five singing idiots

Im Jesy 19 and I go to a fine arts college and one day I met this guy from that boy band I like but Im not a massive fan like most girls I just think thay can sing ans are hot thats it.


1. Jesy

Im at work at the football conssesion I had my blue jersy thats longer than my shorts and a pair of boots. The job wasnt that bad I got to eat candy or snacks and didnt need to pay (I dont get paid) then one of our costumers come up he looked familair he had a quiff with a blonde streack and had a disguise on. Obviously it was Zayn Malik from One Direction "Hello love can I get a bag of chips" he said pointing to a bag I rolled over to the bag and grabbed it and handed it to him.

"not a very good disguise"I said as I handed his change.

"how d'ya know"

"quiff with the blonde streak and a disguise lucky guess" I said

"here" He handed me his number "We should hang out sometime"

"Ok" He left and I kept working after my shift was over I went to my boyfriends game he had the ball all he had to do was make the goal and he would win. He made the goal. "Shawn" I yelled as he ran over to me.

"Jesy!!"He said and picked me up in a hug. I kissed him.

"Lets go to my place I said"

"OK" We went to his car and we drove to my place and went to my room I went to my closet and grabbed a diffrent shirt and changed into it. It was a green jersy. Shawns from last year I tied to wear my stomach was showing (and yes I changed in front of him I just like to tease and no not Jesy Nelson this girl always wore her boyfriends Jersy and the conssesions uniform was a blue jersy) I had some green streaks throw my blonde hair as well as some black under the blonde I was a rebel towards my parents. I dyed my hair but mum didnt care but I acted like a slut and she hated it. I went over to Shawn and kissed him and our tongues danced. He laid me on the bed and we kept kissing he tugged at my shirt. I pulled back. But he kept attempting to get my shirt off.

"Shawn stop"

"Cmon we've been dating for 3 years" He whined

"But I enjoy teaasing you" I said getting off the bed he came over to me and I pushed him to the wall and kissed him. "Sorry baby just have to wait a little longer" I said and sat down.

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