Summer Love

This is just a simple story about two girls who decide to sign up to be counselors at a new camp that is opening up. When they get to the camp they promise not to get close to any guys there but what happens when they get put together with a group of guys for a long project and slowly start to break there promise to each other.


2. Chapter 1

Shyann's POV

I am sitting on my couch just watching TV when Christy comes running in the room with her laptop and she says "Hey. So I was looking at stuff for us to do for the summer and I came up on this site about how there is a camp not to far from here and they are hiring people to work with the kids and I was thinking we could do it because we love kids and we don't have anything else to do this summer."

I think about it for a second then say "Okay. How do we sign up?"

She looks at her computer for a second then says "We have to sign up online so go get your computer and we can do it together."

I get up and grab my computer then we both sit down and get signed up. Once we are finished I say "When do we know whether or not we are part of the staff"

Then she says "They will let us know in a few days"

I just nod and then she says "Well now that we have that done I'm gonna go to bed so I'll see you in the morning." and she leaves.

I stay up a little later then decided to go to bed too. I put my laptop away then go lay down and fall asleep.

Author's Note

Hey peeps! Sorry for this really crappy chapter I realized that I didn't have one on this story yet so I made a quick chapter to start it. I promise it will be better I'm just really tired at the moment. Anyways thanks for reading it.

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