Summer Love

This is just a simple story about two girls who decide to sign up to be counselors at a new camp that is opening up. When they get to the camp they promise not to get close to any guys there but what happens when they get put together with a group of guys for a long project and slowly start to break there promise to each other.


3. Chapter 2

Christy's POV

I get up and yawn and throw my hair up in a bun and go outside and to the mail box. I need to stop waking up so late, it's one in the afternoon. I open the mailbox and I pull out the mail and I close it and then look through the mail. Bill, bill, bill, junk, letter. I open the letter and it's from the camp we entered in for. I read through it:

Christy and Shyann,

We have read through your sign up sheets and decided that we would like you both to come down and participate at counselors, it is not that from you so you only have to drive, camp is starting tomorrow so hurry.

Camp Leader,

Paul Higgins

I smile and put my hand over my mouth, I run inside and into Shy's room and put the paper on her. "Get packed!!!" I shout and she nods and grins and puts on her glasses and gets up and goes to her closet and I leave and go to my room and start packing my stuff.

I throw my last favorite shirt in my bag and I shut it and I go out to the car which is filled with bags and I throw mine in and then shut the door. "Ready?" I ask and she nods. I move around to the drivers' seat and I get in and turn on the car and blast some music through the radio and roll down the windows. Camp here we come.

We drive for a long time, following the directions that the GPS is giving us until we finally decide to take a break, I pull into a gas station and there is a huge bus with some guys' faces on it. I get out and start filling up the tank and Shyann goes inside and pays for some snacks and gas. I drum my fingers against the roof of the car and just wait until the tank is filled.

Shyann throws me some gummy bears and puts my Dr. Pepper in the car and I finish filling it up and take out the nozzle and get in and we leave.

It is about 10 when we reach the camp and I see there are buses there already and people are filing into the cabins. "Here we go." I say and she nods and we get out and I go to the front desk and tell the lady our names and she smiles and hands me the key to my room and I go back and pick up my bags and we go to our cabin. I throw my bags by the wall, too tired to even try to unpack and then I go outside to get Shy's bags since she fell on her bed and passed out and I haul them in and go back out and close and lock the doors and I turn and run into someone and I look up at a guy with brown hair. "Sorry love." He says and I smile. "It's alright." I say and I step around him and I go to my cabin and collapse onto my bed and soon fall into a dreamless sleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, it's the other author Christy :p I hope you liked this chapter, Swiffer gave me a good start off so hope you liked this one!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Louis' Carrot;)

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