Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


29. Amazing Night.

Hannah's POV 
When Hayley left, I needed to take a shower. There was so much gel in my hair that I just couldn't seem to get out. 
"Guys, I'm going to take a shower since me being Zayn isn't too good on my hair."-Me. 
"It's not easy to look this pretty."-Zayn. We all laughed and I started walking up the stairs. When I got to my bathroom, I plugged my phone into the speaker and turned the shower on. Sleeping With Sirens was playing and I couldn't help but sing along. I undressed myself and took my hair out of my messy bun. I was about to get in the shower when Harry walked in. He winked at me but I just rolled my eyes and got in the shower, blushing. 
"What are you doing in here?"-Me. 
"I wanted to take a shower."-Harry. 
"You couldn't without me?"-Me. 
"No! I want to see you."-Harry. I rolled my eyes even though I know he couldn't see me through all the steam. The shower was glass and see through so I know he could see the outline of my body. I looked out and saw him sitting on the sink looking at me. 
"Why you staring?"-Me. 
"Because you're beautiful."-Harry. 
"Take your clothes off and join me then."-Me. He jumped off the counter and stripped out of his clothes. His body is so gorgeous. His abs never seized to amaze me. He opened the door to the shower and stepped inside. It was now my turn to stare at him. I was looking at every part of him and never once did he look uncomfortable. 
"My eyes are up here love."-Harry. I giggled and looked him in the eyes. He took the last step to me and put a hand on each side of my face. I stood on my tip toes and kissed him. He traced his tongue along my bottom lip practically begging for entrance, which I granted. He backed me up to the wall and pushed me against it. My hands were placed on his abs and they were moving around them, tracing them and his v line. His hands left my face and covered my body. Everywhere he touched, was heating up and I could feel butterflies everywhere. I put one ham on his neck and made him get even closer to me. He pulled away and put his face in my neck. 
"If you continue this, I'm not going to control myself."-Harry. 
"Then don't."-Me. He looked up at me and I smiled at him. He gave me a cheeky smile and winked at me again. He lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist. I was still against the wall. The water was beating down on us but it started to run cold. I could only imagine how long we were in there already. I put my head in the crook of his neck and planted kisses down it. He put my down and I kissed his chest and his abs and back up to his mouth. He moaned in the back of his throat. I smiled knowing I was the reason. He picked me back up and traced kisses along my chest and mid section and back up to my mouth.  We did what we did then we took a regular shower. We got out and put towel around our bodies. I walked into our room first and went straight into our closet. Harry went downstairs to see the boys. I changed into a pair of running shorts and a sorts bra and a tank top. My sorts bra and panties were matching hot pink zebra. The sports bra made my boobs like pop everywhere. I needed a new one. I put my light blue tank top on and walked out of the closet. I saw Harry's sweatshirt and put it on. It was kind of cold since the air conditioners were on. I brushed my hair out and left it down. It was definitely getting much longer. I walked down the stairs and Harry was sitting on the couch in a towel talking to the boys. 
"Go get dressed Harry!"-Me. He got up and ran up the stairs making sure he kept his towel up. I shook my head and sat where he was. 
"Louis, give me my baby!"-Me. 
"I don't want her to be with you after what we just heard happening upstairs!"-Louis. 
"Don't even start that innocent act. You were getting some and you know it! You didn't come back downstairs for like two hours! And you gave Harry a hickey on his chest."-Louis. 
"I don't know what you're talking about."-Me. I started playing with my split ends. It was weird hearing this from my brother. 
"We all heard it."-Zayn. 
"You heard nothing. Want some tea anyone?"-Me. 
"Yes!"-Them. Harry came down the stairs and made Darcy a bottle and fed it to her. I went to the kitchen and started making tea. Niall came in. 
"May I help you?"-Me. 
"I was going to help."-Niall. 
"Okay!"-Me. I smiled at him and let him make the tea. I sat on the counter and observed. 
"We did hear you."-Niall. 
"I got that."-Me. 
"You aren't the quietest."-Niall. 
"Okay! I get it!"-Me. He started chuckling and I couldn't help but giggle. His laugh was so contagious. 
"How have you been?"-Me. 
"Pretty good. Darcy is absolutely beautiful Hannah. She looks a lot like you."-Niall. 
"Thank you Niall."-Me. 
"I mean it. How have you been?"-Niall. 
"Okay. I'm happy I'm home though."-Me. He nodded and the tea finished. He put it in cups and brought it out to the guys. He came back to the kitchen and handed me mine. 
"Thank you."-Me. 
"Want to go outside and sit on the porch?"-Niall. I nodded and opened the door. 
"NIALL AND I ARE GOING OUTSIDE! DONT BOTHER US!"-Me. We got 'okay!' In return and made our way out to sit. I sat in one of the chairs with Niall next to me. 
"I was really worried about you Hannah."-Niall. 
"I was worried when you were in a coma. I was so scared."-Niall. 
"I remember."-Me. 
"You remember?"-Niall. 
"I remember you talking to me. I remember what you said."-Me. 
"You actually heard me?"-Niall. 
"I heard everyone. Just when I was trying really hard to listen or feel something."-Me. 
"What did you hear?"-Niall. 
"I felt you kissing my hand. I felt you cry in my neck. And I heard what you said."-Me. 
"When I said what?"-Niall. 
"When you said I was stronger than the coma. That I could do it. That everyone missed me. That you missed me. That you loved me."-Me. 
"Oh.."-Niall. I looked over at him and he looked worried. 
"What's wrong Niall?"-Me. 
"It's something."-Me. 
"I just wish I didn't fuck up with you. But I did."-Niall. 
"I'm happy Niall."-Me. 
"I know you are. I just.. Will always wish that."-Niall. 
"We aren't ever going to work out. We tried so many times. I'm getting married to Harry and I couldn't be happier. I want you to be happy too. I'll always love you Niall."-Me. 
"It was always him. I know that. And I'm sorry Hannah. For everything. I want you to know that."-Niall. 
"I know that. I have always known that."-Me. 
"And I do still love you. You're an amazing person inside and out. I wish you would believe me about that but you never will."-Niall. 
"Thank you."-Me. He smiled at me. I smiled back but looked up at the stars. They were very pretty tonight. Zayn and Louis walked out. 
"We're leaving Niall."-Zayn. 
"Okay."-Niall. He got up and hugged me. I stood up and hugged him back. He kissed me on the cheek and I did the same. I picked up my tea cup and made my way back inside. I hugged Zayn and Louis. I kissed them on the cheek too which they did back. I put my cup in the sink and took Darcy from Harry. I brought Darcy to her room and changed her diaper and changed her into pajamas. I kissed her forehead and placed her in her crib. 
"I love you baby girl."-Me. I made my way to my room and stripped out of Harry's sweatshirt and put my hair in a messy bun. I hopped in bed and closed my eyes. I started drifting off when Harry came through the door. I started getting hot so I took my tank top off leaving my sports bra and running shorts. They were short though. I ripped the blanket down and Harry got into bed. 
"You're killing me."-Harry. 
"What do you mean?"-Me. 
"You're wearing that bra that makes your boobs pop out. And your shorts are so short.. It's pretty hot."-Harry. I giggled but rolled my eyes. 
"Keep it in your pants Styles."-Me. 
"What if I want them in YOUR pants?"-Harry. 
"I might end up letting you if you get out of those clothes."-Me. Harry immediately stripped out of his clothes. He was just in his boxers and I climbed on top of him. I kissed him and kissed down his jaw line down his neck then back to his mouth again. I laid my head on his chest. I felt his bulge on my stomach. 
"This is so not fair!"-Harry. 
"Want me to get off?"-Me. 
"Tomorrow. I'm tired."-Me. 
"Deal!"-Harry. He kissed the top of my head. 
"I love you Harry."-Me. 
"I love you baby."-Harry. I instantly fell asleep. I did want what he wanted, but I was already asleep. Tomorrow would be a good day! I hope. 

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