five singing idiots

Im Jesy 19 and I go to a fine arts college and one day I met this guy from that boy band I like but Im not a massive fan like most girls I just think thay can sing ans are hot thats it.


3. 3

I heard a knock on my door its quiff boy and his crew how the hell did they find me "What" I said as opening the door.

"Hello to you to" Louis said yes I know their names.

"What do you want"

"you remeber how I said we should hang out how about today"Zayn said

"Ok first of all I have company coming 2 of all if Im seen with ya'll I might loose my boyfriend" I said "oh how the hell did you find me'

"Oh my mum lives next door" Harry said.

"the one who tells me to stop being such a slut yeah thats nice to know"I said while attempting to close the door but they stop me."let go"

"No" Louis said

"Ok then" I closed the doors on his fingers I heard him say ow "I told you to let go" I said opening the door to let his fingers free "now bye" I said suceeding at closeing and locking the door but they still didnt leave. By the time Shawn was here they still hadnt left and Shawn had to call me.

"What the hell who are the guys whos out side your door"

"stalkers go around back" Shawn went to the back door and I let him in.

"So what are gonna do about them"

"wait til they leave"

"can I go shoo them away"

"First no second I already slammed on of their fingers in the door it wont take long but it wouldnt work anyway curlys mum lives next door"

"great" Shawn said with sarcasm.

"Yo Jesy let us in!!!" I heard Niall shout I motioned Shawn to stand near the door out of sight but to where he could see.

"You want in give me one good reason"

"Ok because I know Shawn he is on my futball team" Louis said

"Shawn!!!" I yelled he pretended to come out of the kitchen "do you know any of them"

'hmmm nope" He said after scanning each one of them. I went to close the door now it was Niall.

"Im guessing you want you fingers slammed in the door to" Niall quickly moved his hands.

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