More Than This

Sindy a 12 year old money maker is in big trouble as she has ran out of ideals to make fast cash for one direction tickets. Then it hits her don't go to the show just get her big sister to take her to there tour bus. Then her and her 19 year old sister gets on the bus to find stuff to sell for money for tickets. Then the bus starts to move and there forced to show then self to the band. Then Sindys sister finds her self falling in love even though she is engaged to her abusive boy friend. Can Sindy and the boys help he sister isabell befor it's to late? Find out if Louis can make her realize he can love her More Than This?


6. who the hell is she

Sindy's P.O.V

Niall took me down stairs I've never really noticed but he looks a lot like the pictures of my brother. He's been so kind to me he's what a dad should be like to me but how should I know I've never had one. We walk down stairs and the boy's are just staring with there mouth's wide open. Then after a HUGE moment of stares I here Liam say "Who the hell is she". Then Niall looked at me and said to Liam "It doesn't matter who she is all that matters that she's here". then we start looking though the suit case's and we find my sister asleep. The Louis comes and picks here up and takes her into one of the bed rooms. Niall start's to tell the boy's who I am then he look's at me and say's "Honey if you want to look around that's fine and if you have any questions just come and ask". I just look at him smile and go around a corner and I see this big beautiful room it was for a girl though so I was confused. Then Niall comes in "Do you like it. It was for my little sister but she died of cancer a little while back." "I'm sorry my brother and my dad died when I was a year old" I said to him knowing the pain. "I would like you to have this room because my sister never got to use it" I looked at the room it looked beautiful but I don't think I could use this when another girl wanted it. Then when I sceen the look on his face when I didn't answer then I just nodded to say yes and he started to smile. Then I realized I don't have any clothes with me. "Niall I don't have any clothes with me" he just walked over to the shelves and opened them and held my had and lead me over to them. Then got out an out fit and looked at me. "Try these on I think they'll fit you"

one long changing later

Niall's P.O.V

The old out fits fit her like a glove she looked so sweet. Then I picked her up and sat her on the bed. The sheets were silk I never did notice that. I kissed her on the fore head and went to make her some thing to eat. Then when I come back she's a sleep so I made a note and left the food on the table next to the bed. Then I kissed her on the fore head one more time and exited the room to check on the boy's. I'm going to take care of her because we need each other. I need a little sister. Also she need's a dad.

Louis's P.O.V

I took that girl into my bed room she was so beautiful. She looked just like the perfect girl in my head. I put her on the bed and left with the door open just a little. The only thing that I noticed that was suspicious was that she had a ring on her finger hopefully it was just a normal ring. Then me an the lads sat down and Niall went up stairs to lay down. then me and the rest of the boy's dicied to catch some shut eye to.

Sindy's P.O.V

I woke up and it's not a dream I'm really at one directions house. Then I realized how dark and scary the house was and the person's room I know is Niall's so I tip tow around the house to Niall's room and make me a place on the floor. and dose off to sleep.


Niall's P.O.V

I wake up from another nightmare about my sister and I see Sindy on the floor asleep so I pick her up and put her in the bed. and I go to sleep on the day bed next to mine. Then I realize she needs to call her mom.

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