Going Nowhere

Ally was dating Mike and Mike didnt do anything for Ally he just sat around on his lazy butt playing on his xbox while Ally did everything around the house!

1. Ally

"Mike!!" I was angry he had created a mess "What the hell you cant pick up after yourself" All he did was sit on his lazy ass and played video games.

"Honey Im sorry after I finish this level I promise I'll clean it up"Mike said yet not taking a eye off the screen. Boy have I heard that.

"Yeah I heard that which level is this level oh yeah none you cant fucking do anything!!!" I shouted "Im leaving thats it I cant do this anymore your to damn lazy" I yelled and packed a bag.

"Nooooo dont leave me I need you"

"but you cant get your ass up and stop me can you sorry but Im done"I said walking out the door I got into my car and drove to a hotel "can I get room please"

"how many people"

"just me" I got the key it was on the top floor I opened the door it was a nice hotel I closed the door and laid down.No more Mike mess free and no lazy ass here. Finally.

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