it! We all left. When we got home Bentley went to bed. Liam and I were about to, but I remembered that Liam and I have something to talk about.

"Liam, we need to talk about something for our baby."-Me.

"What is it?"-Liam.

"Names."-Me. He smiled.

"What do you want her to be called?"-Liam.

"I don't know, but I know what I want either or middle or first name to be."-Me.


"Marie. After Hannah."-Me.

"Okay. So hmm..."-Liam.

"What do you want her to be named?"-Me.

"Grace? She could be Grace Marie Payne, or Alex Marie Payne? I like them both."-Liam.

"I love them, but which one? I think Grace."-Me.

"So Grace Marie Payne?"-Liam. I nodded. Bentley came in, and looked upset.

"Can I sleep with you guys?"-Bentley.

"Of course! Whats wrong?"-Me.

"Well, I only have a little bit until my sister comes, and I'm sad because you wont care about me and just forget about me."-Bentley. I looked at Liam. Then back at Bentley.

"Bentley, I could never not care about you or forget you. You will always be my baby. No matter what. Just because your sister is coming soon doesn't mean me and your father will just forget about you. We both love you soo much. No matter how many brothers or sisters you have you will always be my baby boy. Okay?"-Me.

"Are you sure?"-Bentley.

"I am positive. I promise you."-Me.

"Pinky promise?"-Bentley. He stuck his pinky out. I intertwined my pinky with his.

"Pinky promise."-Me. Bentley smiled and laid in between Liam and I. He cuddled up to my side.

"I love you mommy. I love you daddy."-Bentley.

"I love you too."- Liam and I. He soon fell asleep cuddled up to me. I looked at Liam and he smiled. I smiled back. He leaned over Bentley, and gave me a kiss.

"Goodnight Hayley."-Liam. He put his hand on my baby bump.

"Goodnight Grace."-Liam. I smiled.

"Goodnight Liam. I love you."-Me.

"I love you too."-Liam. He soon fell asleep. I was awake for a little longer just thinking about how amazing my family was going to be in a month.



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